November Rain

November Rain



The autumn was slowly but surely hanging it’s boots, the smog was choking us with it’s tippy dance, the nation was reeling in the throes of demonitization. While some were elated, some were doomed.

Trumps appalling victory was blurred by the Indian Prime Minister’s path breaking action. The long queues at banks sans the demarcation of class, creed, status made for an endearing sight, yet at the same time inconvenienced a country of 1 billion people. The masses thought twice before spending even a INR 100 note. The good old days of saving and making each penny count were back.
Amidst all the chaos, confusion life still goes on for the Night Jasmine which surprisingly is still flowering in mid-November. Guess it’s holding on to the good that still exists amidst the gloomy and not so gloomy days. The sun has mellowed it’s rays, while the Super Moon announced its appearance with much fanfare. According to astrologers the effects of a Supermoon are imperceptible, and far smaller than those encountered in other everyday situations. While spiritually speaking the lesson is to love what arises within you, and what is rising up in the world during this powerful time of release and transformation.
So hang in there and seize the moment!

13 November, 2016


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