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#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

#ClickAndBlogastory #week 5 #stress


Put the stress to rest

I have been the kind of person who gets stressed in some situations and at the same time be calm as a cucmber around the most challenging ones. Over the years I have realised that getting stressed does not solve the problem. It just makes it larger than life. 

What exactly is stress? To me, it’s a fear of the unknown, an impending situation that begins to occupy our mind space.  A threat of sorts. But then, isn’t fear just a figment of our imagination? Does it solve the purpose? No, right. It just makes the situation worse. When we are stressed our nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that send the body into an emergency action. We end up over-reacting, taking irrational decisions, getting upset, angry. In totality, we spoil our mental equilibrium and balance. Along with the environment around us,

In the past, I used to get stressed at pretty much easily, like when the older one would potter around in the morning and not get ready on time for school. I realised, it was just a toxic way to start the day. So I  startedwaking up early in the morning, running/cycling or working out and if time permitted, do my Buddhist chants. This helped me stay calm and not react. Eventually, the morning rhythm at home became more peaceful. The older one started being more punctual because I had stopped nagging. I guess it’s coping mechanisms like these which can solve most stress related issues. 

In the past, I have allowed stress to affect me so deeply that it has translated into depression. That was one of the worst things to do to oneself and a very detrimental space to be in. The more I stressed, the more I caved into a no-peace zone. It’s taken me over 40 years to realise that nothing and nobody is worth losing one’s peace of mind for. Life is short and we need to seize each moment. “Carpe diem!” I love this quote from Dead Poet’s Society so much that I have it tattooed on my calf as a reminder. 

Today I’m a much calmer person. ( *Knocks all the wood around her* ) Touche′. My Soka Gakkai Buddist practise, in the last 3 years has helped me immensely transform most of my stress triggers into something more constructive and fruitful. Like problem-solving with a clear mind. I’m a much balanced person, less prone to stress and have been handling innumerable situations around me with grace and elan. Situations like my Mom’s cancer-related ill-health, work that was not making me happy, so I chose to take a break from the Development sector and focus on my own, personal creative writing.  Doing what we are passionate about and that whose journey we enjoy and cherish are key to our health and happiness.

On days when  I feel I’m getting overwhelmed, which is rare these days, though, I go next door to my favourite Cafe and grab the special Brazilain Latte. It’s my perk-me-up. I sit there savoring my coffee and a lemon lavender cake or biscotti and punch my thoughts in my Macbook. Taking long strolls surrounded in the lap of nature elevates me like nothing does. My me time. Also, cycle rides amidst the green locales. Cuddling up to my furry girls and my daughters is my another to-go formula to beat stress, And how can I forget that special dinner date with hubby dearest. Or my best friend. Oh yes, and “If music be the food for love, play on.” Music elevates my and send me soul soaring like a bird in the sky.

Stress partially is Rests jumbled up. So I when in stress give everything a Rest and reach out for your favorite perk-me-up activity.  

Stress can actually be your formula to do the things that you usually don’t due to lack of time. So please give  STRESS a REST and breathe in peace and breathe out calm, and see the environment around you change. 


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#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

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The mist rolling tea gardens always transported Arpita to another world. A world, where there were no worries, just gaiety, playful abandon, enveloped in the love of Ma-Baba, Aboni Kaka and Junmoi Didi who managed the sprawling estate home with perfection. The gardens were a family heirloom, nurtured over decades.

Ma-Baba were no more. She had moved overseas with her Dutch husband and had just returned to sell the glorious property. Arpita bid a tearful adieu to the staff and as she stood looking at the gardens poignantly, her heart welled with deep gratitude and unrequited love.


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#BlogChatter Prompt: Serendipity

This a serendipitous story. Probably one that fairy tales are made of. Once bitten, I was twice shy. In marriage, in love yes.  This time my parents were being extra wary, and not treading into this territory after being part of my last debacle. They had left it to me to make my choices. I had met a bunch of blokes the second time on, all by myself. But none fitted the bill. I was a single mother of a five-year-old and was not ready to commit to a relationship wherein the guy was uncomfortable with my daughter. She was my priority and more. Yet I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life all alone. I had posted a profile on one of the matrimonial websites. But after a point of time, it just got taxing to meet various people without making any headway. I had a full-time job as a Communication Officer, a child to nurture and parents to spend time with. I decided to take a break. 

