#BookSlutThursday: Week 3: I Love it!!!

#Bookslutthursday: week #3


I’m reading all the above including a Kindle copy of Karan Johar’s Unsuitable Boy. I’m glad I have started the year on a “reading” note. Yes, I used to be a voracious reader, but the last few years my reading habits took a heavy backseat and got mostly restricted to books on Spirituality or a one-off book here and there. I have spent countless days bemoaning the same. I detested the fact that I wasn’t reading enough. And would always guilt trip myself. I attribute social media for taking over my life to a great extent and partly as a mommy who juggled between parenting two girls, now 8 and 18. The 18-year-old left for college last year. I have more time and I have chosen to inculcate the habit of reading post lunch every day, and sometimes before I go to bed. I am using social media more constructively now, mostly for my writing. So I’m pretty gung-ho about the fact that I’m getting back to my old passion of reading.  Hallelujah!!!!!! 

On that note, it’s a absolutely wonderful that Shalini has given us an opportunity to participate in this wonderful prompt. So here’s my little take on it:

@@ Rumi: A New Translation, By Farrukh Dhondy : This is an exquisite collection of poems by the great spiritual master and Sufi poet, Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumi’s writings are soul-stirring and carry me to a world of realisation, hope, love and joy. I picked this book last year from a stall at the India Habitat Centre Film Festival. Quoting from one of his pieces,


I am the dust that dances in the light, I am the sun that chases out the night

I bid the particles of dust to stay, I beg the sun, “Continue on your way!”

@@ The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad by Twinkle Khanna: I’m almost done reading this collection of short stories. The former actress has a way with words for sure, and post her début novel, “Mrs. Funny Bones” this a decent attempt at trying her hand on a new genre. Though I wish the stories were a little more engaging. The themes are well-chosen, but the stories lack a certain punch. Is that why I’ve still not gone back to reading the last one?

@@The Spy by Paulo Coehlo: This is an intriguing saga of the legendary Mata Hari whose tales I had heard of in the passing, as a kid. I haven’t been very impressed by Coelho’s last few books. But this one has proved to be engaging. Mata Hari was an exotic Dutch dancer and courtesan who was convicted of being a spy for Germany during World War I and executed by firing squad in France. This is a riveting autobiographical account through a fictionalised letter penned by Mata Hari to her lawyer. A one time read for sure. An excerpt:

“Memory is a river, one that always runs back. Memories are full of caprice, where images of things we’ve experienced are still capable of suffocating us through one small detail of insignificant sound.”

@@The Value Creation: This is a monthly Soka Gakkai Buddhism magazine that I subscribe to. It has some incredible passages from the Gosho, a compilation of letters written by the great sage Nichiren Daishonin in the 1200s, along with victories of members who have been diligently following this beautiful philosophy of life. This magazine shows the path to living a happier, contented life and is my daily dose of positivity and strength. 

@@The Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar: I have always been a Karan Johar fan. I love his spunk, his attitude and his spirit to live life on his own terms. Thus I had to grab my copy of his autobiography. It’s an interesting read especially the first half where he talks about how he overcame his weight issues while growing up and other insecurities to eventually become the person he is today . Yes, Karan Johar has come a long way I must say, and he has worked his way through it. He was able to build an empire for his father’s diminishing dreams. But I have a few issues with the book. The narrative seems as though Karan is writing his diary, and sounds mostly like a ramble and rant at places. The editors did not do a good job at all here. Karan I believe is a very articulate man, and has a way with words. If you all have watched Koffee with Karan you will  know what I mean. So this lag is tad unexpected. After a while, the book loses its steam, just like his current movies. The focus moves to his films, too much gossip and SRK. I wish the title wasn’t an Unsuitable Boy. Is he trying to still say he is still “unsuitable”, and insecure in his skin despite making a mark in the Indian film industry. Albeit, I continue to be his fan. :-))

@@The Out-of-the-box bookmark: This was gifted to me by my dear friend and senior from school, Shalini Chowdary whose husband designs these for his company Mukul Goyal Creations. I love it! It gives my reading a quirky mojo.

@@The Colourful Owl: I love owls, and I bought this one when I lived in the sunny island, Singapura. It’s so precious to me, and sits mostly by my bedside. My good luck charm you could say.

