Because Daddy Says So: #WriteBravely

Because Daddy Says So: #WriteBravely


Because daddy says so: #Writebravely #writetribefestivalofwordsjune2018


Because Daddy says so,  I chose to stick to his life’s lessons. Daddy doesn’t always get preachy, he  lives, and let’s live. When I was growing up, into a gangly teenager, with reckless thoughts and frayed emotions, Daddy gave me three life rules to live by:

1. The Serenity Prayer:

write-tribe-festival-of-words-june-2018-write-bravely-natasha-musing-I love the Serenity prayer. It helps me keep my sanity intact, and power through life with these three wonderful qualities of serenity, courage and wisdom. The serenity prayer is my go-to mantra as it helps me up my game, and Daddy says it’s always been his favourite too.

2. Carpe Diem


When I  watched Dead Poet’s Society, Robin William’s words, “Carpe Diem”; stuck to my head like quick fix. Daddy didn’t know of the word Carpe Diem, nor had he shown any inclination towards watching Dead Poet’s Society. But then he already knew about seizing the moment and living life king size. He was happy irrespective of the calamities that would befall upon us. His chin would be held high, his spirits forever soaring and he always celebrated each day as though it was his last, and continues to do so even now.

So Carpe Diem it is for me, so much so that I have it engraved it as a tattoo on my left ankle. 

3. The first two were easy, but the third one proved difficult all because of a Cheeseburger. Let me explain.

Daddy always insisted I should eat a cheeseburger, while swimming in the salty sea. He said no beach holiday was complete without this ritual. Now, who in her right mind would want to eat a cheeseburger in the rough, salty sea. It sounded gross and the entire act was disgusting to say the least. A medley of salt and cheese torturing my taste buds. But on my sixteenth birthday, on a vacation to Kovalam, he made me do just that. He thought this was a one-of-its-kind fun, family ritual that we should all engage in on a beach holiday. 


My brother wriggled out of it. He was smart and he had the best of excuses, but I being the meek, Daddy’s little girl had no other choice but to eat cheeseburger, garnished with copious amounts of sea salt!

Till date when I travel to the beach side with the DH and girls, he reminds me of this family ritual. He even asks me to take pictures and send him, just to be sure. Do I oblige? What do you think? Well, do I have a choice. I’m still Daddy’s little girl and a sucker for his life lessons and this one’s the only one that ain’t easy, but so worth making my old man happy.

I am sniggered at and I become a laughing-stock for my daughters. I tell them they should thank their lucky stars that I don’t give them this one rule to live by. 

Oh! And I thought I just told you that Daddy lives and let’s live?! Oh Well! Sigh! 




This post is part fiction, at least the third rule is. Sorry to burst your bubble. 😉


This post is written for Day 3 of The Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018.

Prompt:  “My dad gave me three life rules to live by: 1. (fill in the blank), 2. (fill in the blank) and 3. (fill in the blank). The first two were easy, but the third one proved difficult all because of a cheeseburger. Let me explain.” 

I combined the above prompt with the  Picture prompt-beach, blue shoes and the sea.



11 thoughts on “Because Daddy Says So: #WriteBravely

  1. Lol…this was a quirky prompt as well as post. I swear by all the three actually, Natasha! Your dad advised you well…lol. Having a cheeseburger on the beach is divinity. I´m missing the sun and sand already. Will settle for a cheeseburger tonight 😉

  2. This is such a brilliant take on two prompts and a story that was both amusing and heartwarming. I have some amazing memories associated with Varkala and Kovalam Beach as well.

  3. Wow daddy’s girl.. some like me.. my dad was strict but I always loved hanging with him. Loved your serenity prayer .. all the three were perfect and lovely Natz

  4. I have never been a Daddy’s girl and when I read posts like yours I feel like I missed out on this though I do share the most priceless bond with my mother. I too can’t imagine eating cheeseburgers on the beach

  5. That’s amusing and touching at the same time. Being a daddy’s girl means getting a source of courage from inside and determination to continue. Nicely written post!

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