#TeaserTuesday: Return to the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul



“Don’t grieve, the old woman had quoted from Rumi. Anything you love comes round in another form. 

Well, Sunny thought, I’m good with that. As long as it doesn’t come around as a shitload of fog.”



It’s kind of uncanny I picked up the sequel. But the cover and the title of the book was way too enticing and intriguing to have been left back on the bookstore shelf.

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Wordy Wednesday # 4 -#BarWoWe- Stairway to Heaven


There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying the stairway to heaven
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for
Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying the stairway to heaven” 

Led Zeppelin, Stairway to Heaven

Anette believed the gates of heaven would welcome her with open arms. She was naive, yet ignorant to the fact that all the sins that she had committed during this lifetime and the previous ones would culminate and meet her at the stairway to heaven or hell.

Before Anette could reach the gates of heaven, she had an arduous journey to undertake, through the fiery, flaming roads of hell. It would be a long haul. If she made it through the Deathly Hallows, and succeeded to reach the Pearly gates, St. Peter, the Keeper of the keys to Heaven would be waiting for her with open arms- embracing her and welcoming her inside the paradise. But, that only, if she paid penance for all her sins.

23 murders in just one lifetime, are irreversible. So do you think the doors to heaven will slam on her and she will pay the price by burning in hell?


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#MondayMusings: For The Love of Ink

Last Sunday I went and got inked. For the fourth time. :-)) This time it was kind of impromptu. Though the 18-year-old had been toying with the idea of us getting inked together for a while now, I had been putting it off each time. I believe you have to be in a certain frame of mind to get inked. Call it adventurous, call it creatively inspired, call it welcoming a new addition to your body or just-for-the-kicks frame of mind. A is in college now, and when she came home over the weekend I asked if she was game. Ofcourse, she was! The weather was perfect to get inked. Not too hot and muggy and not too cold. Bad idea to get inked in the summers. The sweat can mar it’s beauty. 

So off we went on a Saturday noon with her friend who very sweetly agreed to join us and be our saviour, if we were to cringe and cry. Arusha and I both knew what we wanted. I had planned mine almost 4 years back when I’d got my “humming bird” tattoo on the calf. It reads, “Carpe Diem”.  But I was unable to go ahead with the other one as it required a lot of time and this was on a short trip to Banglore, when we were returning from a holiday in Coorg. At that point of time, I believed Delhi didn’t have very good tattoo artists, so I, along with the DH got inked in Banglore. The DH got an Ahura Mazda that trails across his neck and shoulder-blades.

Well, so here we were in Gurugram, sitting at Funky Monkey, the tattoo studio and finalising our designs. Arusha already had the “script” in place. She just wanted two words written in Bengali, inscribed on her heart- “Kee Khushi” which essentially means “How Happy” It was a line my Mom had once said to her as a kid and stayed with her and she wanted it to be right there by her heart, for the rest of her life. Ma and Arusha are very close. Ma spent many years baby sitting and bring her up while I toiled at work.

I, however, wanted a detailed armlet. I have always had a thing for armlets and the design in my head was a wind chime with hanging butterflies. When I, along with Raju and the designer started putting together the final design, it turned out to be a bit different from what I had visualised, but simply perfect. A single medium sized butterfly with strings of chimes hanging out from two pretty creepers. And two small butterflies hovering over the creeper. 

Arusha’s was done in Ma’s handwriting, as she had kept a copy in her diary. It took barely 10 minutes for “Kee Khushi” to be inked on her.  She called her grandma all excited and gung-ho. Meanwhile, we got started on mine. Since the design was very intricate it took about two hours to get it done completely. I cringed in pain off and on, but kept chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo to ease the pain. Arusha very sweetly like the last time, squeezed my hand and held it tight. She and her friend played some nice music also, to keep me distracted. But then if you want a tattoo you got to live with pain. No Pain, no gain! I hadn’t eaten since breakfast but who gets hungry when you have such an incredible adventure to undertake.

It was 5:30 PM and the three of us headed to Burger King to grab some junk for nourishment. I devoured a medium size Lamb burger which looked more like a XL burger. The tattoo was snugly covered in cling wrap after some vaseline application.

