{O} is for Opal Sunsets & Ochre Sunrise: #AtoZChallenge

{O} is for Opal Sunsets & Ochre Sunrise: #AtoZChallenge

O is for Opal Sunsets and Ochre Sunrise

Timeless Classics, Around the Earth till infinity

I LOVE sunsets and sunrises. Well who doesn’t? They leave me spell-bound, contemplative and grateful. Opal sunsets and Ochre sunrises transport me to a world beyond the scheduled grind of life. Though they come and go each day, yes that too as per routine; but each sunset and sunrise is distinctively different from the other. Every time I lay my eyes on the transiting colours of the sky that encapsulates the setting sun, I gape at the unique spectacle. This holds true for the ochre sunrise each morning, as well. The lustrous new morning sky takes a back seat when the massive ball of orange rises from it’s slumber and washes the earth with it’s golden, healing glow. I have been blessed to witness some wondrous sunsets and sunrises during my travels and right here at home, or when I’m journeying around my city.

Sunset from the 18-year-old’s balcony

On an early morning run or a cycling expedition that starts at the crack of the dawn, it’s a miracle to witness the inky blue sky slowly transform into a burnished white-blue, as the gleaming ochre sun simultaneously rises from the horizon. The morning light starts to transit into myriad hues,  finally merging with the sky. The ochre sunrise brings with it renewed promises and a brand new start. It shines upon us, enlightening us with the wisdom of letting go of and starting afresh. Though I’m not much of a morning person especially in the winters, as it get’s pretty cold here, but when the summers begin I transform like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I’m up and about early, to catch up on my workout routine. Since I workout in the open, I’m lucky to witness and be reminded of this blessing of sunrise.

One breathtaking Sunrise at Lake Damdama, from our Sunday long ride. Credits: Smita Negi my fellow cyclist

Then there are the opal sunsets. I have seen way too many in Goa, in the mountains, in Singapore, The Philippines, in Lucknow my hometown (incidentally also Cliff Richard’s) and innumerable other places and countries. Back home, we live on the 15th floor, and we experience the most awe-inspiring view from one of our balcony’s. The room by the balcony used to be the 18-year-old’s before she left for college. I’ve now converted it into my writing room and sack out zone. Many evenings, I stand outside gazing at the crimson sky changing colours, a cup of tea in hand, contemplating on the day gone by. On some days when I’m overwhelmed, stressed and tired, just watching the opal sunset soothes my soul and is a “perk me up”. Though a lot many hi-risers have come up partially camouflaging the beautiful sky, and the Aravalli hilly range we could earlier see; yet this is one sight to look forward to. On some days when I’m driving back home from some chores, a meeting or coffee with a friends; I watch that fiery ball of orange slowly slinking away,  as it unfailing leaves me marvelling at its gorgeousness.

Driving back home one beautiful evening

Sunrise and sunsets can be great healers. I love the sun and if the days turn dark, gloomy and dreary blurring it out; like they do in London I start having withdrawal symptoms. My endorphin levels go down. My love for the sun is obvious as I have it etched on my body. My first tattoo that is!

a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-O-opal sunsets-and-ochre-sunrise-opal-sunset-terrace
Sunset from our terrace

Here’s an evocative piece of poetry by the Clive James on Opal Sunsets.

Go back to the opal sunset, where the wine

Costs peanuts, and the avocado mousse

Is thick and strong as cream from a jade cow.

Before the passion fruit shrinks on the vine

Go back to where the heat turns your limbs loose.

You’ve worked your heart out and need no excuse.

Knock out your too-tall tent pegs and go now.

It’s England, April, and it’s pissing down,

So realize your assets and go back

To the opal sunset. Even autumn there

Will swathe you in a raw-silk dressing gown,

And through the midnight harbour lacquered black

The city lights strike like a heart attack

While eucalyptus soothes the injured air.

Now London’s notion of a petty crime

Is simple murder or straightforward rape

And Oxford Street’s a bombing range, to go

Back to the opal sunset while there’s time

Seems only common sense. Make your escape

To where the prawns assume a size and shape

Less like a newborn baby’s little toe.

Your tender nose anointed with zinc cream,

A sight for sore eyes will be brought to you.

Bottoms bisected by a piece of string

Will wobble through the heat-haze like a dream

That summer afternoon you go back to

The opal sunset, and it’s all as true

As sandfly bite or jelly-blubber sting.

What keeps you here? It is too late to tell?

It might be something you can’t now define,

Your nature altered as if by the moon.

Yet out there at this moment, through the swell,

The hydrofoil draws its triumphant line.

Such powers of decision should be mine.

Go back to the opal sunset. Do it soon.



a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-O-opal sunsets-and-ochre-sunrise-opal-sunset
One hell of an Opal Sunset Credits: Kathy Schipper/Pinterest



a-to-z-challenge-2017-travel-epiphanies-natasha-musing-O-opal sunsets-and-ochre-sunrise-opal-sunset-O



My theme for this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge is Travel Epiphanies that are my very own tales of adventure and revelation. I will be writing 26 posts throughout the month of April. You can read my theme here.

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  1. There is something ethereal about watching the sun rise and set – hard to explain but you came pretty close to in your post.
    That shot of the setting sun over cars on the road is magnificent my friend! Superbly shot!!!

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