Life is a Cycle #MondayMusings

Life is a Cycle #MondayMusings

My weekends are getting busier and more interesting. On Sundays I go for a long ride with my Life is a Cycle buddies. Ours is a band of crazy and avid cyclists who not just cycle for the thrill of cycling, but to engage in silly banter, gorge on the various lip-smacking street food and sip on the milky roadside chai that awakens ones spirits, all while engaging in this fun sport and fitness regime.

It’s fun to be on the roads in the wee hours of a Sunday mornings, when most of the world is deep in slumber, oblivious to the adrenaline rush that waking up early can provide. I guess only fitness enthusiasts would know the true meaning of not sleeping late even on weekend mornings. We wake up at 4 A.M. so that we can leave at 4:30 A.M. for our destination, which usually is Delhi. The idea is to do a long distance ride. But if you were to ask me I would prefer riding within Gurgaon, just to avoid the traffic that we encounter en route Delhi. But once we get to Delhi the stunning greenery of South Delhi just uplifts our soul and makes those traffic woes seem trivial. Though the idea to leave early morning is to avoid traffic and be back before the sun peaks to a sweltering high.



The Lake at Sanjay Van



Last Sunday we went to India Gate. This Sunday it was a ride to the awe-inspiring Sanjay Van, close to Qutub Minar. This dense, little forested area is every nature lovers paradise. Probably undiscovered by many like me. Sanay Van at 5:45 AM has such a calming effect. But the avid roadies wanted to clock a longer distance so they left for Nehru park, while four of us remained and cycled through the dense thicket, to reach an open green area. One could see the Qutub Minar and one other monument from there, right behind the lush, sprawling greenery. Surely a sigh to behold, but our cameras couldn’t grab it due to the distance.



The view to Qutub Minar-surreal and replete with splendour


After reveling in the serenity and beauty of Sanjay Van we cycled a few more kilometers to reach our breakfast destination-Matthews, a roadside dhaba, next to Tamil Nadu Sangam. This little shack offers the most sumptuous Pongal (rice khichdi), Idli, Vadas and Dosas. And the filter coffee, is just bliss in a stainless steel glass. After we were done gorging on these, we head back to Gurugram. The sun was overhead, but we keep at it. My cycle had a little hitch again yesterday, so it slowed down my speed. But who cared as the next pit stop was by the Coconut wala who serves the very replenishing coconut water that refreshes us and pushes us to pedal back to the cosy confines of our home. I reached home at 9 AM, to find the DH and 9 year-old at the breakfast table. After glugging some fresh fruit juice, I pop in a few salamis too. I’ve earned the calories I tell myself smugly.



Coconut water pit stop



My body is aching, but an ache that is gratifying as the muscles have been properly worked out. Though this times its way better than the last few times. It’s about getting used to it I guess. Anyways, the pain calls for a deep-tissue massage. I head out for one, and return home re-invigorated. Polish off lunch and catch some sleep. Ah! I so love Sundays. The 19 year-old arrives from college. We sit and catch up on her first week at college as a second year student. It’s been an arduous week, but she is ready to take on the world. I whip up her comfort food. Make butter garlic prawns for the first time, some crunchy fruit veggie salad and a banana walnut cake. We blow a candle off the cake, as the 9 year old sings, “Happy Life to You”.




Yes we are celebrating life. Life is a cycle. A cycle of journeys, a cycle of experiences, a cycle of moments-sometimes precious, sometimes bitter or sweet, a cycle of revelations, a cycle of things to be grateful for. We all know what goes around, comes around. So in this cycle of life, let’s spread love, happiness and cheer and continue to cherish these little moments of wonder and be grateful to them. After all, life is a cycle.








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16 thoughts on “Life is a Cycle #MondayMusings

  1. What fun cycling! And with friends, food and beautiful landscapes, always an adventure. I know what it feels like to wake up early at 4 am and head out. Gives all fitness fans a huge rush. Keep up the enthusiasm and the energy. Great going Natasha. 🙂

    1. Thanks Keerthi, I try Yes, Delhi is stunning. Though personally I’m not a big fan of the city, and would love to move to another location. But then who can deny all the wonderful things it has to offer us.

  2. Wow love to see your passion for cycling. In my childhood days i too was very passionate for cycling but now it seems a little difficult . Your post again inspires me to try this with my kids now. I will be great fun

  3. That sounds like such an ideal way to spend a Sunday! Oh and I love cycling too. Though it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a ride. Your post has given me the much required nudge to take one soon.

  4. The Lake photograph is very beautiful, Natz. 🙂 could be a wallpaper I think! 😀 Loved it. And as I’ve told before on the group, that long distance cycling is amazing. Hats off to your determination (and the group too). Maybe one day, I’ll have that energy. right now, I don’t! Even with coconut water pitstops!

  5. How wonderful! I am gasping in awe of you for cycling from Gurgaon to Delhi when it is tiring for most people even travelling by car. India Gate must feel so good in the early morning. The pictures and description of Sanjay Van makes it appear as a fascinating place. I used to study in Qutub Institutional Area where on one side there were the institutes and on the other side there was the Sanjay Van which to us looked nothing more than waste land full of Babool trees. Never knew it is beautiful. Loved the saying – Life is a cycle, what goes around comes around so it makes more sense to spread cheer and goodness.

  6. Hi Natasha! Your blogs make me feel so happy and inspired. You are one rocking woman, let me tell you and your spirit is infectious even via your blogs. I can imagine your aura in person. Keep doing what you do best and writing about all your amazing happenings. I´m going to try that butter prawns at home sometime soon. All your fancy recipes look so healthy and yum. Love and Cheers!

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