@@The Coffee Mug: It was gifted to me by my bestie, Ritika on one of my birthdays. This was when we had just met, almost 8 years back. Thereafter we went on to spend a lot of time bonding over coffee and conversations and the friendship is tied in a ribbon of eternal love. 

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Wordy Wednesday #2 #BARWoWe: Magic?


I was fast asleep on my living room couch when I was jolted out of my slumber and lucid dreams at 2 am last night. The phone was ringing incessantly. I have no clue for how long it had been ringing as I was happily lulling in La-La land, mingling with the unicorns, fairies, elves and pixies, who had been my friends since I was a child. Though now in my 40s, they refused to leave my imagination as my belief in magic and good omens became more steadfast by the day.

I picked up the phone with much chagrin after all this dream would have been a perfect plot for my next story. At the other end of the receiver, I heard a heavily accented Spanish voice, “Señora Sooo-Lai-Kha?”        Sulekha he actually meant!
 “Yes”, I croaked impatiently wanting to put the phone down and go back to bed, thinking it was one of those fraudulent calls.

“Congratulations Señora, you have won a trip to Europe, for your book “Pixies and the Prodigal Child” It’s become such a hot seller here in Spain and the children of our country are keen to meet you. So we are sponsoring a 10 day trip for you to Europe out of which 5 you will spend here in Spain, interacting with our little audience.”
I could not believe my ears. Was I dreaming or was this my fifteen minutes of fame?

“Senora, are you there?
I almost choked and replied hastily, “Yes, Yes, I am.”

Thereafter he went on to fill me in the details which almost went in a motion of blur, as I began flipping with excitement. I had never traveled abroad. It was a long cherished dream to see the world, and I had given up hope. A Writer sounded more glamorous as a profession but on the contrary, was one of the most underpaid jobs. I knew I had that spark. My current book was very well taken by the young audience in India and since it spoke a global language it was receiving the much sought out for acclaim abroad as well. Close to being a best seller probably.

I was happy as single-divorced woman. I had ample time to hold on to my dreams, and I had chosen not to outgrow the yearnings I had as a child. Thus I spent most part of my days either freelancing for some publications, websites and budding companies or writing stories and books that I had held close to my heart as a child.

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was over the moon. I pottered around the kitchen and put the coffee to brew. As I sat on the stool on the kitchen deck, gazing out at the crescent moon that stood out with its sparkle through the hazy, smog-ridden sky, I thought to myself that I had finally managed to stand out too. I was being recognised for the laborious efforts I had put in for the last so many years.

My coffee was bubbling over and I poured some into my favourite indigo-fuchsia mug. As I took my first sip, my attention went towards the table calendar, and I glanced at it for the Europe travel days, and there firmly circled bang in the middle of those dates were my best friend’s wedding dates. I groaned, exasperated. How could the Universe be doing this to me. My best friend’s wedding and an offer that I shouldn’t be missing for the world. Or should I for my friend at that given point of time?

Sonia would kill me. She had planned this for days now, including the dresses I would be wearing. She had been such a sweetheart, how do I tell her about this incredible offer that I didn’t want to decline, but at the same time be there for her special day. We had been college friends and both of us had been inseparable in both good and bad times, and here she was getting finally hitched and I would have to opt out! Murphy’s law was it?

I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise and for Sonia to be up and get ready for office. I had to talk to her. I was debating whether to call her while she was on her way to work or meet her for lunch or coffee and then break the news. It was not the kind of news she would like to hear first thing in the morning.

But Sonia called just as I came back from my morning run “ Hey Sulekha, listen, I need to talk.”
“Sonia, is everything ok?”
“Yes, kind of, yes, just that Sid’s parents feel that they would like more family to join in for our wedding ceremonies and it’s too short a notice to get them all here. So they are keen to postpone the wedding to December when most people have holidays.” said Sonia, sounding disappointed.

I, however wanted to break into an African tribal dance. I had spent the early parts of my dawn fretting over the dates and cursing the Universe, but here lady luck was standing by my side, supporting me.
“Oh, Sonia, it’s alright…” I said feigning some disappointment in my voice, but trying to sound supportive at the same time. “It would be nice to have a whole bunch of family. After all, it can’t be a Big Fat Punjabi wedding without the relatives, right?”
“ You are right Sulekha.” On second thoughts, more time to stay single, footloose and fancy-free also and enjoy my bachelorette days with you, my darling”
We laughed and on that note hung up.

