Rendezvous: #FridayFictioneers

Rendezvous: #FridayFictioneers



Photo Credit: Kent Bonham


10:22 A.M.: Aamir sits at the wheel; brash and oozing confidence. Though in his late twenties, he sports a salt and pepper stubble. His crooked nose stands out amidst his Greek-God like jaw line. 

Aamir peers out of the windscreen and then glances at his Rolex watch. Eight more minutes to go. The shops nearby have opened their shutters. Another day of brisk, bustling business – shoppers sashay out of their cars, plenty of pedestrians make their way into the stores.

10:30 A.M.: Aamir presses the button attached to his belt. Within seconds everything blows up into smithereens; leaving behind only blood and gore.





Word Count: 100

Joining Rochelle Wisoff-Field’s Friday Fictioneers. This is my first entry for her weekly photo-fiction prompt. 

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36 thoughts on “Rendezvous: #FridayFictioneers

  1. Well done piece of fiction. Unfortunately, these days, this has become a common reality as well. 🙁

  2. The unfortunate pedestrians don’t stand a chance with wicked Aamir and his explosive belt. He has more than one screw loose! Such a sad state in the world that this is a common experience – I really don’t understand the hatred some evil people have in their hearts – all for naught. Well done!. Nan

    1. Thank you Nan for visiting my blog and sharing your views. 🙂 Yes, it’s sad we live in a world riddled with so much hatred. We can only hope for things to change for the better slowly but surely.

    1. Hello Reema, Thank you for coming by. I’m glad you enjoyed the story. Promise to write a happier one next time. e need more cheer in this world plagued with negatives 🙂

    1. Dear Raj,
      I’m glad you liked this flash fiction. Yes, it’s a shame how public safety is threatened across the globe these days. No one is safe, at any given point of time.

  3. Hello, Natasha. Thanks for your story. It had some excitement to it. All too true, I’m afraid.

    Please stop by and read some of our authors’ great stories of this prompt ion the inlinkz page. We are a very fun group of people.


    1. Hello hello Thank you for swinging by, truly appreciate it.

      Yes I will definitely go read all the other authors. My agenda for the weekend I can see so much of talent around here.

      And yes, I can also see you all are quite a fun bunch to hang out with


    1. Thank you so much Rochelle for such a warm welcome. I already feel I’m part of the Friday Fictioneers family, after receiving so many heart warming comments.

      Love and Cheer!

    1. Thank you so much Yes I wish the world wouldn’t be so dreadful …Reminder to count our blessings, what we have today and live every moment.

    1. Hello Kelvin, thank you for stopping by I’m so glad you read the story and it evoked a certain reaction. But I promise to make the next one a happier one
      Really appreciate your comments. Gracias

  4. Oh dear what a horrible story. And to think that the poor girl was blown up too! Sadly it reflects the truth of our times when a simple shopping expedition can turn into a terrorist’s death trap

    1. True that Sunita. We are never safe in today’s world riddled with angst and hatred. To live each breath and to know every single moment counts is the way forward.

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