I went to Delhi to attend an Isha Yoga workshop on Inner Engineering which was conducted by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. This was in 2005, when he used to conduct the workshops himself, and I was one of the privileged lots to be able to attend it, thanks to the motivation of a sweet friend, who was a volunteer at Isha. This 3-day workshop transformed my life. The day the workshop got over, I went up to Sadhguru and asked him to sign his book that I had bought. And he wrote with his beautiful free-flowing handwriting, “May you know bliss.” and he blessed my Rudraksha beads too. Yes, I had gone through deep turmoil and struggle for a couple of years before that. Little did I know then that this workshop along with Sadhguru’s blessing had come to my life as a divine intervention. 

I went back home feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and with a spring in my feet. As I opened my emails after a gap a few days I found this mail sitting in my inbox, from a guy who had managed to write to me after much deliberation. Yes, he had seen my profile about 2 years back on the same website but had chosen not to pay up and register (one needed to pay up to send emails) due to the credit card scams doing the rounds then. Later when he had gone looking for my profile he had noticed that it had been deactivated. Yes, I was fed up of all the weird blokes who wanted to communicate. Finally, in January 2005, my parents had insisted I keep an open mind and at least activate my account. I had done so, with much apprehension just before I left for the workshop at Delhi. And this young man who was visiting India then had also been asked by his parents to consider resettling yet again. That’s when he went back to the matrimonial website, searched for my name, found it, and this time paid up and had promptly written to me.

I replied and got a reply instantly. Thus started our round of email communication. He seemed so different from the others. More of a friend who wrote long, interesting emails about his life, his work, his passions and so on so forth and I replied back with much fervour. He seemed to be so interested to know about my daughter, her antics, her choices and asked for her all the time too. He didn’t jump the gun and ask for my phone number either. That was a rare quality. He was taking it slow and so was I and I preferred it that way. After about a month of writing emails almost every day, one day he told me that he was to travel and might not have access to his mails. In those days there were no smart phones and he was off for a work offsite. He asked if I would be comfortable sharing my number. I agreed, and that’s when we started texting each other. And then one evening he called. We spoke and thus followed more communication that slowly started turning into an attraction. It had been over a month we had communicated and we decided to meet. He flew down from Bangkok to be with me on his birthday and Holi. My daughter took to him like fish to water and vice versa. 

Since we both had been through unsuccessful marriages in the past, we chose to give it a year before we w wanted tie the knot. In the interim, he visited once more, and this time sweetly for the daughter’s 6th birthday.  Our families met too.

We were married after almost exactly a year of knowing each other in 2006. 

Thus a per chance and serendipitous connect turned into a life long commitment. A connect which happened 2 years prior to when the actual communication happened. A connect that was probably a blessing from Sadhguru himself.

We have been happily married (cliché yes, but what the heck) for 11 years now. It will be 11 years on 12 March 2017. We are blessed with another daughter who is already 8! The older one went to college last year. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, peppered with more highs than lows I would say. And he stands by me and I by him, rock solid. We are each others pillar of love, hope, trust, joy and support.

Life has a way of throwing up pleasant surprises your way, just when you think that things are going directionless. Life has a way of showering you with blessings and bliss, and that’s when you know you have experienced serendipity in the real sense. 


Wordy Wednesday# 4 – Tattered


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Jude lived in a well turned out home with his beautiful family of four. Life had been good to him. He had worked his way to provide his family with the much-needed, non-negotiable comforts. He had started off as a Fireman, and because of his sheer grit, determination, and diligence; he had managed to climb the ranks of a Chief Officer at the Fire station. Jude had saved innumerable lives, bravely fighting various infernos. Women, men, old and young, cats, dogs, all of them looked upon him with much gratitude and love. After all, he had given them all a fresh new lease of life.

