~ Chastity Woods ~

~ Chastity Woods ~


Long, languorous walks by Chastity woods,
Frolicking winds and froggy hoods

Walking hand in hand,
Peering at the verdant land

Inhaling the whiff of crisp spring leaves,
Laughing about our pet peeves

Nuzzling up to a sweet banter,
Whimsical emotions stealthily saunter

Gazing at her hazel eyes,
Startled by a parakeet’s cacophonic cries

Rebuking the intruder with frivolous bamboozle,
Longing eyes that continue the carousal

Give in to the patch of green,
Regaling in our new-found love’s sheen

Chastity woods is all so pure,
Another redolent love gives into its lure

March 2005

2 thoughts on “~ Chastity Woods ~

  1. Wow!!! Natasha you are truly gifted… Not just in penning down your thoughts so well but to even feel and connect so deeply is amazing!! May you always feel the power my friend! Looking forward to reading more and more

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