Doggy Tales

Doggy Tales

Yes, these gorgeous four-legged furry creatures have been my highlight for the week that a brand new 2017 brought.

Actually, a few months before the Year 2016 ended, a beautiful stray puppy was born in our condominium. She became the apple of most people’s eye. The kids always vied for her attention as much as she did for theirs, but the mother was fiercely protective and would chase everyone away. I strived to feed the puppy and mother every day, and another friend pitched in the evenings. So did many others, here and there. The puppy was a stark contrast to the mother who was jet black while she was a cream-white. Most people wouldn’t believe she was born from Kaali (Black in Hindi or an interpretation of the Goddess Kaali), as I named the mother. Aarshia named the puppy Nibbles, though it had acquired various other names like Fluffy, Snowy etc.


Nibbles and Kaali created quite a furor in the condominium, as the mother parked herself right at the front porch, next to the immaculate greens of the clubhouse. Some people threatened to have them thrown out, while some fought tooth and nail for them to stay. Fortunately, the dog activists had the last word and both homed themselves conveniently. In fact Kaali’s partner, apparently Nibbles strappy, young Dad also joined in.

Nibbles was almost 3 months old and growing into a naughty, playful puppy. We were wondering how to go about getting him vaccinated. We also hoped some good soul would adopt Nibbles, but nobody seemed to come forward. The friend who fed them in the evening and an avid dog lover recently put up videos and pictures of Nibbles on a Facebook Dog lovers group. And thankfully, by the grace of the Universe a wonderful soul walked in just 4-5 moons back and adopted our dear, Nibbles. Nibbles moved into a house of dog lovers which homed another dog. The recent videos of two of them having a blast together are so touching and heart warming.

Two of my friends also brought home puppies as the New Year arrived. One a Shitzu who looked no less than a tiny Guinea pig and another a Golden Retriever. One more neighbour also brought a Shitzu. So dogs, dogs everywhere.The two Shitzu’s are called Chopper and Gucci. The Golden Retriever boy is Muffy, who unfortunately fell very ill. My friends were keeping a dog for the first time and seeing Muffy sick left them worried and helpless. I stepped in and together with them took Muffy to the Vet. Thankfully the infection Muffy had was not fatal and he is working hard along with his owners to be on the mend now. He’s a true blue fighter. I’m sure with his indomitable spirit and his owners compassionate and incredible love and attention he will bounce back in no time. We are  chanting and sending healing energies for him to get back to his healthy, playful self. My princess, Laila girl also has had a recurring ear infection, so she has been prescribed an anti-allergic diet and is undergoing a few tests. She will also get better soon we know. Thankfully she continues to be her sweet, spirited self. Cotton, my grand old Singaporean girl, will also need a surgery sometime soon. She has a tumour which is benign but needs to be removed.

I also have two beautiful doggie friends at Nirvana Courtyard. I call them Cindy and Cinder. Some people also callthem Bunty and Babli! They come running to me the moment they catch sight of me. I have a bag of doggie treats in my car for them. If not, I buy them some  Malai Tikka from the Meat shop. They are happy kitties (oops doggies!) thereafter.

So these are my recent stories as a Dog Mom. I have lots many which I will leave for yonder,

Meanwhile, dear amigos, keep all my doggie children in your prayers and good wishes. All they know is to give out unconditional love and what they ask for in return is just little dollops of tender, loving care and kindness in return.




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