I, of course, gave a big sigh of relief.  I told myself. “Moral of the story- Just let the universe take it’s course, no point stressing unnecessarily, after all, this was just a fly in the ointment.”

I was so excited that I began to pack in anticipation of the trip which was still a month away. I wanted to look my best. My long cherished dreams were coming true. I would finally see a chunk of the globe, if not all the four corners of the world.

Well, I believe in magic and here it had just beautifully planned its way into my life.


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Fifteen minutes of Fame

Fly in the ointment

Four corners of the earth

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#TeaserTuesday 1: The Spy-Paulo Coelho

#Teaser Tuesday 1

I’m currently reading two books, both of completely different genres. Paulo Coelho’s, The Spy has me pretty much intrigued, as it is the legendary Mata Hari’s story told in her own words. The Unsuitable Boy by Karan Johar, I will leave for yonder.

Yes, I turned this gossip into secrets”, because I wanted money and power. But all those who accuse me now know I never revealed anything new.”

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#ClickAndBlogAStory: I Love You Without Knowing How, Or When…

#Clickandblogastory: #week 6 : love

To me, Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet 17 is one such piece of extraordinary writing that defines love in a unique, wholesome, unabashed style. It flows with ease, setting the pace for words that render the reader’s heart aflame and thirsting for more. That to me is love. Distinct, simple, unique and not clicheˆd or over the top. This is my most favourite piece of writing on love, so I just had to put my interpretation across for everyone to read. This poetry in motion evokes innate desires and takes one through a dreamy journey of eternal love.

Neruda’s love is unique, one-of-it’s kind as he doesn’t love his paramour the way common symbols of love like topaz, salt-rose are loved. His love stems from a certain darkness of his soul and is yet so pure.

He loves his paramour like a winter flower that will eventually bloom, so his love isn’t superficial but set deep within and buds from inside.

This is a sensory piece of writing that evokes deep feelings like “the certain solid fragrance risen from the earth” that lives darkly within him.

His love is pristine and without any rationale “without knowing from how, when or where” His love is sincere, unadulterated and legit, without any drama.

Neruda defines his love as so powerful that he and his paramour cease to be two different individuals and merge as one. 

In their love, they become so united minus any barriers that metaphorically he describes how his paramour’s hand on his chest feels like his and they are so in sync with each other; body, mind, and soul. 

Such a powerful piece of writing needs to be revered and worshiped as it so complete and evocative in itself. Thank you, Pablo Neruda for your gift of words. 



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#FridayFotoFiction: Valuable?

#fridayfotofcition: #week 11




Grandpa gifted the typewriter to her on her 40th.
He was an acclaimed author of 11 books. On plants and diseases, on the Green Revolution that had taken the country by storm in the early 60s. He had stayed awake many moons, painstakingly typing all the research and work. The typewriter had been his true companion. A gift from the Viceroy of Bengal and a real piece of treasure.

She stood haggling at the door with the Kabadi wall. “Saath Rupaye, memsahib”. Exasperated beyond words, she handed it over to him. The typewriter now lies stashed among the recyclable scraps by the roadside.

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#ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

There’s so much to be thankful for each day, and to start my day with gratitude, a smile on my face, and a spring on my feet is the sure shot winning mantra to a happy, positive, rewarding day. Like most people, I’m blessed to have so much. If I were to start counting my blessings the list would be endless. But at the same time, these blessings also include a few things that I am lucky to not have in myself and in my life. They make my life’s story better, brighter,  cleaner and healthier. 

So here’s a list of the things I’m thankful for not having:

  • Toxic People in my life: I’m lucky such people don’t exist in my life. And if they ever do come my way, they just fall off automatically from my life, on their own. I have no space for people who are negative, gloomy and who spend all their time judging others and complaining about life. On the contrary, I’m grateful to be surrounded by optimistic, happy-go-lucky people who count their blessings each day and love to live life and cherish each moment. They keep their chin up despite the most challenging situations and are a wonderful example of compassion, peace, magnanimity, positivity, radiance, love, and a very large heart. 
  • To Live In a Concrete Jungle: I live in a city with high-risers, but I’m grateful that these high-risers are not just a series of concrete structures but surrounded by resplendent, lush, green flora. We wake up to the chirping of birds and a call or two from peacocks. This is a rare blessing when one lives in a metropolis.

