{M} is for Mystic’s Magic: #AtoZChallenge

{M} is for Mystic’s Magic: #AtoZChallenge

{M} is for Mystic’s Magic

Have you ever experienced a mystic’s magic? Did it transform your life? Or was it just a one-off  experience that took you to a unique level of mysticism? I’ve had a brush with a mystic’s magic. A life transforming experience to say the least. This is an anecdote from February 2005 which actually spilled into my April and the months and years ahead.

The mystic here was none other than Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.


“From muses and mystics you did hear
Seeming to be the sounds of phantom lands
In ignorance’s bind, life, like phantom seems
Oh, creatures of surface,
the depths of life will you ever seek?”  – Sadhguru

I had enrolled for the Inner Engineering program with Sadhguru, at a time when my life was fairly wobbly. I was in the throes of the aftermath of a not so conducive divorce, a single mother to a five-year-old with a very hectic day job and a wish to re-settle once again, despite one failed attempt at conjugal bliss. I was a bit of an emotional wreck at that time, I must say. But to experience this spiritual workshop under the mystic’s (Sadhguru’s) tutelage was a magical experience to say the least. This two-day program not just taught me a life-altering meditation practise called Shambavi, but also gave me the opportunity to interact with the mystic closely. I had many queries in my head, which he answered with aplomb and love and at times with a gentle rebuke.

The day the program got over I bought the mystic’s book, which he blessed and inscribed with four life-altering words, “May you know bliss.” What happened thereafter is history.

I met my DH, Alok a few days after this workshop. Initially online and eventually in person. And we made up our minds to spend the rest of our lives together.

Now you are going to tell me is “bliss’ finding the right partner. In my case yes, it has been. A person who has been through an unhappy marriage or relationship will only know what it is to be with a good person, and in an amicable, loving relationship.

I read somewhere today:

“Choose your life’s mate carefully. From this one decision will come ninety percent of all your happiness or misery, absolutely.”

Then; Finding my soul mate:


In my case, I know I have chosen well, and the mystic’s magic wand did surely have a role to play in bringing him into my life. I will always be grateful to Sadhguru and his mystical words that brought me to the path of bliss.

Thirteen years hence, in the now:







My theme for this year’s Blogging from A-Z Challenge is April Anecdotes. These are twenty-six compelling tales of some real people, and some not so real people. These tales will be surreal, peppered with a dose of non-fiction, but some might just be a figment of my over active imagination. You can read my theme here.

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21 thoughts on “{M} is for Mystic’s Magic: #AtoZChallenge

  1. I’m glad it worked for you Natasha, and brought you happiness and bliss, but just to be honest, I don’t really have much (or any, actually) faith in these mystics and Gurus. But that’s me, one should obviously follow whatever or whoever can help one achieve one’s objective.

  2. It’s beautiful – the way you found happiness in a new relationship. I love how your faith in marriage never faltered and that is perhaps why you made it work. May you always find bliss.

  3. I always believed in the magic in spirituality and love, thank you for strengthening it by sharing your beautiful story. Sending you love and all good wishes….

  4. Stay blessed, Natasha! I loved the main image you have used. I indeed is magical.

    I’m not religious at all, but I’m very spiritual and I think that is what is more important now. It gives immense peace and clarity.

    Thank you for sharing this. <3

    1. I’m spiritual too. Not very religious really. And that’s why Sadhguru’s thoughts resonate.

      Was just heading over to your blog and bingo have a comment from you. ❤️

  5. SO happy for you on reading this! Spirituality often plays a role in making people more self aware and peaceful. I am glad you found your mystic self and that too at a time when you needed it the most.

  6. I could feel your heart, Natasha. And so happy for you and for your family. Really Sadhguru is magical mystic who transformed my life too. Still he’s doing many winders in my life. Glad I found you as my best friend in this blogosphere. Stay blissful always, dear!!!

  7. Spiritual guidance is there for giving that little extra when our inner motivation is not enough. Thanks for this anecdote. I greatly admire and respect Sadhguru. I’m glad things worked out the best for you.

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