Jude’s was picture perfect family- an attractive wife, Alicia who was vibrant and optimistic, come rain or shine and a great mother and partner rolled into one. His twins, both girls, all of 11 months were his lifelines. He looked forward to getting back home just in time to play peek-a-boo, feed the babies their supper, give them a warm bubble bath and then with Mozart playing softly in the background, both Alicia and he would rock the babies to sleep. Once the babies were fast asleep Jude and Alicia would have a night-cap and share the proceedings of their day, Alicia would laugh and narrate anecdotes like how one of the twins had put the other’s thumb into her mouth and sucked at it, thinking it was hers. Jude would talk about his day, much animatedly, describing how his Fireman were making him proud day after day, or how on days when they did not have work; they would huddle up together during lunch hour to play Rummy. 

One night, when the twins had been tucked into bed and Alicia-Jude after their regular teˆte a′ teˆte were about to retire to bed themselves, they heard the smoke alarm go off. Before they knew it they saw a smoky haze emerge from the twins room. The room had caught fire that was billowing into the living room. Alicia screamed a horrific cry and before Jude could intervene himself she ran into the twins room. The huge flames were enveloping the babies cot and the floor was burning a sinister yellow as the sparks impatiently flew across the room and Alicia’s clothes caught fire. Jude rushed to her rescue and tried to douse the fire with buckets of water. He then dragged Alicia by her shoulders to the outside porch. She had severe 4th-degree burns on her legs and arms. Jude himself had a narrow escape. He ran back to rescue the babies in the blazing room but there was a stunned silence, only the sound of the raging fire. The fire had already  engulfed them and what remained were two charred bodies. By now the fire had spread to the other rooms and Jude was at the porch trying to call the fire station and Red cross, as Alicia continued to howl in pain and anguish. Before they knew it their home burst into a conflagration. Within minutes everything was gone, their precious babies, their home.

Jude howled and screamed in despair like a madman, holding Alicia close to him, tears streaming down his sooty face. He had lost his lifelines, he had been rendered homeless, and as he looked at Alicia hopefully yet helplessly the fire brigade and the Red cross ambulance siren could be heard in the background. But Alicia stopped breathing in his arms. 

2 Year Later, 25 January 2017

Jude hasn’t come to terms with this irreparable loss. The loss of his beloveds has him cave into a shell. He doesn’t look after himself, bathe or even eat for days together. He walks around town aimlessly; looking into some unknown blank spaces. He continues to wear the same trouser and shirt he has worn ever since one can remember. By now they are tattered all over. Just like his soul that has been shattered, battered and tattered to pieces. He lives in a small, unkempt one-room studio. Alone. In silence. He has left his job. He was unable to work anymore. He only looks forward to mornings, after endless days of sleepless nights. He goes looking for Alicia and his twins every single day at the crack of the dawn, to the now abandoned remains of the house where they had happily lived; hoping they will suddenly come to life and rush gleefully into his arms. 

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday # 4– January 2017 #BARWoWe Really enjoyed this prompt.  Tina,  Amrita, Shalini and May would love to hear your stories too. Over to you.





Ambrosia : Amrita

On a warm, sunny Monday morning, a bunch of writers came together to discuss writing styles and be taught pointers on good and effective writing from published authors and also participate in an interesting writing prompt. The Write & Beyond group run by the lovely Kiran Chaturvedi is doing a fantastic job of mentoring upcoming authors. After almost a year of jinxed plans to join in for one of their sessions, I finally managed to participate in this one. It worked well, as it was a weekday. I usually don’t compromise on family time on weekends.

The glow of the winter sun along with the stimulating discussions at the lawns of the Patio Club lent the participants an adrenaline rush. Kanchana Banerjee, author of A Forgotten Affair emphasized on the importance of choosing a befitting name for our characters. She said they added an interesting dimension to our stories. Thus Kiran came up with a prompt of writing a character sketch or a story line based on the protagonist’s name. We all got started, weaving our stories with a 25-minute time frame. The participating writers presented a myriad collection of pieces wonderfully put together. Some jestful, some poignant, some delightful. Here’s what I came up with.


She is a doctor by day, mother by evening and writer by night. She is like God’s ambrosia; sweet and replete with vigor and vitality.
She is Amrita. Dr. Amrita to be precise.
Her enchanting hazel eyes and soft brown curls that cascade down her long neck and delicate yet confident shoulders draw a lot of attention.
When she walks into the clinic, stethoscope casually thrown around her shoulders, in her simple salwar kameez or cotton saree, she manages to grab quite a few eyeballs. It’s rumored that many patients come to see her not because she’s an acclaimed doctor with a heart of gold, but because of her pristine beauty, calm, caring demeanor that helps cure most of their illness.