  • To be Fearful of Animals: I am glad I’m the kind of person who is not fearful of animals, and that too of any kind. Be it snakes, lizards, rats, etc etc. On the contrary, I’m a die-hard animal lover. Animals take to me very easily and vice-versa. If given a chance, I would have a mini zoo at home. I have adopted many stray dogs outside our home. In the past, I have had pet turtles, fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, rats and fledglings. Right now I’m a proud owner of two dog-daughters. 
  • A Pessimistic attitude: I always believe in looking at the glass as half full. I cannot fathom being pessimistic at all. Even in dire situations, I will look out for the good that has come with it. I feel every cloud has a silver lining, and every challenging situation comes our way to make us a stronger and better person. I’m thankful for not despairing, instead working around finding solutions. 

  • An Unfit Lifestyle: I’m glad I’m conscious of what I eat and how much exercise I get. I have always been a fitness enthusiast. I’m a big foodie yes, so all the more reason to workout and stay healthy. I enjoy working out and lucky to be again living in a location where there is ample scope to run, cycle and exercise outdoor. I’m glad I was never brought up to live an unfit lifestyle and instead was always taught to live healthy, and eat healthy.
  • Not Having Biases and Judgements: I’m thankful to have become a more accepting and non-biased person over the last few years. My Buddhist practise has taught me “Bodhisattva Never Disparaging.” which essentially means we as Bodhisattvas do not look down on anyone, irrespective of our difference. We accept and respect people as they are. Adopting this attitude has given me so much happiness and mental peace. 
  • Not Losing my Cool: I’ve become a much calmer person over the years and yet again my Buddhist practise has been instrumental in bringing about this change. I don’t react anymore, I try to respond instead. This makes me less angry and more composed while dealing with a difficult situation or person. 


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Wordy Wednesday #1- Feb 2017 #BARWoWe : Love’s Epiphany


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It was the first day of February, The month that portended love. The month when many hearts came together as one, and many were reclaimed.

Jay and Sriparna were taking a trip to Thailand. A trip celebrating 10 years of togetherness. They had barely taken any one on one holidays due to their hectic schedules at work. They had left the kids with Dadi who was always more than happy to have them over and spend time pampering and teaching them new skills like baking, even making samosas, donuts, cross stitching etc.

On this balmy yet beautiful February morning on Sriparna’s insistence, they had taken off to yet another Buddhist temple. They had visited a few during their trip, but this one was supposed to be highly revered. As they walked through the grand, majestic door of the temple that was built in various hues, superimposed with a lot of gold, they caught sight of the extraordinary looking statue of Buddha. It sat there ensconced on a majestic seat, covered in the most resplendent finery. The look on Buddha’s face was ethereal and so very calming. The Buddha seemed to look back at Sriprana with benign eyes and bless her. Even Jay stopped short on his feet to gaze at the Buddha. He normally just wandered around aimlessly, just trying to be a good husband and giving Sriprana company. After all, they were on a romantic getaway together. 

Jay and Sriprana could not take their gaze away from the Buddha, There was something unexplainable, something so real, life-like about this Buddha that it had them spell-bound. Sriparna had read Buddha’s Lotus Sutra and many books written on him and his philosophy, but her leanings were always dismissed and brushed away by her side of the family, a family of staunch Hindu believers. Yet her quest for finding what worked best for her spiritually never ceased to exist. Jay was an atheist, yet open to any religion or form of spirituality. 

Sriparna saw a set of meandering stairs that led to the floor above the statue. She followed them through, to be greeted by a foyer which directly looked over the Buddha’s crown. She felt a magical halo around the crown of hair or Ushnisha, the three dimensional oval at the top of the head. She went down on her knees and  started meditating. The temple was almost empty and serenely quiet. As she meditated, with her eyes open, she felt tears of happiness trickle down her cheeks. She was experiencing a spiritual epiphany of sorts. She could feel the presence of Shakyamuni and his aura emanating back to her and speaking to her about the reason she was there- to embrace the Buddhist path, to imbibe the beautiful practice of unconditional love, of touching lives through compassion and acceptance, of making a real difference in this hatred-ridden world, and propagating world peace by educating people about love, harmony, and co-existence. 

