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A Lesson from Nature

This morning as I walked back from pilate class I was greeted by my favourite flowers- Shiuli/Harsingaar/Night Jasmine. Each year they arrive precisely around the time autumn begins to set in and disappear with the onset of winters. So they are our fleeting guests for a month and a half. But it goes without saying that they leave an indelible mark in my heart and I look forward to their arrival with much anticipation. Many of you I’m guessing know this, from my earlier posts.I grew up welcoming the Shiuli every Pujo. Gathering them and thereafter threading garlands for Ma Durga. They not only make me nostalgic but give me a heady sense of happiness.
I could relate them to the Leonard Cohen song, “You fill up my senses.” Quite literally!
Today as I looked at them in awe like I always do, the Shiulis that lay strewn over the grass and cobbled path communicated something profound to me. Something I hadn’t imagined.
They were telling me, “We live for a short duration. We bloom in the darkness, intoxicating your senses. Next morning we fall to the grass along with the dew drops. We carpet the ground beneath us with our orange stems and pristine white petals, becoming one with nature and mankind. Sometimes people trample us by, yet we are glad that we arrived and made the best of this short-lived life, by spreading some fragrance in your lives.”
It got me thinking. Life has no guarantees and unlike the Night Jasmine we wont know when our end is near. So why don’t we just embrace and cherish each moment of life that has been bestowed upon us and continue to spread humanity and goodness?
We may be trampled and looked down upon, but continuing to live joyfully and strive ceaselessly, will make this life worthwhile.
Look inside, there is a Night Jasmine hiding within all of us.

5 October 2016

#AutumnAdvent #SpreadLoveNotWar


3 thoughts on “A Lesson from Nature

  1. Shiuli has a way of invoking memories, enabling spiritual communions, heralding change-the transition from autumn to winters with it’s heady intoxicating presence. They are little messengers from God who unfailingly enthrall my life year after year. Thanks for coming by Susmita. 🙂

  2. Had read this before. But read it again, to revisit the mirth spread by the simplicity and fragrance of the shiuli, strewn on the grounds, as if carpeting the earth and sending an invocation to the goddess Durga.

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