10 Day “You” Challenge: 5 Foods

10 Day “You” Challenge: 5 Foods



I am a die-hard foodie. I guess it’s the Bengali genes. But then the Bihari DH loves food as much as I do. Food makes me happy, food perks me up on a gloomy day, food is elixir to my soul. On some days I think to myself if I was not such a foodie, I would be so slim and svelte. But then, I believe, life is meant to be savoured and enjoyed; and what better way to do so than seeking comfort in the company of some fascinating food.

  1. My favourite foods are, hold your breath, yes; Salads and Soups. Yes, I totally love them. But no, unfortunately, I don’t just live them. I love salads of all kinds-the leafy, the fruity varities, the colourful warm ones, drizzled with some nice homemade dressings and nuts. Soups warm my soul and my being, and I feel no better time to seek solace from a piping hot bowl than a cold winter evening. Yet, I savour my soups happily in summers too!
  2. South Indian cuisine- The soft, melt in the mouth idlis and crunchy masala dosas with an assortment of chutneys like coconut, peanut and tomatoes; and a bowl of sambhar that has a medley of veggies. I swear by Kerela cuisine too and appams and stews. The varied variety of fish delicacies and the coconut based preparations.
  3. And yes I’m not forgetting my roots. The good old Bengali cuisine. Macher jhaal, macher jhol, posto alu, chorchori, kosha mangsho, iilish macher paturi, maach bhaja, begun bhaaja; to name just a few.
  4. I also love the Thai fare-Som tam, Pad Thai, Tom Yum soup, Sweet chilli prawns and yes my favourite Singaporean Laksa. Since I’m allowed to list just 5 foods, I’m going to add the Mediterranean foods to the list too- Mutton Tagine, Pita, Couscous, Hummus, Moussaka etc.
  5. Last but oh, not the least at all, I H.E.A.R.T. desserts of all kinds. My favourites are again quite a few, Caramel pudding, Tiramisu, Cakes-no not the chocolatey variety, but sponge, orange, lemon cakes. And Indian sweets like Mishti Doi, Rasmalai, Laddus, Bengali sweets like Sondesh, Rosogolla and so on so forth. My palate has a wide range of taste for sweets, so It’s kind of difficult to list all of them here. But my biggest sin is my sweet tooth. But then what the heck, “It’s better to sin and be happy than to have lived a bland life.”

Thank you Mayuri http://www.sirimiri.in for initiating me to this interesting challenge. Now that I have listed down all my favourite foods, you can see how difficult it has been for me to not write exactly five of them, but to elaborate on the cuisines instead. I have missed out on mentioning my favourite beverage-Filter Kappi. Well, by the way that’s me, the incorrigible foodie!

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