Her family dotes on her as much as her patients do. So do the writers from her writing community. On her birthday yesterday, the Twitter wall was flooded with innumerable tweets.

After putting her baby to bed and kissing her husband goodnight, she logs on to her MacBook and starts tapping on the keyboard. She has so many untold stories. Those that she wants to turn into books. One being of Ashok Kaku, who was the predator in their family. Who marred the lives of many children including hers and made their childhood traumatic.
She has learned to cut cords and move on. But some stay shaken, as the scars haven’t yet healed. Amrita continues to heal them and others. She is truly ambrosia to people’s soul.

Disclaimer: This is a piece of fiction, though the name has been inspired by the beautiful, blogger-twitter friend Amrita Basu Misra who blogs @ Mayuri, the pen maiden @ linking you up to this post too, for having introduced me to Doc Amrita. 🙂

#FridayFotoFiction: Freedom

#Fridayfotofiction: #week 9


The unabated snow wasn’t making it any easier. We had migrated to a warmer climate. 
Here the woods were dark and dense. A thicket of flora covered the forest. The sun barely pierced it’s way through. But it felt safer and cosier. We thought we were sorted for this winter. Little did we know that the devious ones were on the prowl.

Before we knew it we were captured and taken straight to the pets market. The only saving grace – the two of us were in the same cage. Together.
And a compassionate soul bought us and set us free.

Linking up this post for Week #9 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge.

Writing this 100-word post for the prompt #FridayFotoFiction #Week9 and linking it to Mayuri and Tina’s blog.

Of Egg Benedicts & Cappuccino Mornings

It’s a cold cold Friday morning. The air outside is fogged out partially. But good enough to see the silhouettes of the trees and the sprawling locality facing the dining area window. I peer out of the misty window pane. Yesss! It’s Friday again. Another weekend. And I have a breakfast date with my 18-year-old daughter-friend. 

I jump into the shower and thereafter spruce myself up in the brightest Jaipuri jacket, with patterns of magenta, purple, green, blue and black! Well, the sun hasn’t yet peered out, from behind the clouds and I need to brighten up the day with my vibrant look. I toss in a blue beret alongside. Daughter dearest sports her feathery downs jacket and we are ready to go. Our chatter merges with the background music playing from her phone in my Figos Aux cable. We talk about life, friendships, love and so much more. It’s one of those rare moments when we get to connect one on one and bond heart and soul. Well, she is in college now and tomorrow she goes back to campus after a month-long break. It will once again be the DH, the 8-year-old angel brat and moi. And oh yes, our two furry girls and sweet help, Shilpa. We will miss her once again, only to be reassured that she will be back on some weekends atleast. 



The glass pane gets mildly fogged out, and we continue our chatter oblivious to the interruption. In between, I pull out the cloth and wipe off the mist, but we continue to make conversation. Before we know it, we have reached our favourite breakfast place, DiGhent. It’s just 9:15 am and the temperature is still at a freezing 8 degrees outside. We are the first people at the cafe, and the bright, warm Dutch lady at the counter (or is she German? We still haven’t figured out yet) gives us a broad smile. We make ourselves comfortable and order our favourite, runny Egg Benedict Wondelgem with Smoked Salmon, Asparagus and Bernaise sauce. A bit of sweet and savoury. Just the ideal breakfast. We both love the same stuff mostly when it comes to food. Though off and on she has been leaning towards turning a vegan. I love my meats way too much to give up. We relish our breakfast, chat some more, I sipping into my hug in a mug, cappuccino and she her ginger-lemon-honey tea. 

These moments are way too precious. I want to hold on to them, and not let them go. As we drive back home, we have so much to talk, share and exchange. It’s really fun being a mother to an adult teenager. You can have mature conversations, and at the same time be there for each other. And on many occasions a shoulder to cry on. Yes, we have our share of cat fights too. My adult-teenager has always been a friend to me. She used to dispense advice to me even at 14. And I really have a lot of faith in those words. Well, she’s an old soul. A mother at heart. And a daughter at the same time. Nurturing, caring, all-encompassing. 


