The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

2006, Metro Manila, The Philippines



Typhoon Milenyo has struck the Philippines, bringing with it strong winds and rains. We recently relocated to Manila, and have never in the past witnessed the fury of a typhoon that lashes out with such vengeance. The call of the wind, that packs an average speed of 185 kilometres per hour, has left us stunned beyond words. Schools and offices are shut, until further notice. The wind and the rain furiously beat against our huge glass windows. We can imagine the wind blowing our windows to smithereens! So we hold tight, pray harder than we ever have, and watch the wrath of nature.

Right in front of our eyes; beautiful old, flowering trees are uprooted and tossed up into the air; in our lush, green locality, Bonifacio Ridge. The view from the seventh floor is not just unnerving, it is good enough to give a sane, healthy person a stroke. The lamp-posts come tumbling down, the bins are hurled into the air; as the wind vandalise everything that comes in contact with it. The rain pelts frantically, playing along with its partner in crime; causing more mayhem than expected.

My little girl and I try to distract ourselves by baking an orange cake, as the typhoon continues to bang furiously at our doors and windows, as though asking to be let in. We need to lighten up, so we switch on the TV to watch a film, but end up watching the news instead. 1.2 million people across the Philippines have been affected. And here we are blessed, as we sit in the cosy confines of our homes, surrounded by each others love and warmth.


By now, Milenyo has ravaged havoc in the Philippines. Much more than any typhoon in the past has. The call of the wind, has brought in more catastrophe then we could imagine. But eventually, Milenyo decides to retreat. And when it does, life starts resuming to normal, slowly but surely. People step out to get their groceries. Schools and offices are a bit wary of opening, but they do, expecting an emergency closure anytime. Our prayers have been answered, we are safe. But my heart goes out to thousands of those who lost their homes, whose loved ones went missing or were injured and killed. We pitch in a bit, by sending food grains, clothing and stationary. A little drop in the ocean also counts.

A few days later, as I sit by the poolside, sipping my evening cuppa, watching the sun sink into the horizon, a gentle breeze plays with my hair. The call of the wind this time is one of humbleness, love and affection. We humans are just tiny specks in this universe, and have no control over nature. So when the wind comes calling playfully, we can just smell it, relish it and cherish it.  But when it ravages fury, we have no other choice but to bow down to it. For now I’m grateful for what I have today, what I had yesterday and what I will have tomorrow.


Disclaimer: This is a piece of non-fiction. We actually experienced the unusual Call of the Wind. 


20 thoughts on “The Call of the Wind: #BarAThon

  1. big typhoons are common in the philippines mostly especially now as a result of climate change. i do remember the strong winds and rain water coming in buckets from the sky flooding our town. it could be real scary.

  2. Aw, this was a very nice post. In idea I wish to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and actual effort to make a very good article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and under no circumstances appear to get something done.

  3. That was really scary! How come i missed this post? We are having a bone dry monsoon in BOMBAY and I’m dreading what will happen if the rains don’t show up

    1. Oh Sunita, same scene here in Gurugram! It’s a very sorry state indeed.
      And I can imagine what it must be in Mumbai where just a few years back it would pour incessantly for the entire months of July Aug!
      Praying to the RainGods to be kind

  4. That must have been scary…Initially I thought this was fiction till I read the last gave me chills..we are indeed helpless in front of nature’s fury

    1. Yes, we have no control over nature’s fury. It gives us so much in abundance, but when we misuse it it takes away more than we can fathom. Though the typhoons in Philippines have nothing to do with misusing nature, but it is because the Philippines is geographically located along the Pacific region near the Equator which is prone to tropical cyclones and storms.

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post Dipika. Unfortunately the typhoons in Philippines has nothing to do with mankind, but it’s because the Philippines is geographically located along the Pacific region near the Equator which is prone to tropical cyclones and storms.

      Going to check your post right away.

  5. It’s always a very alarming situation when Nature takes things into her hands. But then, I suppose, in some ways, if we believe in the ‘balance’ of the universe, we are probably just getting paid back with interest, all the harm that we have caused her.
    The sad part is that sometimes, the ones who don’t deserve the punishment, get affected a lot more.

    1. True that. Philippines has no reason to be punished though, as there is a fairly decent balance between man and nature. It’s just that the Philippines is geographically located along the Pacific region near the Equator, which is prone to tropical cyclones and storms. Therefore each year it gets hit by over 10-15 typhoons!
      It is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, dotted by
      7,77o islands.

  6. Very vivid narration. Nature has its way of getting even with us, puny humans. Well written piece capturing the harrowing moments. Cheers, Varad

  7. Very much unnerving. Thankfully our area is unaffected by calamities so far *touchwood* and we are always always thankful about it. Hope things are well now. A nice but scary write up on the prompt.

    1. Yes it was Ranjini. Thank you for swinging by. Typhoons are regular still in the Philippines, but thankfully ever since 2006, there hasn’t been one as bad as Milenyo. We relocated back to India almost 8 years back, so yup, all good

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