We returned home smug, complacent and pretty much over the moon. I kept preening like a peacock, showing off the tattoo to my DH and the 8-year-old. I’m so glad I finally have my armlet in place. “It’s very pretty”, so says Moi. Just that I’m not allowed to work out for two weeks. A week is already over, and I’m itching to get back to the saddle and cycle my way to the Aravallis. 

My current tattoo signifies, my love for nature, my first two tattoos that were done in Manila are the Ying and Yang. The  moon-stars and the Sun respectively. I am blessed and connected to be one with nature, also through my body art.

Tattoos aren’t for the faint-hearted. It requires guts, a streak of madness and some amount of pain threshold to get one done. But the whole process is fun and worth enduring. After all, it’s like decorating your hair with flowers or adorning your neck with a pretty neckpiece.

Hail Tattoo enthusiasts!!

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#FridayFotoFiction: #Week14 : Past Present



The luminous sky powdered with tufts of grey, candy-flossed clouds hover over the ancient mansion. The mansion and it’s picturesque surroundings are now a tourist spot, where visitors take idyllic boat rides and lovers serenade each other, amongst the verdant gardens. Some come to listen to the undying tale of love that came to a tragic end; amidst tears and gore, over a hundred years ago.

Every evening, a figure sits on the railing by the lake, watching the lovers with melancholic eyes, as their laughter peals across the mansion.
Julian refuses to Rest in Peace, haunted by his past.


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#BookSlutThursday: Week #5 – It’s Book ‘O Clock Folks!

#Bookslutthursday: week # 5



Yes, it’s Book ‘O Clock!”

Another week of reading and letting those magically woven words sink in. I hope Shalini http://www.shalzmojo.in continues this prompt in the coming weeks too, as it’s gotten kind of addictive. Shalzy you listening? :-)))

So I was at this little non-descript bookstore the other day. It used to be the once famous Tekson book store in Delhi, now  it has a branch in one of the malls here in Gurugram that too on the lower ground floor. I saw just one or two people browsing around. I had actually stepped in to pick some books for the 8 year old’s friend’s birthday and I ended up buying two enchanting books and some very gorgeous adult colouring books as well. Missed adding them to the picture. Maybe next time I. 🙂

Erich Segal’s, “Love Story”:  My favourite author from those youthful years. Yes, I continue to be youthful as ever, so all the more reason to grab a fresh copy. :-)) My previous copy lies buried at my parents place somewhere i believe. This caught my attention immediately and since I’m always attracted to pretty covers and this just stood out, and was so unlike the staid one I read some 15 years back, so I had to pick it up! Will re-visit Oliver Barrett IV and Jenny Cavilleri’s love saga soon. Beethoven’s Für Elise starts playing in my head when I see this book, that being the title track for the movie. And I’m reminded of the quote, “Love means never having to say sorry.” Sigh!!!!

Khaled Hosseini’s Thousand Splendid Suns: I picked up this book by the famous bestselling author of “Kite Runner” over 4 years back. My then little puppy, Laila, gave it dog ears by chewing on the cover and it’s a lovely reminder of her growing up years. The Washington Post reviewed it by saying, ” In case you’re wondering whether Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns is as good as Kite Runner, here’s the answer. No. It’s better.”

Deborah Rodriguez’s Return of the Little Coffee Shop of Kabul: Looks like I’m being drawn to stories from Afghanistan off late. No wonder I picked up this one! But well, like again the cover was too attractive to resist. It is the story of six women joined by a little cafe in Kabul. I’ve just started to read it and on only a few pages. I hope to write a review once I’m done reading. 

The Props:

TiggerPillowPet: On some days I recline on Tigger  and on some days I hug him. Gifted to my 8-year-old angel brat, Aarshia by Riti my BFF, I managed to steal him from her and she being the kind generous sort did not throw a fit, but happily parted with her gift. Tigger is sweet as hell and he spends the day reclining on my bed. 

Chunky Ruby Ring: The DH gifted this to me when in Goa. I fell in love the moment I laid my eyes upon it, and hubby dearest complied. The picture hasn’t been able to do justice to it’s beauty. I don’t feel the need for expensive jewellery, and this one came to me at a pretty reasonable price. All the more reason to own it.

Bangles: Just the thing a girl loves. These are a pair from a bunch of metal ones, that almost cover 1/4th of the arm. I love their intricate design. 