7 Things About Nature that Makes You Thankful #ThankfulThursdays

Post Alert: Slightly longish post. My love for nature had me pouring out to my heart’s content. But I do promise, that you will not regret reading this piece.


I pen these words sitting in the luxurious lap of nature. We are blessed to be living in a condominium which has sprawling lush lawns surrounded by Frangipani, Gulmohar, Palms, Malti creepers, Hibiscus, Jasmine bushes; and so many others. Every winter the landscape morphs into radiant hues, as the ice flowers, nasturtiums, pansies, gerberas, chrysanthemums burst into a colourful dance. Though the Frangipani has taken a backseat now, sitting silently and reclaiming itself as a bud, as it readies to flower in the upcoming spring.

It’s still very cold here in Gurugram with the mercury dipping to 2 degrees on many nights. Yet the flora continues to stand strong and blossom beautifully, revealing to us that not with standing any circumstances we must continue to smile and strive harder. The days are cold yet bright and sunny. So after a dark, chili, night the sun doesn’t fail to rise upon us each morning, braving the thick cloak of fog. Another beautiful lesson in resilience.

I have lived in the lap of nature for almost 18 years of my life till I moved to metropolises.
We lived in a university campus where we ate nothing but organic produce cultivated in our backyards. We frolicked with butterflies, bumble-bees and dragon flys in our lawns where poppies, nasturtiums, lilies, dog flowers nodded their heads in deep joy. We played to our heart’s content with unbridled abandon surrounded by the rolling verdant land. We knew the joys of climbing the mango trees to pluck raw and sometimes ripe juicy mangoes, that we would squeeze into our mouths as the juices would dribble down our chins and hands. Our mothers made Guava jam from the freshly plucked, fragrant guavas from our kitchen garden. Ketchup was prepared straight from the fresh produce of tomatoes. And we played hide and seek in the paddy and wheat fields while sucking on newly formed kernels. Creeping into the sugarcane fields and stealing sugarcanes while the chowkidaar wouldn’t be around, gave us thrills. So much to be thankful for, cradled in the arms of Mother nature.
Being bitten by the golden-yellow wasps was a ritual none of us could escape. It took a while to pull the sting out and rub the affected area with iron to ease the pain. What followed was a painful, swollen bump and itching body part, that subsided, but the pain remained etched in our memories. Right next to our campus was the forest of Uttarakhand. We went for many a nature walks and picnics, looking out for the creatures of the wild. Jackals roamed freely and howled in the nights within the university locales and it wasn’t surprising when we would once in a blue moon hear the Tiger roar.  There was a boa constrictor that had swallowed almost an entire deer but had died because its horns had thrust into his belly. It lay preserved in the Zoology lab of the campus. Once my mother found a King Cobra in her wardrobe!!!

Many such stories of adventure and fun, as we regaled and made merry with nature, have been the prominent highlight of my life. They will always remain engraved in my heart and locked in the treasure trove of my memories.

Today I live in a city, yet feel an immense sense of gratitude to be living in a locality which has an opulent cover of green. Mynahs, humming birds, sparrows, Bulbuls, Warblers, Peacocks, Wagtails and even a lone kingfisher can be spotted here. We sometimes wake up to the loud call of the peacocks. And yes, Pigeons have over-populated the city high risers, and despite being a nuisance to our terrace flora of vegetables and seedlings, and dirtying the balconies with their excreta; it’s still a happy feeling to see them lay an egg or two that hatch to scrawny little baby fledglings.

These have been my one on one experiences with nature and as a kid, I always dreamt of living by the sea or the forest and work with animals. Well, my interest in Science waned way too fast (Thanks to Chemistry and Physics),  so did not end up taking the Forest Services exam. I still think of the shows on Discovery, National Geographic and Animal Planet and I when I read stories of people like Jane Goodall who works with Chimpanzees or the Lion Man, Kevin Richardson; I aspire to go and do my wee bit too.

