Six Days Hence, Coffee in the Present Tense: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

Six Days Hence, Coffee in the Present Tense: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

~~Six Days hence, Coffee in the Present Tense~~



Six days hence

You & I


Simply Sense


That time

And tide

Just make

No sense


Coz the


We share

In the

Present tense

Is all

That makes sense


Coz Six days hence

And Coffee in the

Present Tense

Are meant to


Fill up

Our sense

And our lives

Together till the end

-Alok & Natasha
18 March 2005




This little couplet was written just before the DH and I met for the first time. We were in different countries. We were married a year later on 12 March, 2016. Ever since we haven’t written anything together (travails of a married life, I suppose). Though in the past we have spoken about collaborating to write a book together. Que Sera Sera!






I was taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6 and this is my post for the grand finale Day 7 prompt, “If we were having coffee.”

The festival was my impetus to #writebravely and it helped me appreciate and acknowledge what I have. It also was an eye opener of sorts, as it took me back in time and carried me to a journey forward. It helped reiterate how much I enjoy writing fiction.

In a span of seven odd days, I imbibed a few life altering changes which I’m still working on. I have started eating healthier, waking up earlier, promising myself to exercise regularly and I’m determined to follow these through. This isn’t coincidental, as I believe everything in life is synchronous. The Write Tribe Festival of Words pushed me to write on weekends which I usually don’t. So I guess, it was a test of sorts – of my will-power and determination; to keep at it, and to refrain from using excuses of not following a routine. I wrote, despite the odds.

The Write Tribe WhatsApp group worked as a catalyst to keep me going. The group members were just plain extraordinary, in their jest and motivation. A big ((thank you group hug)) to them and our leader Corinne Rodrigues.

Till the next festival of words, Cheerio!








8 thoughts on “Six Days Hence, Coffee in the Present Tense: #WriteBravely #WriteTribe

  1. I like the concept of writing a book together..You are newly married so do not let travails of married life get to you..consciously be focused and you both would be able to write more such beautiful poems…here is a toast to the lovely couple.

  2. I waited all day to read your post and am glad you persisted with the festival. What a lovely poem that was and as a collaboration- amazing. Do write that book together. I’m waiting for it

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