So that’s all for #BookSlutThursday Week #5. This post was written amidst the blaring television, and an excited child telling me about her new invention, a sand ball so please do excuse any lack of brevity. 

#ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

 Envy is a word that conjures up images of extreme insecurity and partial jealousy to some extent. But in a more toxic way. Jealousy to me is subtle, short-lived and mostly frivolous but envy is strong, full of negative emotions that can induce one with a sense of resentment towards others accomplishments or goodness. The cruel stepmother in Snow White is a perfect example of envy and so are Cinderella and her step-sisters. Long standing envy can have bitter consequences for the envious party, something which was depicted conclusively through Snow White’s stepmother or Cinderella’s step-sisters. To me, envy has too many negative connotations and an emotion I would never ever hold on to. I’m happy celebrating others joys and accomplishments. 

Here’s my little take on envy through this small piece of poetry. 


She languished by the roadside. As she begged, her sorrows she tried to hide

Her soul burned as she was spurned, But her dues she had to earn

In the journey called life, Hurdles came left and right

Between snide remarks and slashing jabs, She chose to keep her head mighty high

For she had lived a squalid life, Of bare minimums riddled with strife

Through all of this, she remained steadfast, Determined to not let this squalor last.

Today she wears the coveted crown, A bungalow by the uptown

A kind soul took her in. And gave her life a new spin

 She took in 49 abandoned dogs. No soul now dare ever mock

Yet those envious ones refuse to stop. At her good fortune, they seem to quietly sob

In this world, if there was no envy, We all would live in love and harmony.

Celebrating each other’s good fortune, Living each day in gratitude and in tune. 


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#MondayMommyMoments: 5 Lessons I Learnt as a Mother

Motherhood is an experience that is difficult to describe but has to be felt to be understood completely. Only a mother knows what it is to bring up a child, and to go through the motions of carrying her baby in her womb for 9 months, to give birth, to experience postpartum blues, to be rendered with sleepless nights and yet experience the bliss of watching ones little cherub grow into a young woman or man.

I’m a mother to two girls: 8 and 18 years-old. So when the second one was born it was like starting afresh. It felt like I’d never had a baby before and I had to re-start my learnings all over again. At times I floundered but I got up and strode with confident steps. And at times I was a winner all the way, hands on and doing a brilliant job. Since the age difference between the two is a wide 10 years, I have had to practice two different styles of parenting – between parenting a crabby teenager and then pacifying a clingy toddler. Of course, though with the basic ground rules the same. But believe you me, It’s been a fun journey despite the thorns here and there. After all, a rose wouldn’t bloom minus those thorns would it?

My older one is almost completing First year of college and the younger one is set to go to Grade 4. They are both at a very entertaining age I must say. The older one doubles up as my best friend. Only the other day we went together and got our tattoos done. It was a fulfilling, emotionally bonding experience; where she held on to my hands as I tried to forget the pain. She got my mother’s words engraved on her heart, “Ki Khushi” meaning “How Happy” in Bengali. She is very attached to her grandma. And just had to put up this little declaration of love on her heart.

The younger one is a sucker for art and crafts. She has stoked my long-lost interest in art so much that we started Zentangling-a form of doodling together. It’s a fun, engaging, relaxing experience we both indulge in each others company while exchange notes.

So here are just five lessons that my angel brats have taught me over the years. Lessons that are more precious than any gift one could ever have. And I’m so grateful for them and for having them in my life.

To Stay Young, To Behave Young, To Feel Young: Yes, I’ve always been pretty much young at heart, but then I give a lot of credit to my two girls for also keeping me that way. I have spent innumerable afternoons and mornings shopping with the 18-year-old, and then stopping by for a hearty meal, and then catching a movie after a long day of all this. It keeps my energy rolling and my zest for life high. We have scrounged through the Sarojini Nagar market looking for clothes in the latest trends and my 18-year-old dispenses fashion tips like a pro. So she ends up helping me pick what makes me look younger and natty. She does my make up when I step out for a party. I’m terrible at doing eye make-up as I barely do them for myself. She spends a long time putting together hues of eyeshadow to match my clothes and accessories. The younger one, on the other hand, makes sure we have Game nights on some weekends wherein we as a family indulge in various games like Dumbcharades, Snakes and Ladders, Scrabble and the works. We have even played Hop Scotch together. We do cycling races together. We go butterfly and snail hunting together. Reminds me of our growing up years.

