Life’s Looking Lustrous: #WanderlustWednesday

Life’s Looking Lustrous: #WanderlustWednesday

The year is whizzing by like there is no tomorrow and we are already sitting pretty on the ninth month of the year. That was one quick journey I must say. But then it happens all the time, right? And yes, so far so good. Life is looking lustrous for me at this point of time. Like it has never been before. Fingers and toes crossed. Though I know a lot of people are dealing with a few personal battles. I’ve dealt with mine for many years, and a few odd ones here and there this year too, but I must say my coping strategies are far better, and I manage to overcome them more courageously than I have ever in the past. Call it maturity, call it the freedom to pursue and do what I enjoy doing most-writing and cycling.

This has been one of the most gratifying years of my life. I’ve passionately perused what I loved doing the most. I haven’t written so much ever, as much as I have written this year. But that meant making peace with the fact that I would completely focus on blogging and set aside my work goals and monetary gains. It took a lot of effort to make peace with this decision. But I made a conscious choice to quit my thirteen year-long journey with the development sector. I couldn’t have been happier. That is when the true realisation of the oh! so over-rated statement dawned upon me.  “Money can’t buy you happiness.” I whole-heartedly agree.Well I’ve said this in one post earlier, so won’t get repetitive.

I also managed to travel a lot this year. Not just by visiting places, but also through the chapters of my book, Travel Epiphanies which were my 26 tales of travel, awakenings and adventures. They took me back in time, evoking memories of my wanderlust. I also visited destinations lesser known this year- Chambal Valley and Dhanachuli in Uttarakhand. Also Jaipur for a wedding and a couple of trips to my hometown Lucknow. A few more interesting travels await me in the months ahead. I’d rather not talk about them now and reveal them to you as the trips unfurl.

As the year is winding up I find myself, working with people who are truly professional. I’ve had some very bitter experiences in the past one year, when people did not bother to pay up for the work I did for them. I still don’t understand why people assume that writing comes easy and with a tag that reads “no moolah or pay if you must, but it can be less moolah.” Well, recently those feelings have been slightly assuaged. Finally, it’s good to be in touch with a set of professionals who appreciate the value of writing and the effort that goes into content creation. I hope the relationships grow and I continue to help them in their journey, as they help me in mine.

Amidst all of this, I would not ever like to neglect my own personal writing and blogging. I thrive on that, and if that were ever to take a backseat, it would be like taking a part of me away. So I’m going to consciously draw out a calendar, wherein I could fit in both-work and blogging.

The journey so far has been blessed. Ups and downs are part of life. I read yesterday “The greater the resistance the waves meet, the stronger they grow”- Daisaku Ikeda, President Soka Gakkai Buddhism. I personally have experienced this countless times. The greater the challenges, the stronger we grow as people. After battling many challenges in the last couple of years, finally I see my wisdom and strength welling forth. And I hope to stay that way all along.

Life like I said is looking lustrous. I hope it continues to. Knock wood! Wanderlust beckons me with its bewitching smile and I’m all set to make those journeys memorable.


Is your life looking lustrous too? I’d love to hear what you do to make it shine. And if it isn’t, I’m sure you have coping strategies to bounce back. Do share those with me too.








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  1. This is just what I needed to read. August wasn’t a particularly good month and with the twins’ exams coming up, September doesn’t seem any better but the positivity in your post is contagious Natasha. It makes my worries and struggles seem lighter.

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