Sriparna had found a love of a different kind, a love that was unexplainable. After all, it was the month of spring, the month when love found its way into many a hearts, knowingly or unknowingly. This was a divine kind of love. Ethereal, magical, truly incredible. 

Jay came up the stairs looking for her and was surprised to see that pristine look on Sriparna’s face and the blush on her cheek. The doors to love had just been unlocked, and a new kind of life awaited them.


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#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

#ClickAndBlogastory #week 5 #stress


Put the stress to rest

I have been the kind of person who gets stressed in some situations and at the same time be calm as a cucmber around the most challenging ones. Over the years I have realised that getting stressed does not solve the problem. It just makes it larger than life. 

What exactly is stress? To me, it’s a fear of the unknown, an impending situation that begins to occupy our mind space.  A threat of sorts. But then, isn’t fear just a figment of our imagination? Does it solve the purpose? No, right. It just makes the situation worse. When we are stressed our nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that send the body into an emergency action. We end up over-reacting, taking irrational decisions, getting upset, angry. In totality, we spoil our mental equilibrium and balance. Along with the environment around us,

In the past, I used to get stressed at pretty much easily, like when the older one would potter around in the morning and not get ready on time for school. I realised, it was just a toxic way to start the day. So I  startedwaking up early in the morning, running/cycling or working out and if time permitted, do my Buddhist chants. This helped me stay calm and not react. Eventually, the morning rhythm at home became more peaceful. The older one started being more punctual because I had stopped nagging. I guess it’s coping mechanisms like these which can solve most stress related issues. 

In the past, I have allowed stress to affect me so deeply that it has translated into depression. That was one of the worst things to do to oneself and a very detrimental space to be in. The more I stressed, the more I caved into a no-peace zone. It’s taken me over 40 years to realise that nothing and nobody is worth losing one’s peace of mind for. Life is short and we need to seize each moment. “Carpe diem!” I love this quote from Dead Poet’s Society so much that I have it tattooed on my calf as a reminder. 

Today I’m a much calmer person. ( *Knocks all the wood around her* ) Touche′. My Soka Gakkai Buddist practise, in the last 3 years has helped me immensely transform most of my stress triggers into something more constructive and fruitful. Like problem-solving with a clear mind. I’m a much balanced person, less prone to stress and have been handling innumerable situations around me with grace and elan. Situations like my Mom’s cancer-related ill-health, work that was not making me happy, so I chose to take a break from the Development sector and focus on my own, personal creative writing.  Doing what we are passionate about and that whose journey we enjoy and cherish are key to our health and happiness.

On days when  I feel I’m getting overwhelmed, which is rare these days, though, I go next door to my favourite Cafe and grab the special Brazilain Latte. It’s my perk-me-up. I sit there savoring my coffee and a lemon lavender cake or biscotti and punch my thoughts in my Macbook. Taking long strolls surrounded in the lap of nature elevates me like nothing does. My me time. Also, cycle rides amidst the green locales. Cuddling up to my furry girls and my daughters is my another to-go formula to beat stress, And how can I forget that special dinner date with hubby dearest. Or my best friend. Oh yes, and “If music be the food for love, play on.” Music elevates my and send me soul soaring like a bird in the sky.

Stress partially is Rests jumbled up. So I when in stress give everything a Rest and reach out for your favorite perk-me-up activity.  

Stress can actually be your formula to do the things that you usually don’t due to lack of time. So please give  STRESS a REST and breathe in peace and breathe out calm, and see the environment around you change. 


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#FridayFotoFiction : Unrequited

#FRIDAYfotofiction #week 10





The mist rolling tea gardens always transported Arpita to another world. A world, where there were no worries, just gaiety, playful abandon, enveloped in the love of Ma-Baba, Aboni Kaka and Junmoi Didi who managed the sprawling estate home with perfection. The gardens were a family heirloom, nurtured over decades.

