My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely

My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely



The most precious treasure I believe I have been bestowed upon with is “life” itself. Without this life I would not have the innumerable treasures that form a part of my life. It’s my birthday month and what better time to give gratitude for this beautiful treasure of life that I received from my parents, many, many moons back.



Guess who got a life 😉



My life has given me so much, unconditionally. An incredible set of people in the form of family that includes my two beautiful daughters, my Darling Husband (DH), my parents, in-laws, a loving sibling, two sister-in-laws and my amazing nephews. Life has also blessed me with a treasure trove of wonderful friends and acquaintances. I have had the privilege of meeting so many good people from different walks of life, some who have become family, some who are my fitness buddies, some who walk the path of spirituality with me and some who I come in touch with through the magical design of fate.

It is in this life that my creative skills have flourished and I have received the gift of writing, along with a tiny bit of expertise in art, which I’m yet to explore though. Writing is my passion and the elixir of my life. This life has given me the treasure of my requited love for animals and nature. I have been blessed with the most precious furry, four legged friends (dogs) during the course of my life. My current treasures Laila and Cotton, make this life fulfilling, joyous and a journey of unbridled love. Being in good health is also one of the treasures I count in this life now, after  going through long bouts of illness in the past








I have stopped counting materialistic things as treasures. Be it expensive perfumes, watches, jewellery, clothes etc. Yes they were given to me during the course of this life, to be treasured and cherished, and they do give me some amount of happiness. But, I feel it is the intangibles that give me the most happiness. The gift of having gratitude for a life well-lived, to show love, care, respect, kindness and forgiveness to mankind. Without the treasure of life, I would not have these intangible qualities and would not receive them in return from others.

Yes, life has not been a bed of roses. It isn’t for anyone and we know that. It has thrown a million curve balls my way. But those curve balls have shaped me as the person I am. I will continue to grow every single day, thanks to the gift of life and also experience so much life has to offer, in the form of adventures, travel, experiences, love, happiness and learnings.

I salute this precious treasure of mine- my Life.





I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and this is my post for Day 1 prompt ‘Write about a treasure you have’.








16 thoughts on “My Precious Treasure: #WriteTribe #WritingBravely

  1. Your dog names are so cute. Life is indeed a treasure and we are fortunate to have lived it with so many beautiful experiences. I love how your have described your family with so much love and fondness. Very thoughtful post.

  2. Thats a lovely gesture – treasure you have – loving yourselves. Yes each one of us were searching outside for treasures and see you – you have so well crafted your treasure.

  3. I love your sunny and cheery outlook towards like which is reflected in this post and love your Laila too ♥

  4. Wow, Natasha! What a positive kindred spirit you are! Absolutely loved your post. Esp the adorable curated pictures and the conclusion. Beautiful flow of words and images to make an interesting read. Keep righting! It is my first time as well..Glad we bumped into each other. Keep writing! Cheers!

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