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So Long, Farewell, Adieu

The curtains are drawing close to 2016. It has been a year of profound learnings, huge upheavals, surprises that were wonderful and not so wonderful, new beginnings, new journeys; all foisted together into a bunch memories. I’m carrying forward all those things that made me stronger, better and left me with a positive after taste.… Read More So Long, Farewell, Adieu

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When in God’s Own Country: Part 2

Kerela was proving to be more mystical, more magical than anticipated. We were enamoured by the riot of colours, the lush, verdant nature, the innumerable species of birds and insects, and the fresh crispy air that we inhaled. The DH and I love waking up early even on vacations. We feel the beauty of these… Read More When in God’s Own Country: Part 2


Sepia Tinted Winters?

I abhorred winters. The idea of cold, dark, dreary, foggy days made me wince. My Bengali genes couldn’t handle the cold North Indian winters, despite having spent most of my life in this belt, along with a small stint at New Castle Upon Tyne where it snowed heavily. The onset of winters inundated a sense… Read More Sepia Tinted Winters?

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A Lesson from Nature

This morning as I walked back from pilate class I was greeted by my favourite flowers- Shiuli/Harsingaar/Night Jasmine. Each year they arrive precisely around the time autumn begins to set in and disappear with the onset of winters. So they are our fleeting guests for a month and a half. But it goes without saying… Read More A Lesson from Nature


Super Moon

  The receding Super Moon wants to hang around like a petulant lover, While the pigeons and morning sky beckon it to return home. 16 November, 2016  

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When in God’s Own Country: Part 1

It was that time of the year when the sweetness of the spring was merging with the balmy summer. The board exams were done and dusted with. It was time to take off on a long cherished vacation and what better place than Kerela, God’s Own Country in South India. My dream destination for many… Read More When in God’s Own Country: Part 1


~ Chastity Woods ~

  Long, languorous walks by Chastity woods, Frolicking winds and froggy hoods Walking hand in hand, Peering at the verdant land Inhaling the whiff of crisp spring leaves, Laughing about our pet peeves Nuzzling up to a sweet banter, Whimsical emotions stealthily saunter Gazing at her hazel eyes, Startled by a parakeet’s cacophonic cries Rebuking… Read More ~ Chastity Woods ~


Manifest Your Desires

    As the curtains close to Arusha’s 18th birthday at McLeod Ganj, I reflect upon the day with a longing desire, a desire to capture it in a magic bottle. A magic memory bottle of sorts that I could re-visit and reclaim as only mine. It’s been a whirlwind few months – changes, severed ties, revelations,… Read More Manifest Your Desires


~~My Will ‘O Wisp Spring~~

Oh! Spring, spring, What shall you bring? Wispy clouds with silver linings Balmy breeze that seem to be dancing A cuckoo bird flapping its wings Melancholic hearts that sing Riot of colours suddenly bursting Frolicking souls giving in A star spangled night whispering Many a hearts entwining Little daisies simply smiling Yet another new beginning… Read More ~~My Will ‘O Wisp Spring~~


Burn Baby Burn

“This is my Year! It’s going to be All Mine! This is My Year!!” Proclaimed Lucy Van Pelt, of the Peanuts Comic strip. And so did I!! 2015 will be my year. That’s what I kept reiterating as 2014 came to a meandering end. I heaved a sigh of relief as I bade it a… Read More Burn Baby Burn