#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

#ClickAndBlogAStory: Put the Stress to Rest

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Put the stress to rest

I have been the kind of person who gets stressed in some situations and at the same time be calm as a cucumber around the most challenging ones. Over the years I have realised that getting stressed does not solve the problem. It just makes it larger than life. 

What exactly is stress? To me, it’s a fear of the unknown, an impending situation that begins to occupy our mind space.  A threat of sorts. But then, isn’t fear just a figment of our imagination? Does it solve the purpose? No, right. It just makes the situation worse. When we are stressed our nervous system responds by releasing stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that send the body into an emergency action. We end up over-reacting, taking irrational decisions, getting upset, angry. In totality, we spoil our mental equilibrium and balance. Along with the environment around us,

In the past, I used to get stressed at pretty much easily, like when the older one would potter around in the morning and not get ready on time for school. I realised, it was just a toxic way to start the day. So I  startedwaking up early in the morning, running/cycling or working out and if time permitted, do my Buddhist chants. This helped me stay calm and not react. Eventually, the morning rhythm at home became more peaceful. The older one started being more punctual because I had stopped nagging. I guess it’s coping mechanisms like these which can solve most stress related issues. 

In the past, I have allowed stress to affect me so deeply that it has translated into depression. That was one of the worst things to do to oneself and a very detrimental space to be in. The more I stressed, the more I caved into a no-peace zone. It’s taken me over 40 years to realise that nothing and nobody is worth losing one’s peace of mind for. Life is short and we need to seize each moment. “Carpe diem!” I love this quote from Dead Poet’s Society so much that I have it tattooed on my calf as a reminder. 

Today I’m a much calmer person. ( *Knocks all the wood around her* ) Touche′. My Soka Gakkai Buddist practise, in the last 3 years has helped me immensely transform most of my stress triggers into something more constructive and fruitful. Like problem-solving with a clear mind. I’m a much balanced person, less prone to stress and have been handling innumerable situations around me with grace and elan. Situations like my Mom’s cancer-related ill-health, work that was not making me happy, so I chose to take a break from the Development sector and focus on my own, personal creative writing.  Doing what we are passionate about and that whose journey we enjoy and cherish are key to our health and happiness.

On days when  I feel I’m getting overwhelmed, which is rare these days, though, I go next door to my favourite Cafe and grab the special Brazilain Latte. It’s my perk-me-up. I sit there savoring my coffee and a lemon lavender cake or biscotti and punch my thoughts in my Macbook. Taking long strolls surrounded in the lap of nature elevates me like nothing does. My me time. Also, cycle rides amidst the green locales. Cuddling up to my furry girls and my daughters is my another to-go formula to beat stress, And how can I forget that special dinner date with hubby dearest. Or my best friend. Oh yes, and “If music be the food for love, play on.” Music elevates my and send me soul soaring like a bird in the sky.

Stress partially is Rests jumbled up. So I when in stress give everything a Rest and reach out for your favorite perk-me-up activity.  

Stress can actually be your formula to do the things that you usually don’t due to lack of time. So please give  STRESS a REST and breathe in peace and breathe out calm, and see the environment around you change. 


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  1. Amazing solutions & determination you have to cope with stressed , Yes meditation & taking time for yourself is the best way to keep yourself calm . Thanks for motivating post on Stress 🙂

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