#ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

#ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

 Envy is a word that conjures up images of extreme insecurity and partial jealousy to some extent. But in a more toxic way. Jealousy to me is subtle, short-lived and mostly frivolous but envy is strong, full of negative emotions that can induce one with a sense of resentment towards others accomplishments or goodness. The cruel stepmother in Snow White is a perfect example of envy and so are Cinderella and her step-sisters. Long standing envy can have bitter consequences for the envious party, something which was depicted conclusively through Snow White’s stepmother or Cinderella’s step-sisters. To me, envy has too many negative connotations and an emotion I would never ever hold on to. I’m happy celebrating others joys and accomplishments. 

Here’s my little take on envy through this small piece of poetry. 


She languished by the roadside. As she begged, her sorrows she tried to hide

Her soul burned as she was spurned, But her dues she had to earn

In the journey called life, Hurdles came left and right

Between snide remarks and slashing jabs, She chose to keep her head mighty high

For she had lived a squalid life, Of bare minimums riddled with strife

Through all of this, she remained steadfast, Determined to not let this squalor last.

Today she wears the coveted crown, A bungalow by the uptown

A kind soul took her in. And gave her life a new spin

 She took in 49 abandoned dogs. No soul now dare ever mock

Yet those envious ones refuse to stop. At her good fortune, they seem to quietly sob

In this world, if there was no envy, We all would live in love and harmony.

Celebrating each other’s good fortune, Living each day in gratitude and in tune. 


This post is written for #ClickAndBlogAStory’s prompt “Envy” for Week # 7. Linking it to http://www.slimexpectations.com Zainab and http://www.allaboutthewoman.com Bushra’s blog.



8 thoughts on “#ClickAndBlogAStory: Not Without Envy

  1. Wow, beautifully summed up and those lines could not have been better.
    Envy can be strong and I guess we all are off better without this emotion in our lives.
    As they say, comparison is the thief of joy!

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