Now, to the 7 things about Nature that makes me Thankful

(Scroll down Please)


  1. Nature has taught me resilience and perseverance. Despite the harshest of climates all beings of nature stand strong, withstanding the cold, the storm, the rain. Yes some of them do crumble, like the way we do at times. But the incredible thing is that even a tree that has been uprooted in the storm grows back into another tree slowly but surely, if some of the roots remain. Ralph Waldo Emerson rightly said, “Adopt the pace of nature, the secret is patience.”
  2. Winter always turns into Spring: Yes, it does. These beautiful lines from Nichiren Daishonin are so motivating for me. Have we heard of Winter turning to Autumn? No, right.  Spring does arrive with all its glory, despite a cold, harsh, snowed out winter and the trees blossom and the cold recedes. Similarly, we must remember even though we might be in the midst of a harsh winter in life, there is no doubt that we will usher in the spring of life underscored by victory. Things will get better and brighter. So we must never give up hope.
  3. The sun has taught me to keep shining my light, every single day: Just like the sun that rises each morning without fail, I believe we must start our day afresh with renewed promises and new beginnings, and to make the best of what comes our way. Just like the sun, that gets blurred by the clouds or the fog during the course of the day, we must strive to shine back with renewed commitment, despite the darkness that might come our way, ever single day, unfailingly.
  4. Grounding: Each time my energies are out of sync or balance, I go and walk barefoot in the grass. It’s the best way to ground oneself and be one with mother nature. I imagine roots growing out of my feet and establishing them in the soil beneath me. The moment I do that, I become not just one with nature, but also myself. A sense of calm envelopes me in no time.
  5. Silence, Calm, and Peace: Nature has taught me the beauty of experiencing bliss, calm and peace. I wish I was a mermaid who lived by the sea and by the laws of the sea. A mermaid who swam in the sometimes tranquil waters, and sometimes turbulent waters, yet continued to flow with the process of life. On my scuba diving expeditions, I have experienced so much serenity and silence being one with the creatures of the sea.
  6. To Never Give Up: There is nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away. ” – Sarah Kay I love the sea and can spend hours sitting by the shore watching the waves crash by, back and forth. I have spent many holidays meditating or running barefoot by the sea. And the mammoth sea, despite its enormity has such a wondrous calming effect on my mind and soul. The waves teach me to keep trying and trying, come what may.
  7. Care, Nurture & Co-Exist: Nature teaches me to care and nurture not just myself, but every single person that I come in contact with. Birds, bees, animals all fiercely guard and protect themselves and their loved ones. Nature has also taught me to take care of myself because without that I won’t be in a position to take care of others. Nature has imparted the lesson of co-existing with each person, despite our differences. A cherry tree only blooms cherry blossoms, a peach tree peach flowers, similarly all of us human beings are dramatically different yet it’s essential to celebrate our differences, accept each other for who we are and live with love and acceptance. Just like these trees.

Such are the magical lessons that nature mystically and joyously imparts upon us.

Being one with nature I am able to free my soul and live life through my inner child.

Written for and linking up with #ThankfulThursdays hosted by Amrita and Tina

10 Day “You” Challenge: One Picture of Yourself


The final day of the Challenge. This picture aptly describes me. My lust for adventure, my quest for happiness and living each moment to the hilt. This adventure is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more that will follow.

Soaring with a Smile



Mayuri This has been such a fun write-thon. Thanks to your impetus and guidance, I’m back to writing sincerely after almost 14 years. Much Gratitude.

Wordy Wednesday # 3 – Early Riser

This Week: Sentence Prompts

Call it what you will, incentives are what get people to work harder.
– Nikita Khrushchev

Cultivate the habit of early rising. It is unwise to keep the head long on a level with the feet.
– Henry David Thoreau

Basic guidelines:

Use the prompt in your posts.
Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt.

4:45 AM. Freddie Mercury was crooning “I want to Ride my Bicycle”. The enticing, green locales of Aravalis awaited me, so the thought of pressing the snooze button was quickly dismissed. In ten minutes I was ready and on the saddle, inhaling the fresh morning air.

I reached the summit of the little hill, as the glorious golden sun quietly emerged from behind the trees and a lone peacock, spread its majestic wings and crooned a welcome morning song.

Cultivate the habit of early rising. It is unwise to keep the head long on a level with the feet.
– Henry David Thoreau


Credits: This is a picture of Princey, the gorgeous peacock who visits my dear Friend, Malavika Di each morning for his breakfast and brings in a very special morning, by the rising sun for Malavika di and her family. Picture credit: Malavika Srivastava

This post is written for Wordy Wednesday # 3– January 2017 #BARWoWe

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