#ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

#ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

There’s so much to be thankful for each day, and to start my day with gratitude, a smile on my face, and a spring on my feet is the sure shot winning mantra to a happy, positive, rewarding day. Like most people, I’m blessed to have so much. If I were to start counting my blessings the list would be endless. But at the same time, these blessings also include a few things that I am lucky to not have in myself and in my life. They make my life’s story better, brighter,  cleaner and healthier. 

So here’s a list of the things I’m thankful for not having:

  • Toxic People in my life: I’m lucky such people don’t exist in my life. And if they ever do come my way, they just fall off automatically from my life, on their own. I have no space for people who are negative, gloomy and who spend all their time judging others and complaining about life. On the contrary, I’m grateful to be surrounded by optimistic, happy-go-lucky people who count their blessings each day and love to live life and cherish each moment. They keep their chin up despite the most challenging situations and are a wonderful example of compassion, peace, magnanimity, positivity, radiance, love, and a very large heart. 
  • To Live In a Concrete Jungle: I live in a city with high-risers, but I’m grateful that these high-risers are not just a series of concrete structures but surrounded by resplendent, lush, green flora. We wake up to the chirping of birds and a call or two from peacocks. This is a rare blessing when one lives in a metropolis.

  • To be Fearful of Animals: I am glad I’m the kind of person who is not fearful of animals, and that too of any kind. Be it snakes, lizards, rats, etc etc. On the contrary, I’m a die-hard animal lover. Animals take to me very easily and vice-versa. If given a chance, I would have a mini zoo at home. I have adopted many stray dogs outside our home. In the past, I have had pet turtles, fish, dogs, cats, hamsters, rats and fledglings. Right now I’m a proud owner of two dog-daughters. 
  • A Pessimistic attitude: I always believe in looking at the glass as half full. I cannot fathom being pessimistic at all. Even in dire situations, I will look out for the good that has come with it. I feel every cloud has a silver lining, and every challenging situation comes our way to make us a stronger and better person. I’m thankful for not despairing, instead working around finding solutions. 

  • An Unfit Lifestyle: I’m glad I’m conscious of what I eat and how much exercise I get. I have always been a fitness enthusiast. I’m a big foodie yes, so all the more reason to workout and stay healthy. I enjoy working out and lucky to be again living in a location where there is ample scope to run, cycle and exercise outdoor. I’m glad I was never brought up to live an unfit lifestyle and instead was always taught to live healthy, and eat healthy.
  • Not Having Biases and Judgements: I’m thankful to have become a more accepting and non-biased person over the last few years. My Buddhist practise has taught me “Bodhisattva Never Disparaging.” which essentially means we as Bodhisattvas do not look down on anyone, irrespective of our difference. We accept and respect people as they are. Adopting this attitude has given me so much happiness and mental peace. 
  • Not Losing my Cool: I’ve become a much calmer person over the years and yet again my Buddhist practise has been instrumental in bringing about this change. I don’t react anymore, I try to respond instead. This makes me less angry and more composed while dealing with a difficult situation or person. 


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10 thoughts on “#ThankfulThursday: What I am Thankful For Not Having

  1. Not being a pessimist and not being unhealthy is on my list too.But you are an awesome woman for not being afraid of creepy crawlies and all things animal.
    That’s snake you are holding made me take a deep breath .
    So glad to read your Pat on #Thankful Thursdays

  2. A dose of positivity is what one needs by the middle of the week. We tend to forget the wonderful things we are blessed with. Posts like these really uplift your mood. Thanks for writing!

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