Y  is for Yonder & Beyond

Henceforth, and till I live, The World at Large

Today is the penultimate day of the great AtoZ writing challenge It’s been a long, fascinating, yet demanding month-long ride. Also my first journey with AtoZ. It was a pleasure compiling 26 different stories of my enthralling travels experiences. Some replete with adventure, some plain simple revelations that the places brought with them and some life’s little nuggets of wisdom lent during the course of these travels. I’m humbled by the love I have received from my very talented fellow bloggers and all the brilliant bloggers I have chanced upon during the course of this challenge. I hope to be back again next year, though better prepared than this time and armed with another bunch of interesting stories.

My torrid love affair with travel will continue today, as I’d like to share with you my long-standing dreams of visiting some places around the globe. Reading and hearing about them has left me spell-bound and intrigued. So come, join me in my travels yonder and beyond.