My mother and I share a bond which is about 45 years long (including my time in her womb). Well, I gave away my age, but listen up folks, “Age is just a number.” *Cheesy Grin* knowing that one’s such a cliché. Well back to this little Ode for my Mommy Dearest. Ma and I are like chalk and cheese in many a ways. Yet my core values are a reflection of her. We love each other to the moon and back, yet we can’t live too long without squabbling and sulking. Ma has been my rock solid pillar, my shield, my armour in the roughest of moments. And believe you me the one thing I can vouch about her blindly is that her instincts are never ever wrong. I may have argued and dismissed them off, but they were always true to the T. With each passing year I have started appreciating and acknowledging her for these intuitive powers, as the youthful rush of blood wore off me.


The Three Generations-Ma, Moi, My Girls