10 Day “You” Challenge: 8 Fears

10 Day “You” Challenge: 8 Fears



I am the kind of person who prefers to look at her fears squarely and face them headlong. I believe fears are a figment of our imagination. When we give them too much importance they turn larger than life and stick their ugly head out. Yet that been said, we are all human and some way or the other even I do cave into my fears, despite having the above notion etched in my head.

  1. Fear of not completing a work project on time and doing a shoddy job. This fear has plagued me a few times so much so that it affects my work rhythm and frame of mind. I guess it stems from the fact that I’m a perfectionist in many ways.
  2. Fear of losing a loved one. Though spiritually inclined, I still have to come to terms with the cycle of life and death.
  3. Fear of using filthy washrooms and stinky toilets. That one is such a big bummer.
  4. Fear of unruly, accident-prone traffic, road-rage and bad drivers. They, unfortunately, form a major part of populace in North India.
  5. Fear of unending gloomy, foggy, cloudy and bitterly cold days. I like warm, sunny, toasty winters.
  6. Fear of not being able to pursue my passions; like writing and fitness. I stopped writing for a very long time. Call it writer’s block or just plain laziness. I don’t want to be in that space anymore. I want to be fit, active, exercising and healthy.
  7. Fear of Math and Hindi. Though that was more of a childhood fear, but I have learned to slowly but surely look at it in the face, while I teach my 8-year-old baby girl.
  8. Fear and concern over the fact that the world is besieged by so much terrorism, crime, hatred, and cruelty. And things aren’t really changing much. The videos from Aleppo break my heart and make me feel helpless.

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