To Lead By Example: As a mother, I can’t be telling my kids not to do something that I myself would be engaging in. So if I raise my voice and shout at them, they will replicate my behaviour and do the same. It has taken me years of training to watch what I say, how I say it, what I do and how I do it. After all, our kids are watching us every moment and will follow our footsteps. I have learned that action speaks louder than words. So if I’m calm and collected in a taxing situation my kids will see me and follow suit.  If my kids see me positive and happy most of the time they will tend to become such human being themselves too. If they see I’m courteous and helpful towards others they will do the same. Thus it is essential to preach only what we are able to practice ourselves.

To Nurture Myself: Kids require a lot of investment of our time, if we want them to blossom and grow into all-rounded, well-turned out human being. So to nurture them, it’s important we as mothers nurture ourselves first. For a work-out-of-home Mom like me, it’s not easy to juggle between a career, home, husband, and kids. It requires a lot of patience and time strictly allocated to each of these. Earlier I used to spend all my time with them, with very little time left for myself leaving me overwhelmed, irritable and exhausted. I realised the importance of “me time” and now I make it a point to spend some time in the morning sipping my cup of coffee in peace, looking out of the balcony our gazing at the plants on the terrace. In the afternoons after having wrapped up work, and eaten lunch, I grab time to read and catch up on a short afternoon siesta before the younger one comes from school. That way I’m far more rested and ready to spend quality and valuable time with the her. I also make sure I go for some pampering to the Spa or Salon or get myself a coffee and a lavender cake and at the nearby cafe, all by myself.

To Be Open Minded and Communicative: I’m reminded of the lyrics from the delightful Bob Dylan song, “The Times They Are A-‘Changin'” : Come, mothers and fathers
Throughout the land
And don’t criticize
What you can’t understand
Your sons and your daughters
Are beyond your command
Your old road is rapidly aging
Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand
Cause the times they are a-changing

I firmly believe it’s important for parents to adapt and acclimatize to the changing times. Else the generation gap will only widen. It is so very important to keep our channels of communications open with our kids and that will only happen if we try to understand them, instead of berating them for their little faults. Our kids will only open out to us if we share a strong bond, one that keeps the scope for communication open. This applies a lot to parents who have teenagers and are grappling trying to bring them up with their tantrums and mood swings. We cannot expect to parent our kids the way our parents did. Things have changed and they will continue to. When we start understanding and talking to our kids, we realise where they actually are coming from. Silencing them with angry words or reprimands is not the solution all the time. A calm, listening ear goes a long way to tide the generation gap and adapt to “The times they are A-Changin'”

Money Can’t Buy Happiness and Their Love. Our Time Can: I have always known this, but living in a metro for over 8 years I see how more and more parents are succumbing to the bait of buying gifts, toys, clothes, time at a Funzone; to make up for the lost time with their kids. Since they have long working hours, they barely get to see or spend time with their kids. So out of sheer guilt, I notice some parents trying to fill the void of their time with things that money can buy. You cannot buy your kids love, you can only receive it by reciprocating it back with your time. Though not easy given the busy lifestyles people lead juggling between, work, home, technology, social media; it is so pertinent to invest in quality time with our kids. Quality time versus quantity is the ideal mantra. It’s a good idea to keep our phones away when our kids are sharing their day at school with us, or when we are having dinner with them. I have been guilty of getting distracted by social media many times, but I do now consciously try and keep the phone away when the kids are around.

These are just five of the things I have learned from my kids. There are lot many though. But I assure you making an effort to follow these 5 lessons are in themselves a great way to get started. I’m glad I could reiterate these lessons to myself by blogging about them. Thank you #MondayMommyMoments


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#FridayFotoFiction #13: Heir


#Fridayfotofiction: week #13 – heir


The peals of laughter echo through the baronial walls, the fragrance of roasted Littis wafts from the courtyard, Maa serves Baba and Dadi supper; her pallu securely draped over her head, Veeru and I lie on the straw, gazing at the billion stars; all these flashes of memories come revisiting me as I stand gazing at the derelict remains of Baba’s Haveli.

I have dreams of reviving the Haveli, by starting a school here. Dreams that will give the village children wings. But Maya has no inclination of backing me. She loves the city. Some dreams just have to crash mid-flight.

