Meditation Huts with Awe-Inspiring Graffiti: #WordlessWednesday

Meditation Huts with Awe-Inspiring Graffiti: #WordlessWednesday

“When you look up at the sky and see a cloud, think of me”

John Lenon to Yoko Ono

Stunning Graffiti at one of the the round ceilings of the meditation huts. No mean feat this!
The informative sign board in one of the crumbling meditation caves
There are 84 mediation huts dotting the landscape of the Beatles ashram

Meditation HUts with Awe-Inspiring Graffiti: #WordlessWednesday

1 October, 2018, 1:51 PM

We are once again back to the Beatles Ashram, in Rishikesh, this #WordlessWednesday. Remember that post from two weeks back, captioned Hey Jude, where I tell you all about the  Beatles Ashram. Well, here’s another revelation of the lush, sprawling, serene ashram. 

The Meditation Huts: The Beatles ashram houses eighty-four meditation huts or caves that dot the entire landscape, of this mystical property. Locally the ashram is also known as chaurasi kutia, for its eighty-four egg-shaped, Buddha helmet-style, pebbled meditation huts. Each meditation hut has a tiny WC and wash area too. Most of the meditation huts are two levels high.

The Graffiti: Each hut comes with a unique graffiti, drawn with meticulous detailing and precision. The art has been created over the last few decades, and is mostly the work of passionate travellers, visitors or artists to the ashram, who were definitely die-hard Beatles fans. The spectacular wall art you see in my first frame, was on a floor higher, and on the roof of a meditation hut. I had to climb a creaky staircase to get there, with my head almost brushing against the roof. This wall art in burnt orange, black and nuances of blue left me spell-bound. The pretty inscription – a quote by John Lenon to the love of his life, Yoko Ono, stood out screaming beyond time, tide and life.

Here are the graffitis I shared last week. Maybe you would like to take a peak. 

The wall art/graffiti at the Beatles ashram is one of its kind. Various hands from across the globe have worked in tandem, to make these beautiful pieces of art possible. They can be found in different corners of the ashram, and each one of them are a representation of something which is beyond unique. One of the rooms of the hostel, or housing facility also had the Buddhist chant, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo inscribed on the wall, to my utter delight. 

Are you planning to take that trip to Beatles Ashram? In case you aren’t, I suggest you do so right away. Diwali and Christmas are around the corner and and if you would like to do something out of the box and tranquil, here’s where you should go. And you can combine an adventure trip of rafting across the Ganges too. So what are you waiting for?

Would also love to hear your experiences on wall art and graffiti. Are you as enchanted by them as I am? What kind of wall art catches your fancy?



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7 thoughts on “Meditation Huts with Awe-Inspiring Graffiti: #WordlessWednesday

  1. This is the first time I am hearing about Beatles Ashram, Natasha. The huts look intriguing. And I love spotting graffiti anywhere, and this is no exception. Thank you for sharing this.
    *Sorry I missed commenting on your post last week. Thought I did. 🙂

  2. Such a fascinating post, Natasha! The domes look so intriguing—never seen anything like the Buddha-helmet-shaped ones!! I wonder what the place must have been like, back in the days when the Beatles lived here. Isn’t it lovely that so many people have come and left traces of their visits through their artwork on these very walls? This one’s definitely on my agenda the next time we are planning a trip to the hills there and thank you so much for bringing us these memorable pictures and an amazing backstory for this week’s #ww!

  3. I am always intrigued by the paintings/graffiti on the walls. Especially of the primitive era.
    The Beatles Ashram looks awesome. Pity, I have not visited yet.
    P.S. Sorry for not being able to link earlier. Finally linked.

  4. I have been seeing these pictures on Beetles Ashram for quite some time. It gives an eerie feeling. I wonder why this was abandoned?

  5. I have been in love with the Graffiti that you have shared from the ashram. They have something unqiue about them. I am intrigued by the art, the choice of colors and the messages. Today’s post is another fine example, Natasha. Thank you for sharing another beautiful memory!

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