Journeys of Life: #WanderlustWednesday

Journeys of Life: #WanderlustWednesday


Writing fuels my passion for life. So does travelling, that fills me with much ardour and love for this beautiful life. It makes my journeys of life exciting and replete with adventure. It is with this purpose I chose to start this series of blog posts every Wednesday, called Wanderlust Wednesday. Today’s post is a contemplative one and a revelation of my thoughts around travel.



I’ve always believed, it’s not just travelling to distant lands that only qualify as travel. Various journeys we undertake in life, translate to travelling. I’ve also written about this in my recently published book, Travel Epiphanies which has a few chapters dedicated to these experiences. The different journeys of life that we make every day, count as travel experiences too. For instance; a visit to the green grocer, or a walk in the park, or an outdoor run around the locality, or a trip to the nearby market, a journey to the bookstore, coffee/sangria catch up with friends on the other side of town. These are various journeys that have little stories of their own, don’ they? On a run, I might have experienced the most intoxicating fragrances of these flowering trees that line the pavement. For a person like me who is pretty much tuned with nature and various scents, this would be an indelible experience, of my journeys on road. A chance bumping into an old acquaintance who I haven’t seen for very long, while shopping at the green grocers. We have so much to catch up and we pick the threads from where we left. My brush with the stunning Wishing bird, while on a nature walk around the condominium. Or the bird we rescued when we were out on a cycling expedition over the weekend. Or a new friend I met recently at another friend’s, and to whom I introduced the practise of Buddhism. Aren’t these some interesting journey’s of life we undertake every day?








 And then there are journeys of life that we experience as human beings. Journeys of growth, transformation and evolution, wherein we progress as people. I’m  definitely not an exact replica of the person I was five years back. I have evolved mentally, emotionally and physically. It’s not been a smooth journey always, yes, but one that has been of valuable learnings and growth. One that has left me happier, wiser and grateful for all that I have. A transition that has brought about added value and meaning to my life.

“The best trip is the journey you take in finding yourself.”
― Angela Vallely






I’m a traveller at heart. I love to travel to different places, within my city, away from my city and also undertaking journeys that entail embracing changes. Change can either be exciting, unnerving or unsettling. But change is what opens out our vistas in life and brings forth new beginnings. Life would not be a journey if we remained stuck to one place, doing the same things day in and day out. We would be caught in a rut. Only when our lives are revamped, through say a job change, a relocation to a new city/town, moving houses, making a new set of friends; does our life gather momentum and becomes a journey – a journey that can be rewarding and exciting, all at the same time.

Every single day is a journey we undertake. Though our day passes by in a jiffy, we create new memories, new experiences with new insights being revealed to us. We just have to watch out for them.

So, let’s all stoke our wanderlust, explore destinations unexplored, journey into our minds and soul and cherish not just those vacations and getaways we take, but these little journeys life has to offer us every day.



What are your thoughts on journeys of life? Do you believe each day is a journey or would a journey be a travel to a distant land for you? What are your experiences from your various journeys? I would love to hear from you.




2 thoughts on “Journeys of Life: #WanderlustWednesday

  1. Wow ! that was a great post, so many thoughts, i enjoyed reading this post and how well you connected to our daily journey’s of our life…. so true and agree that every day is a different one and its beautiful to be aware that we are also evolving, growing and learning bringing the best in us and enjoying the life we are blessed with. The first image is beautiful and stunning…. I looked at it for some time with joy in my heart. A visual treat dear, thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. “The best trip is the journey you take in finding yourself.”
    ― Angela Vallely

    This is something I believe deeply .We are not the exavt replica of our ownselves 5 years back right?Its impossible to be .Its not good either .Life and travel epiphanies,interesting post Natasha.

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