Let’s Get It Started

Let’s Get It Started

2017 arrived without much ado and fanfare. We brought in a quiet New Year eve, in the cosy confines of our home. while the girls were away. Yes, all primed up, savouring some incredible Lamb Roast, Lebanese bread and salads while sipping on our glasses of cheer. New Year’s day breakfast was Nihari and bread. The meats were cooked with much meticulous detailing by the DH,

And yes homemade Mulled Wine had been the highlight of the season.

We discovered a new restaurant at Cross Point mall called Culture Cafe started by the Delhi Heights Manager and Chef. It had bits of Delhi Heights and DiGhent, all rolled into one. The food was decent. I quite enjoyed my Khousuey. Though Al thought the Chicken sizzler steak was average.

Another interesting start to the year has been, a few of my friends bringing home puppies. I have thereafter been rechristened, Dog Mom! Two of them are Shitzus and look like adorable Guinea Pigs. And one a dreamy Golden Retriever. I have spent the last two evenings with the dog parents, dispensing advice and feeling as excited as they are.

Another highlight was a very rewarding New Year Buddhism meeting yesterday, wherein I determined to strive harder not just in my practise but at each and everything I did in life. I also baked an orange cake for our mentor’s Birthday yesterday. Today I’m meeting my Prayer Group friends from Connect Ticket over lunch, at my favourite Burma-Burma, Cyber Hub.

This is also my first piece for the year. So there.

Let’s hope the momentum gathers further and the year keeps looking more promising.

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