My Greatest Resource & My Support System: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

My Greatest Resource & My Support System: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe


My greatest resource and support system are my three, ever smiling home-helps, Shimpa (we call her Shilpa), Moushumi and Basanti. They are my lifelines, in the true sense of the word. They are the reason my home runs smoothly, efficiently and everything runs on clock work basis. This post is my little humble tribute to these three fantastic women, my ultimate support system. They have made my life simple, comfortable, stress-free and non-complicated. They are a resource I rely on every single day. In return they give me their tireless help and services.


Shilpa is my 24 hour help who has been with me now for a few years. She is from Nepal and is a very diligent girl. She wakes up each morning on time, to prepare breakfast and pack lunches for the 9-year-old and the DH. She makes sure everything is ready on time, including our breakfast which we have post the 9-year-old leaves for school. She always has a smile on her face, irrespective of the amount of work. When guests are visiting she ensures everyone is comfortable and looked after. She works hard to ensure things are in place and the house is neat and tidy at any given point of time. I have a neatness and cleanliness fetish you see! I admire the fact that she is a stickler for time. She appeases the ravenous appetite of the kids by whipping up pancakes, Haka noodles, chicken nuggets, sausages, Maggie etc at anytime of the day or when their friends are visiting. We go on extended vacations, leaving our home, furry girls and plants under her care; to return back to an orderly, well taken care of home. We can totally rely on her to pick my younger one from school and take her to the park. The 19-year-old can’t do without her too, as she turns her topsy-turvy room and wardrobes into a tidy, liveable space.



Moushumi (L) Shilpa (R) all smiles for this little photoshoot


Moushumi is my part-time help. She mops, sweeps and cleans. Basically keeps the house spick and span with her impeccable cleaning skills. She is very diligent and never takes a day off, except the two days that she is given an off, every month. Her sweet enchanting smile, and sing-song good morning wish at 6:30 A.M. is a lovely way to start my day. Moushumi is a very hardworking girl. She supports her family financially. Her household includes her little daughter, mother-father and her husband who unfortunately lives off her.

Basanti is the Good Samaritan and our cook. She cooks one main meal for us, that is our lunch. She whips up a storm in kitchen when we have parties at home. She makes the most lip smacking besan ka halwa that I taught her (I’ve never made it myself!) and these oats and whole wheat namkeens (snacks), mutton kosha and biryanis; to name just a few. She is like a mother figure. Each morning when I sit on my desk to write, I wait for her milk tea. It’s so good that it’s trying to win me away from my love for coffee, so it seems. She is always helping people around her. Recently a neighbour of hers lost both his legs in an accident, and she went around collecting funds for him. She also continues to contribute her little bit, for them every now and then. She has a heart of gold, and it is more than visible through her demeanour and her deeds.



Our banter with Basanti sounds like this, “Basanti un kutton ka agaey mat nachana” ;-))


These three women are the best resource I have. Without them I wouldn’t be able to spend hours blogging and writing, reading other blogs, books and taking up work assignments, while also looking after my family. They are the strong framework and non-negotiable support system of the Sinha family. Without them I would be lost, like a babe in the woods.

This post is just a small gesture on my behalf to convey, how much they mean to me. I don’t think they will be able to read this post. But I’m sure somewhere in their heart, they will always know that I will be truly indebted to them, forever.







I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and this is my post for Day 2 prompt ‘Share about a resource you have or use.’






12 thoughts on “My Greatest Resource & My Support System: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  1. Hi Natasha! I really loved your take on this prompt. Trust me, most people in our country don’t give enough credit to their house help. And, you have featured them so extensively on your blog. Says a lot about you apart from them too. Keep writing! Love and Cheers!

  2. Without these support system we surely cannot survive. When my help, went home leave, one thing I missed is my bed coffee. When she’s home, by the time, I have freshened up, my coffee will be waiting for me.
    Loved your post and their pics.

  3. This is lovely. I know many people in parts of the world where live-in, full-time, domestic help is a norm, who totally take these people who make their homes and lives run smoothly for granted (or worse, abuse them rather than show them gratitude). I hope that you let them know this directly – whether they can read the post or not – as that would mean so much to hear it from your lips.

  4. Wow! You are ytruly blessed to have such a strong and efficient support system. God bless these girls!

  5. Indeed one is blessed if one has a strong support system. You are lucky to have this terrific trio Natasha. And they are lucky to have someone who understands their value!

  6. A lovely tribute, and it’s nice to see you know you are fortunate to have these remarkable people in your life

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