10 Day “You” Challenge: Two Songs

#ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE #10DAYYOUCHALLENGE 2 SONGS Another of the tough task to list just two favourite songs, but then a challenge is a challenge so here I go. Will do justice to both English and Hindi music. Sometimes When We Touch by Dan Hill. This was one of the earlier songs dedicated to me by the … Continue reading 10 Day “You” Challenge: Two Songs

#FridayFotoFiction: #Week8 -“Barren”

#FridayFotoFiction: #Week8 BARREN A vacuous air of silence had enveloped Deerwood drive. The benches were lying barren. Not a bird in sight, let alone people. A disaster had befallen upon this lovely clearing. A bunch of cold hearted miscreants had ruthlessly massacred the visitors of this park-octogenarians, children, lovers, joggers, dogs and their walkers and … Continue reading #FridayFotoFiction: #Week8 -“Barren”

10 Day “You” Challenge: 3 Films

  #ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE #10DAYYOUCHALLENGE 3 Films This is surely another big challenge to just name 3 favourite films, as the list again is endless. Tough call, but I'll try to do justices to it. Music & Lyrics: Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore sure did a brilliant job of transporting us into the world of love, … Continue reading 10 Day “You” Challenge: 3 Films

10 Day “You” Challenge: 4 Books

#ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE #10DAYYOUCHALLENGE 4 BOOKS The Prophet-Khalil Gibran. This has been my bedside bible for years and years now. I can keep re-visiting this awe-inspiring piece of writing over and over again and learn so much each time. The lessons are a reminder of each aspect of life, be it marriage, love, children, pain, friendship, … Continue reading 10 Day “You” Challenge: 4 Books

Wordy Wednesday # 2 : Back To Basics

This week: phrase prompt Badge of Honour Back to Basics Between a rock and a hard place Born with a silver spoon Use the prompt in your posts. Write a minimum of 100 words on the prompt. She clinked her champagne glass against his and looked at him seductively through her kohl rimmed, smokey eyes. … Continue reading Wordy Wednesday # 2 : Back To Basics

10 Day “You” Challenge: 5 Foods

#ALLABOUTME #BLOGCHALLENGE 5 FOODS I am a die-hard foodie. I guess it's the Bengali genes. But then the Bihari DH loves food as much as I do. Food makes me happy, food perks me up on a gloomy day, food is elixir to my soul. On some days I think to myself if I was … Continue reading 10 Day “You” Challenge: 5 Foods

#ClickAndBlogAStory: We

    #ClickAndBlogAStory #Week2  #Prompt #Journey #We When the road we are trudging gets tough, tedious and trite, Remember I am holding you your hand tight. Together we shall create light. Thanks http://sirimiri.in for this lovely prompt. I know what I wrote is clichéd, but it holds true. 🙂  

10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places

  #allaboutme #blogchallenge 6 Places   Any place by the Sea or Ocean or a place surrounded by nature, water bodies, flora and fauna Bombay: Have a certain connect with this city which has so much character, hope, feelings and life. Though I have never lived here. Home: Our terrace with the garden chairs and … Continue reading 10 Day “You” Challenge: 6 Places

Doggy Tales

Yes, these gorgeous four-legged furry creatures have been my highlight for the week that a brand new 2017 brought. Actually, a few months before the Year 2016 ended, a beautiful stray puppy was born in our condominium. She became the apple of most people's eye. The kids always vied for her attention as much as … Continue reading Doggy Tales

#FridayFotoFiction: Arrive

  #FridayFotoFiction Arrive The Winter chills were yet to arrive, as Autumn had long extended it's stay. Long walks with Layika, as the weather romanticised with all and sundry, formed an integral part of her morning ritual. Today the alarm didn't go off. She had scrambled out of bed, quickly changed and rushed out with Lyaika on the leash, … Continue reading #FridayFotoFiction: Arrive