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#BookSlutThursday: Week #4: And it Gets Better & Better

#bookslutthursday: week # 4


A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies, The man who never reads lives only one.”  – George R R Martin

Woaaah! #BookSlutThursday is back. Bolder, brighter and mightier, if I may say so. Thank you Shalzy http://www.shalzmojo.in for this engaging prompt. It’s prodding me to read faster and a lot more. So for today’s prompt I pulled out a couple of interesting things to doll up these intriguing books. 

Let’s  start with these props that make this picture enticing and colourful. We’ll come to the books later.

@@ Buddhist Prayers Beads: These are my companion for good times and bad times alike. I chant copious amounts of  diamoku (Nam Myo Ho Rengey Kyo) on some days and on some days just thrice. But these pretty pearl beads help me focus and enjoy the process of chanting. I love their lavender colour. And they are held a certain way. They are also designed to look like the human body, thus creating the connect with us.

@@Zentangling Scribble book: Last year I was addicted to zentagling (a form of doodling that relaxes you while you engage in creating structured patterns. It is said to increases focus and creativity, provide artistic satisfaction along with an increased sense of personal well-being.) It’s been aeons since I created one of those. So yesterday on my younger one’s insistence, I sat down with her to Zentangle. 

@@Bookmarkers: I love these little, colourful babies. They are a useful tool for making points and highlighting pages in the book. Pages that are of relevance and interest. 

@@Glaze Pens: These are myriad colour pens. I picked them from the stationery store to write my Valentine day note to the DH. I love the smooth velvety touch with which they caress the paper. 

@@ Santa SnowLand: That’s not mine but the 8 year old’s, but i love it. It reminds me of my favourite festival, X’mas and all the happiness and goodness Santa brings along. I love the dreamy snow floating around it. 


@@ He(Shey) by Rabindranath Tagore: The great poet and the writer par excellence has some very intriguing books and poetry to his credit. This was picked by my older one during a trip to Calcutta from the Oxford book store. This book was written by Tagore to satisfy his 9-year old granddaughter’s incessant demands for stories. To keep the tales spinning he employs the help of “Shey” (He) a man constituted entirely of words and rather talented at concocting tales. This is a delightful world of Shey’s adventures brought to life through mythological heroes, deities, comic caricatures, grotesque creatures through sparkling play of words and illustrations.

@@ A Book of Simple Living: Brief Note from Hills by Ruskin Bond: This is an enchanting personal diary of Ruskin Bond where he captures the beauty of nature and life and how they co-exist in harmony. I have been a Ruskin Bond fan for as long as I can remember. The icing on the cake; it’s a personally signed copy by the author himself when I met him at the Gurugram Lit Fest. This little endearing diary of anecdotes and musings left me besotted and craving for more. Sample this:

Happiness is a mysterious thing, to be found somewhere between little and too much. But it is as elusive as a butterfly, and we must never pursue it. If we stay very still, it may come and settle on our hand. But only briefly. We must savour those moments, for they will not come our way too often. A cherry tree bowed down by the night’s rain suddenly rights itself, flinging pellets of water in my face. This, too, is happiness.”

@@ The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera: This is again the daughter’s copy. I bought it for her from the Full Circle Bookstore at the cosy Turtle Cafe in Khan Market, Delhi where we shared a warm, melt-in-the-mouth Lemon cake and a crunchy, delectable salad. I am yet to read it though. Salman Rushdie reviews it as a “masterpiece.” I’m sure lot of you cannot forget Kundera’s, “Unbearable Lightness of Being.” I hope this one is as phantasmagoric as that. Though I hesitate to pick up  heavy, complex books like Kafka and Kundera, as I’m more for light, simple reads, but then let’s see if this proves to be compelling enough to hold my attention right till the end. 

So, that’s how I wrap up my #BookSlutThursday. Now scooting off to curl up in bed with He (Shey) and his adventures. See you on the other side. :-))


My Vices are Nice: #ThankfulThursday


5 vices I’m thankful for: #thankfulthursday


my vices are nice, Ahem!

This is quite an out-of-the-box prompt. Who would think that vices could be nice too? And that we could be actually thankful fo them. Well, who else, but none other than the creative, spunky ladies at #ThankfulThursday. If I’m allowed to say so, I’d like to say this is a really quirky, dapper prompt. Thank you, lovely ladies, Amrita, Mayuri, Deepa and Tina for today’s prompt.

