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Friends with Benefits?: #FridayFotoFiction


We’d known each other since high school. Friends with benefits they called us. But that was far from the truth. We stuck to each other in good times and bad times alike. When Richard lost his mother, I spent endless days and nights by his side, reassuring him everything would be all right. He knew he could count on me.

Then life happened. We went our separate ways. A steady bond, shaken by its very foundation. Silly misunderstandings, you see! I started hating him from the word go, though he tried hard to reconcile.

Recently we met at a common friend’s place. Precisely forty-two years later. We picked up the threads from where we had left. No hard feelings. The wounds had healed. We had never stopped loving each other, after all.

New York Times, 26 June, 2015: Gay marriages legalised in Alabama.

We tied the knot.


End note: This story is partially inspired by my two very sweet friends in Alabama. They even look similar to the ones in the picture above. ๐Ÿ™‚


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18 thoughts on “Friends with Benefits?: #FridayFotoFiction

    1. Just the last bit about then tying the knot the day gay marriages were legalised in Alabama is their true story Rest is the figment of my imagination and the reality of life we cannot escape.
      Thank you May and Tina for hosting Friday FotoFiction and stoking our creativity

    1. The only bit about getting married is non-fiction. The rest was all fiction. And yes they married in Alabama on the same day- reality I’m so glad you liked the tale Tina

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