One with The Sky: #WordlessWednesday 60

ONE WITH THE SKY   This was taken last Sunday on a hike to the rugged, semi-bare; yet awe-inspiringly calm Aravalli forests. The placidness of the dusty path, a sole partridge running for cover, a splash of clouds wooing the azure sky, and two people close to my heart sharing some unique moments; left some [...]


Faith Can Move Mountains: #MondayMusings

  What could possibly have prompted someone to  write this powerful quote: "Faith Can Move Mountains"  The origin of this supremely motivating quote is from the holy Bible. It was recorded in the 1582 Rheims Bible, in Matthew XXI 21, as: "If you shal haue faith, and stagger not, ... and if you shal say [...]

Soul Connect: #WordlessWednesday 59

Soul connect   On a solo trip to the by lanes of Lajpat Nagar, a chance brush with the Naturals Ice Cream "parlour";  unveiled a cosy den. A den where two souls connect as one, as the wall of life, embellished with a fabric of kitchen essentials looked on.    #WordlessWednesday 59 If you’re interested, [...]


Yearning for Briare: #FridayFictioneers

  A long Easter weekend is the perfect excuse to get away from our frenetic Parisian life. Pierre has meticulously chosen Briare, as our destination. I can't wait to lay my eyes on Canal de Briare, the oldest canal in the world that runs almost thirty meters above the spectacular river Loire. Our train journey is uneventful [...]


Thawing My Frosty February:#MondayMusings #MondayBlogs #GratitudeCircle

A quarter of a brand new year is over; almost. Yet, it seemed the shortest month of the year, was the longest. Simple ironies of life, you see. February reared its wicked head at me in more ways than one. But instead of bludgeoning it with the defeatist question, "Why me?" I looked it straight [...]

Can we let Sridevi RIP. Please, please!! #MondayMusings

It was a lazy Sunday. Lazy, as I skipped my cycling plans; an activity that gives my day a very lively kick-start. But then I was also happy to be able to sleep in that extra bit. I slept tad late on Saturday night as I was trying to catch up on some blogs. I was [...]

Why You Should Choose A Fitness Regime that You Enjoy: #SuperBloggerChallenge2018

    After many years of being passionate about fitness, I have come to one over-arching conclusion: Follow a fitness regime that you enjoy. Not that which is in vogue, or that which your friends are doing, or the one that helps you burn maximum calories. After all fitness is not a short-term journey. It's [...]


An Epic Week Gone By:#MondayMusings

Last week was epic! It was a "heroic" week, so to speak. Grand and monumental in scale. A week that came with lot of unique experiences and also one that threw plenty of curve balls my way. I guess in totality the "good" and the "ugly" managed to balance each other pretty well, even though [...]

Celebrating Ma; My Shakti, My Warrior Queen: #MondayMusings

Celebrating Ma;  My Shakti, My Warrior Queen as you would have guessed is a sequel to this blog post from last week. It was written when my family and I were going through a truly testing time, amidst which; by God's grace, we were holding our ground and staying optimistic. It wasn't easy to stay that way, [...]

Ma: My Shakti, My Warrior Queen

This nebulous February afternoon, I realise my post “When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going”   was written with a divine purpose. Everything in life is synchronous. I do not believe in coincidences. That post probably spilled out of my being, so that it could be a reminder that was the only way to [...]