All this while I have known some of my vices are pretty nice, and I have not begrudged them. Rather I have welcomed them like a partner in crime, an amigo who makes those vices the person who I am, and who adds nuances of grey here and there to my personality. I’m a Virgo-Leo cusp. So I tend to lean towards the perfectionist traits of a Virgo, yet the Leo in me chimes in by saying, “Keep those vices rolling.”

So here are my Five “Nice Vices”

@@ Love for Food: I’m a foodie to the core. Wonder if it has something to do with my Bengali genes. We walk food, we talk food, we sleep food, we live food, we dance food and of course we thrive on eating food. Most would say its a vice. Yes, it comes in the way of all the sweat I burn trying to stay fit. But then what the heck, I get to experiment with so many kinds of cusine. I love trying everything, and please don’t fall off your chair if I tell you I have tried bamboo worms, frogs, grasshoppers, snails etc to name just a few. I have been fascinated by Andrew Zimmern of Bizzare Foods on the Travel and Living channel. Well, in a nutshell I think it’s a good thing to enjoy food of all kinds. Food can be such a source of joy, bliss and contentment.  It brings people together, including the family and even though too much of it can prove to be a vice, it’s goodness precedes everything else.

@@ Love to Sleep: I love sleeping. My DH makes a jab at me often and calls me lazy. Too much sleep is a vice yes. Yogis say 3-4 hours of sleep are enough for us, whereas scientists reiterate on the 8-9 hours. The paradox is that I need 8-9 hours to function, sans which I am crabby, non-functional and unproductive. I’m at the peak of my performance when I have had my  9-10 hours of rejuvenating beauty sleep. Some would say, if I were to sleep less, I would have more time to do other things. I’d say I’ll do less and do them well. And no won’t give up on my sleep for anything. I used to fall asleep at parties, at some point of time in my life too!

@@Borderline OCD: Yes, I have borderline Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, to the extent that if a picture on the wall is slightly crooked, I will get up in the midst of a Yoga class to fix it. I like my home to be spick and span. So much so that I can’t stand any form of disorderliness at all. Thankfully I have a help who I have trained in the past few years to keep the home tidy all the time. Not that I don’t put in my two cents worth here and there! It gives me a  sense of calm to see a neat, clean, spick and span home. I fix my closets myself and I like to see them organised at all times. When they aren’t, I feel pretty much messed up in my head myself. And once I’ve organised them, it’s like catharsis to my soul. 

@@Good Social Skills: Well, you must be wondering Oh! Blimey! how is that a vice now? Well, you see when I step out of home with the DH or any other friend I end up bumping into so many people I know. So, my friend or DH feel pretty much left out at that point of time. The acquaintance comes up and starts a conversation. And as I’m busy exchanging notes with them, despite having introduced my companion; they do tend to feel left out. They later tell me all exasperated, “You and your social circle.” Honestly, I’m not a social butterfly or anything. I’m quite an ambivert who loves people, but at the same time guards her precious space and time. But the conclusion here is I love the fact that I have good social and networking skills. I know a lot of people who have come to become good friends and have stood by me when in difficult times or have just been my support network.

@@Social Media Addiction: It all started with the Ryze business network which woke up the dormant writer within me and I started writing thanks to Caferati, Shakespeare and Company and other Writer networks.  This was in the early 2000s. Then came Facebook, Twitter and the rest. I stuck to Facebook all this while and continued to write on the Facebook notes. I re-connected with long-lost friends on Facebook too. I thought I didn’t have the bandwidth or time to mark my presence on Twitter or Instagram, so I stayed away from them despite having a handle there. More recently, thanks to Mayuri, I was introduced to a bunch of bloggers on Twitter and shown the way to the world of blogging, something which I had been putting off for later. And here I am hooked to social media as I cross-post all my blog pieces there, and get feedback from different bloggers. I have started logging on to Twitter chats that guide us on how to make the content more interesting or on other such relevant issues. So yes, my social media engagement has definitely increased in the last few weeks, but at the same time, it has given me a whole new platform to showcase my writings and work. 

So, there! Now you know why I am grateful for these vices. Now you tell me, aren’t these vices wise and nice? 

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