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9 loves

  1. My Human and Dog Families and Friends
  2. Sunshine on my shoulder on a toasty winter morning.
  3. Cycling on early, nippy autumn and spring mornings into the verdant green and becoming one with the rising sun.
  4. Weaving together a medley of words that make for a fascinating read. Catharsis to the soul.
  5. My kind of food. And yes, my love for quite a few things sweet-cakes, caramel pudding, tiramisu, piping hot Gulab Jamuns, besan halwa to name just a few.
  6. Spirituality and practicing Buddhism and reading up Buddhist texts.
  7. Being one with nature, flora and fauna. Doing my bit to preserve and love them. And did you hear me say a big aye to the Sea? 🙂
  8. Travelling, traveling and more traveling.
  9. Life, for all the things precious that it has to offer.


(These are just a few of my Loves. There are a lot many, but since I got to stick to 9 Loves, I will leave the rest for yonder.)




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