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Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely

Thank You, Babi: #WRITEBRAVELY #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   My Dearest Babi, I dedicate a few lines to you, on this monsoon day. The sun is playing a constant game of hide and seek, while the clouds outstretch their arms in a stoic cover of grey. The muggy air looks on undeterred as nature performs a spectacle of sorts. … Continue reading Thank You, Babi: #WriteBravely


Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

Rain and Its After Effects: #Writebravely #writetribefestivalofwordSjune2018   It poured all of last night. The rains finally lashed Gurgaon with unfettered fury, giving the parched residents of our millennial city a much-needed respite from the sweltering summers. I was awake beyond midnight, listening to the rhythmic pitter patter of the rains, which would suddenly rise up … Continue reading Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely


Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBravely

Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBRAVELY #WRITETRIBEFESTIVALOFWORDSJUNE2018   At twenty-one who would have known that leukaemia would ravage Antara's being, reducing her to a bag of bones.  It was hard to fathom that the bubbly, effervescent Antara, always brimming with joie de vivre; was now counting her last days. But not without a plan at … Continue reading Last Song of the Dusk: #WriteBravely

Diggin : #WordlessWednesday

  Diggin       #WordlessWednesday  ********** New to #WordlessWednesday, but would like to join the fun? Here’s how you can join Esha and me. Just follow our three easy steps: Post a picture on your blog that speaks for itself. It could be from your adventures, experiments, life’s quirky moments, travels or just plain random … Continue reading Diggin : #WordlessWednesday

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Because Daddy Says So: #WriteBravely

  Because daddy says so: #Writebravely #writetribefestivalofwordsjune2018   Because Daddy says so,  I chose to stick to his life's lessons. Daddy doesn't always get preachy, he  lives, and let's live. When I was growing up, into a gangly teenager, with reckless thoughts and frayed emotions, Daddy gave me three life rules to live by: 1. … Continue reading Because Daddy Says So: #WriteBravely


I Want to Break Free: #WriteBravely

I want to break free: #WriteBravely #WRitetribefestivalofwords2018   My girlfriends and I are road tripping from Madras to Pondicherry. It's just the three of us. I am at the steering wheel of a feisty green Ford Figo, manoeuvring my way through the lush, bountiful landscapes, blasting music on the stereo. We are singing off tune … Continue reading I Want to Break Free: #WriteBravely

Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook

Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from MeenalSonal whose ebook 'AtoZ of Parenting: An Intangible Wonder' is also a part of the mix. About Meenal Sonal's ebook: In this book authors Meenal & Sonal talk about parenting of kids aged group 2- 12 and emphasize the positive impact of communication … Continue reading Top Secret Mission: #BlogchatterEbook

Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

THE Book: Ria's Diary AUTHOR: MEGHANA PAWAR Genre: Autbiography This is my first ever book review on my blog, as I believe I am not really qualified to do one. After all every reader has their very own myriad way of looking and absorbing a book. What may catch my fancy may be dismissed off as plain … Continue reading Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

GIFTED Rob and the woods had an inexplicable connection. He found his inner peace amidst the deep, dark woods. And walking through them at dusk gave him more pleasure than a Zinger burger would give a youth his age.  That particular evening as Rob walked past the huge oak tree, he heard a soft wailing … Continue reading Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

Summer Sundowner: #WordlessWednesday

SUMMER SUNDOWNER A summer swim, under the setting sun can help reboot, recharge and recalibrate ones weary soul.   #WordlessWednesday  ********** New to #WordlessWednesday, but would like to join the fun? Here’s how you can join Esha and me. Just follow our three easy steps: Post a picture on your blog that speaks for itself. It … Continue reading Summer Sundowner: #WordlessWednesday