Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely



Rob and the woods had an inexplicable connection. He found his inner peace amidst the deep, dark woods. And walking through them at dusk gave him more pleasure than a Zinger burger would give a youth his age. 

That particular evening as Rob walked past the huge oak tree, he heard a soft wailing sound. Rob thought it did not sound like an animal. He stopped short and turned back. As his feet trampled the dry leaves, the wailing got louder.

Under the pile of leaves and innumerable acorns, lay a little cherub; barely clothed, wrapped in a soft muslin cloth. 

As Rob gently lifted her in his arms, she stopped wailing and started cooing gently, reassured by the warmth of his snug embrace.

Rob’s wildest dreams had come true. He had always wanted to be a young father, and his destiny was sealed that summer evening, for he was the chosen one. 



This post is written for Day 1 of Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018. Today’s theme is the above photo prompt.



25 thoughts on “Gifted: #WriteTribeFestivalOfWordsJune2018 #WriteBravely

  1. What a wonderful gift! To have a ready made baby with none of the pre-natal trauma, a wife to deal with etc etc. But how long with our friend be happy with his ‘gift’?

  2. The title of this post aptly holds good for both Rob and the baby girl. I liked how you used the prompt to create a short, crisp and effective tale. This works best for readers like me.

  3. Beautiful story. Loved the way you created a setting without using too many words – its a gift! I would love to know what happened next with Rob…hoping you write about it…

  4. Touching. And that’s not just a word. You have explained the travesty of numerous girl babies in such beautiful words. But everyone isn’t as lucky.

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