Wordy Wednesday #2 #BARWoWe: Magic?

Wordy Wednesday #2 #BARWoWe: Magic?


I was fast asleep on my living room couch when I was jolted out of my slumber and lucid dreams at 2 am last night. The phone was ringing incessantly. I have no clue for how long it had been ringing as I was happily lulling in La-La land, mingling with the unicorns, fairies, elves and pixies, who had been my friends since I was a child. Though now in my 40s, they refused to leave my imagination as my belief in magic and good omens became more steadfast by the day.

I picked up the phone with much chagrin after all this dream would have been a perfect plot for my next story. At the other end of the receiver, I heard a heavily accented Spanish voice, “Señora Sooo-Lai-Kha?”        Sulekha he actually meant!
 “Yes”, I croaked impatiently wanting to put the phone down and go back to bed, thinking it was one of those fraudulent calls.

“Congratulations Señora, you have won a trip to Europe, for your book “Pixies and the Prodigal Child” It’s become such a hot seller here in Spain and the children of our country are keen to meet you. So we are sponsoring a 10 day trip for you to Europe out of which 5 you will spend here in Spain, interacting with our little audience.”
I could not believe my ears. Was I dreaming or was this my fifteen minutes of fame?

“Senora, are you there?
I almost choked and replied hastily, “Yes, Yes, I am.”

Thereafter he went on to fill me in the details which almost went in a motion of blur, as I began flipping with excitement. I had never traveled abroad. It was a long cherished dream to see the world, and I had given up hope. A Writer sounded more glamorous as a profession but on the contrary, was one of the most underpaid jobs. I knew I had that spark. My current book was very well taken by the young audience in India and since it spoke a global language it was receiving the much sought out for acclaim abroad as well. Close to being a best seller probably.

I was happy as single-divorced woman. I had ample time to hold on to my dreams, and I had chosen not to outgrow the yearnings I had as a child. Thus I spent most part of my days either freelancing for some publications, websites and budding companies or writing stories and books that I had held close to my heart as a child.

I couldn’t sleep anymore. I was over the moon. I pottered around the kitchen and put the coffee to brew. As I sat on the stool on the kitchen deck, gazing out at the crescent moon that stood out with its sparkle through the hazy, smog-ridden sky, I thought to myself that I had finally managed to stand out too. I was being recognised for the laborious efforts I had put in for the last so many years.

My coffee was bubbling over and I poured some into my favourite indigo-fuchsia mug. As I took my first sip, my attention went towards the table calendar, and I glanced at it for the Europe travel days, and there firmly circled bang in the middle of those dates were my best friend’s wedding dates. I groaned, exasperated. How could the Universe be doing this to me. My best friend’s wedding and an offer that I shouldn’t be missing for the world. Or should I for my friend at that given point of time?

Sonia would kill me. She had planned this for days now, including the dresses I would be wearing. She had been such a sweetheart, how do I tell her about this incredible offer that I didn’t want to decline, but at the same time be there for her special day. We had been college friends and both of us had been inseparable in both good and bad times, and here she was getting finally hitched and I would have to opt out! Murphy’s law was it?

I couldn’t wait for the sun to rise and for Sonia to be up and get ready for office. I had to talk to her. I was debating whether to call her while she was on her way to work or meet her for lunch or coffee and then break the news. It was not the kind of news she would like to hear first thing in the morning.

But Sonia called just as I came back from my morning run “ Hey Sulekha, listen, I need to talk.”
“Sonia, is everything ok?”
“Yes, kind of, yes, just that Sid’s parents feel that they would like more family to join in for our wedding ceremonies and it’s too short a notice to get them all here. So they are keen to postpone the wedding to December when most people have holidays.” said Sonia, sounding disappointed.

I, however wanted to break into an African tribal dance. I had spent the early parts of my dawn fretting over the dates and cursing the Universe, but here lady luck was standing by my side, supporting me.
“Oh, Sonia, it’s alright…” I said feigning some disappointment in my voice, but trying to sound supportive at the same time. “It would be nice to have a whole bunch of family. After all, it can’t be a Big Fat Punjabi wedding without the relatives, right?”
“ You are right Sulekha.” On second thoughts, more time to stay single, footloose and fancy-free also and enjoy my bachelorette days with you, my darling”
We laughed and on that note hung up.

I, of course, gave a big sigh of relief.  I told myself. “Moral of the story- Just let the universe take it’s course, no point stressing unnecessarily, after all, this was just a fly in the ointment.”

I was so excited that I began to pack in anticipation of the trip which was still a month away. I wanted to look my best. My long cherished dreams were coming true. I would finally see a chunk of the globe, if not all the four corners of the world.

Well, I believe in magic and here it had just beautifully planned its way into my life.


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Fifteen minutes of Fame

Fly in the ointment

Four corners of the earth

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  1. I really liked the magic spin on the story. And it happens often that the universe gives us only what we want when we truly want and need it. And things do always fall in line – its just that our patience is never in tune with the Universe’s plans… 😉

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