Suns and Lovers: #BarAThon

Suns and Lovers: #BarAThon


The sun is setting in the far west; a massive, orange ball of wonder. The azure sky is transformed into a purplish hue, as the opal sunset paints the horizon into a magical marvel. The two lovers, oblivious to this spectacle, lie by the seaside; their bodies entwined in a passionate embrace. They have been there since the wee hours of the morning and seem to have lost track of time. Time simply stands by when they are together. Though they need to get back to their respective homes, but there is so much to share, so much to explore, so much to talk about, and so much more love to plant into each others soul.

Today is one of those rare days, when they have spent the entire day together; else it’s always rushed over a dinner date or a coffee catch-up. One’s parents are away on vacation, and the other’s father is traveling on work, and his mother is away to her parents. But now it’s time to leave. Maybe to return back tomorrow, and renew the promises of a life-long love for each other. They are just twenty, and it’s probably way to early to be in a committed relationship, but both of them know deep down in their hearts that this is it, and they are meant to be.

As they walk away from the sandy beach, still planting kisses and playing “catch-me-if-you-can”, they see another couple walking in their direction. They don’t really bother, as they run around hugging and giggling sweet nothings into each others ears, till the other couple is almost a few yards away from them.

Abraham is shocked to see his father, arm in arm with a fifty something woman, donning a sun hat, wearing a short fuchsia dress and her lips painted a bright-blazing red. For a moment Abraham’s father is dumbfounded. He pulls his arm away from his companion in embarrassment, and then stares angrily at Abraham.

“What’s going on Abraham? Who’s this friend of yours?”, he asks with a formidable tone.

Abraham is awkward. But his father’s inquisition prompts a rebuttal from his side, “Dad, I should be asking you the same question, shouldn’t I?”

Abraham, I think we should go home and talk.”  

The four of them have no choice but to part ways, on an uncomfortable note.

Abraham and his father are sitting in the car. There is an air of stunned silence between them. It seems, they can’t wait to get back home, till they explode at each other.

The moment they enter their living room, Abraham sinks into the bean bag, his hands covering his forehead. This is the moment he has feared the most in his life. Not even in his wildest dreams, has he imagined that he would have to break the news, through an ugly encounter. A part of him is flustered, and the other part plain angry at the fact that is father is cheating on his mother.

“So, Abraham, who was that you were with? Friend, classmate, or LOVER?”, says his father with wicked smirk, rolling the L and O and putting deep emphasis on the last word.

“That’s none of your business Dad. I think you should be ashamed of what you’ve been up to. How could you even do this to Mom? She’s been labouring all her life, trying to keep our family glued together.” 

“Shut-up Abraham! I’ll do as I please, but you bloody freak; never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I had procreated a eunuch.”

“Dad, stop it! Please!!! You have no right whatsoever, to call me names. I am what I am and very comfortable in my skin. I take pride in being gay. I have loved Jeremy for the past two years. And your name calling will not change things, if that’s what your intentions are.”

Abraham picks up his rucksack and walks out of the door. He hails a cab and directs the cabbie to Jeremy’s address. He opens the MakeMyTrip App to book a ticket to go be with his mom; at his grandmas place. After all Ma has known him for who he is and has continued to love and support him, unconditionally.


Disclaimer: This is a piece of fiction and resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental.

This is my fiction entry for the sixth day of #Barathon 2017, the forthnight-long blogging marathon, organised by Blog-A-Rhythm. Today’s prompt is “Lord of Files”.




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