Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

Rain and Its After Effects: #Writebravely #writetribefestivalofwordSjune2018


It poured all of last night. The rains finally lashed Gurgaon with unfettered fury, giving the parched residents of our millennial city a much-needed respite from the sweltering summers.

I was awake beyond midnight, listening to the rhythmic pitter patter of the rains, which would suddenly rise up in crescendo. The winds continued to holler along side, tapping furiously, and at times gently on our glass doors and window panes. 

I woke up to a rain drenched landscape, a wispy breeze and the fresh fragrance of petrichor. Life suddenly felt more divine than ever. I guess rains have a way of swishing their magical wand upon me and transporting me to a state of utter bliss. 

I lounged on my favourite spot by the balcony,  sipping my cuppa of lemon-grass, ginger chai; and soaking in the refreshing morning breeze that gently wafted through the balcony door. My reverie was broken by my phone ringing to the tune of  November Rain by Guns and Roses. 

“Who could it be, this early in the morning? It’s barely seven”, I wondered, as an unknown number flashed on my phone and Guns and Roses kept crooning away, “And you need some time all alone” 

I took a while to answer the call. After all I was enjoying my solitude and really needed sometime on my own.

“Hello,” said the voice on the other side of the phone. “My name is Karan Johar. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone who can help me challenge and prank Alia Bhatt.

I was gobsmacked beyond reason, and at that very moment lost my voice.

“Hello, Natasha, are you still there?’ asked Karan Johar.

You see I’m a big fan of his, irrespective of what people *slash* the masses have to say. I was flipping over the moon with joy, as none other than the real Karan Johar was calling me. Of course I could tell from his voice, that it wasn’t a prank call on me, for sure.

“Errr, hummm, Oh! Yes, I’m right here. Just having my fan girl moment you see,” I tried to say rather unabashedly.

“He! He!” Karan grinned. “I know, I know, I do have that kind of effect on people.”

“Gosh! What a narcissistic, B$%#@h!” I thought to myself.

“But who cares. I’ve always wanted to interact with Karan Johar, and today on this incredible rainy day, life drops this opportunity right into my lap,” I reminded myself smugly.

“Ok, listen up babe, Alia is staying at the Leela, Ambience. I got your number from Farhan. He tells me you are an avid cyclist, like him.”

“Farhan, who?”

“Obviously Farhan Akhtar who else,” he said sounding cool as a cucumber.

My jaw almost dropped into my chai. 

“First Karan, now Farhan. Was the universe conspiring in a divine, devious way to realise my dreams. I mean how on earth did Farhan Akhtar have my number? But how did it matter?!” I chose to gloat in some more glory, as my heart did a million somersaults, all in one go.

“Ok so the deal is, we have challenged Alia to go on a ride with your group of cyclists. She’s taken up the challenge not knowing, she has to do the deed in the rains. And guess what, she hates the rains,” said Karan with probably a sly smirk on his face. 

“Farhan will also be joining you guys mid-way and bailing her out.

“Ok cool,” I said rather nonchalantly.

But in my head I was like, Fa—-rhaaaaaaaan too!!! Holy Molly, Jesus H Christ,” I wanted to start dancing that very moment to “When You are Happy and You Know it, Clap your Hands”

We don’t want her to go through too much torture,” he continued.“I hate it when Ranbir calls and tells me to stop badgering his girlfriend. He is way too over protective about her already,” complained Karan.

“Yeah, I get it Karan,” I replied, absorbing the trail of messages coming my way.

“Jaan, Jaan. There is no besan at home. You wanted Anastha to make Chillas (chick pea pancakes) for breakfast. Can I ask her to make Upma (semolina) instead,” I suddenly heard the DH, nudging me out of my deep slumber of enchanting, lucid dreams.

“Heck, whaaaat! Chilla??? What happened to Karan?” I said rubbing my eyes sleepily.

“Karan who?” asked the DH looking at me incredulously.

“Karan Johar! For christ sake! How could you do this to me!!” I groaned, glaring at the DH.

“What did I do?” he asked mischievously.

“I’ll tell you what you did. You burst my bubble, and it’s going to be pay back time. No chillas, no Upma. You can go to work hungry,”  I chased after him with my pillow. 


Note: ***Karan Johar, Alia Bhatt and Farhan Akhtar are famous Indian film personalities 





This post is written for Day 5 of The Write Tribe Festival of Words June 2018.

Prompt:  “Hello,” said the voice on the phone. “My name is __________. I know you never expected a call from me, as famous as I am, but I’ve been given your name as someone





26 thoughts on “Rain and Its After Effects: #WriteBravely

  1. Hahahaha I love how besan ka chilla disrupted your dream! Didn’t know Farhan is a cyclist too. Your description of the rain is so beautiful, makes me want to relive those moments

  2. That was quite an amusing dream and wonder what more would have happened if your DH would not have called out. Maybe you would be riding to Leela with Farhan in tow!

  3. hahahaa… you had me believing right along! Coz the one person who could get a call to ‘manage’ a successful prank would be you 🙂

  4. Ahahahah….. Karan and Farhan even Ranbir oh my Natz.
    That’s a lovey-dovey dream; like the way, you got your fan moment plus bashing him under your breath thing.
    Waiting for next post now 😉

  5. Hahhah.. Entertaining moments with karan and farhan. unfortunately its midnight and i could not relish this with a cuppa chai. Great post for the day.

  6. Haha! Our slumbering mind often takes us to to such kinds of fantasy trips. I loved the way you based your fantasy story on the situation prompt.

  7. I absolutely loved this post, Natasha. One of the best posts I’ve read today, for sure. Gave me a good laugh, what with not one but three Bollywood celebrities in it and the narration was so crisp and brilliant. But then, I’m not surprised, because that’s your trademark style, Natasha.

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