Ma-Baba were no more. She had moved overseas with her Dutch husband and had just returned to sell the glorious property. Arpita bid a tearful adieu to the staff and as she stood looking at the gardens poignantly, her heart welled with deep gratitude and unrequited love.


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#BlogChatter Prompt: Serendipity

This a serendipitous story. Probably one that fairy tales are made of. Once bitten, I was twice shy. In marriage, in love yes.  This time my parents were being extra wary, and not treading into this territory after being part of my last debacle. They had left it to me to make my choices. I had met a bunch of blokes the second time on, all by myself. But none fitted the bill. I was a single mother of a five-year-old and was not ready to commit to a relationship wherein the guy was uncomfortable with my daughter. She was my priority and more. Yet I knew I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life all alone. I had posted a profile on one of the matrimonial websites. But after a point of time, it just got taxing to meet various people without making any headway. I had a full-time job as a Communication Officer, a child to nurture and parents to spend time with. I decided to take a break. 

I went to Delhi to attend an Isha Yoga workshop on Inner Engineering which was conducted by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. This was in 2005, when he used to conduct the workshops himself, and I was one of the privileged lots to be able to attend it, thanks to the motivation of a sweet friend, who was a volunteer at Isha. This 3-day workshop transformed my life. The day the workshop got over, I went up to Sadhguru and asked him to sign his book that I had bought. And he wrote with his beautiful free-flowing handwriting, “May you know bliss.” and he blessed my Rudraksha beads too. Yes, I had gone through deep turmoil and struggle for a couple of years before that. Little did I know then that this workshop along with Sadhguru’s blessing had come to my life as a divine intervention. 

I went back home feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and with a spring in my feet. As I opened my emails after a gap a few days I found this mail sitting in my inbox, from a guy who had managed to write to me after much deliberation. Yes, he had seen my profile about 2 years back on the same website but had chosen not to pay up and register (one needed to pay up to send emails) due to the credit card scams doing the rounds then. Later when he had gone looking for my profile he had noticed that it had been deactivated. Yes, I was fed up of all the weird blokes who wanted to communicate. Finally, in January 2005, my parents had insisted I keep an open mind and at least activate my account. I had done so, with much apprehension just before I left for the workshop at Delhi. And this young man who was visiting India then had also been asked by his parents to consider resettling yet again. That’s when he went back to the matrimonial website, searched for my name, found it, and this time paid up and had promptly written to me.

I replied and got a reply instantly. Thus started our round of email communication. He seemed so different from the others. More of a friend who wrote long, interesting emails about his life, his work, his passions and so on so forth and I replied back with much fervour. He seemed to be so interested to know about my daughter, her antics, her choices and asked for her all the time too. He didn’t jump the gun and ask for my phone number either. That was a rare quality. He was taking it slow and so was I and I preferred it that way. After about a month of writing emails almost every day, one day he told me that he was to travel and might not have access to his mails. In those days there were no smart phones and he was off for a work offsite. He asked if I would be comfortable sharing my number. I agreed, and that’s when we started texting each other. And then one evening he called. We spoke and thus followed more communication that slowly started turning into an attraction. It had been over a month we had communicated and we decided to meet. He flew down from Bangkok to be with me on his birthday and Holi. My daughter took to him like fish to water and vice versa. 

Since we both had been through unsuccessful marriages in the past, we chose to give it a year before we w wanted tie the knot. In the interim, he visited once more, and this time sweetly for the daughter’s 6th birthday.  Our families met too.

We were married after almost exactly a year of knowing each other in 2006. 

Thus a per chance and serendipitous connect turned into a life long commitment. A connect which happened 2 years prior to when the actual communication happened. A connect that was probably a blessing from Sadhguru himself.

We have been happily married (cliché yes, but what the heck) for 11 years now. It will be 11 years on 12 March 2017. We are blessed with another daughter who is already 8! The older one went to college last year. It’s been a roller-coaster ride, peppered with more highs than lows I would say. And he stands by me and I by him, rock solid. We are each others pillar of love, hope, trust, joy and support.

Life has a way of throwing up pleasant surprises your way, just when you think that things are going directionless. Life has a way of showering you with blessings and bliss, and that’s when you know you have experienced serendipity in the real sense. 


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