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10 Day “You” Challenge: 4 Books



  1. The Prophet-Khalil Gibran. This has been my bedside bible for years and years now. I can keep re-visiting this awe-inspiring piece of writing over and over again and learn so much each time. The lessons are a reminder of each aspect of life, be it marriage, love, children, pain, friendship, sorrow and so on so forth. I never cease to stop learning from this incredible book by the Khalil Gibran who died so young, yet left his wisdom etched deep in our hearts.
  2. The Kite Runner- Khalid Hosseni This is yet another saga of life and love in the midst of war-torn Afghanistan. One can never tire reading this book. Khalid Hosseni sure has a way with words and he transports you to his world with so much ease.
  3. Ruskin Bond I won’t name any of his books here as it won’t be doing justice to his heart-warming writing. Every composition of his is like poetry in motion – the characters, the birds, the trees, the woods, the furniture. Everything comes alive when Ruskin Bond pens his incredible stories set in Mussourie, England and Deharadoon.
  4. The Five-Find-Outer series and Malory Towers by Enid Blyton I swore by these books when I was growing up. I still do. But seems my girls never took to them. Sigh! Guess they are content with Roald Dahl, who I love to bits too.

Four Books is not enough to list the best ever read book by me. Oh there are so many of them and the list really is pretty endless and exhaustive. But then, will need to stick to the rules. 🙂


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