#ClickAndBlogAStory: I Love You Without Knowing How, Or When…

#ClickAndBlogAStory: I Love You Without Knowing How, Or When…

#Clickandblogastory: #week 6 : love

To me, Pablo Neruda’s Sonnet 17 is one such piece of extraordinary writing that defines love in a unique, wholesome, unabashed style. It flows with ease, setting the pace for words that render the reader’s heart aflame and thirsting for more. That to me is love. Distinct, simple, unique and not clicheˆd or over the top. This is my most favourite piece of writing on love, so I just had to put my interpretation across for everyone to read. This poetry in motion evokes innate desires and takes one through a dreamy journey of eternal love.

Neruda’s love is unique, one-of-it’s kind as he doesn’t love his paramour the way common symbols of love like topaz, salt-rose are loved. His love stems from a certain darkness of his soul and is yet so pure.

He loves his paramour like a winter flower that will eventually bloom, so his love isn’t superficial but set deep within and buds from inside.

This is a sensory piece of writing that evokes deep feelings like “the certain solid fragrance risen from the earth” that lives darkly within him.

His love is pristine and without any rationale “without knowing from how, when or where” His love is sincere, unadulterated and legit, without any drama.

Neruda defines his love as so powerful that he and his paramour cease to be two different individuals and merge as one. 

In their love, they become so united minus any barriers that metaphorically he describes how his paramour’s hand on his chest feels like his and they are so in sync with each other; body, mind, and soul. 

Such a powerful piece of writing needs to be revered and worshiped as it so complete and evocative in itself. Thank you, Pablo Neruda for your gift of words. 



This post is written for #ClickAndBlogAStory’s prompt “Love” for Week # 6. Linking it to http://www.slimexpectations.com Zainab and www.allaboutthewoman.com Dew.


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  1. His love stems from a certain darkness of his soul and is yet so pure.Loved this line. I have never heard or read Pablo Neruda but will definitely find out more about him.:)


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