Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

Ria’s Diary by Meghana Pawar: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing


THE Book: Ria’s Diary


Genre: Autbiography

This is my first ever book review on my blog, as I believe I am not really qualified to do one. After all every reader has their very own myriad way of looking and absorbing a book. What may catch my fancy may be dismissed off as plain average by another. Yet with the #BlogChatterEBookCarnival fever, I had no other choice but to do the needful.

I’m guessing this is Meghana’s debut novel, so a big hearty round of applause to her.

About Ria’s Diary: In the author’s very own words, “Ria’s Diary is inspired by the true story of a friend.” This thirty-eight page autobiographical novella traces Ria’s journey from her younger years to her adulthood. A life’s journey that she walks through with much grit, courage and unwavered determination.

My Review: Meghana has managed to pull off the story line well, considering it was written under the pressure of the #AtoZChallenge. Ria the protagonist of the book goes through a difficult childhood with a family who is perpetually loggerheads all the time and parents who eventually decide to part ways. But she does not give up hope and finds happiness in the little things of life; that includes company of her friends and her passion for mentoring children in their summer holidays. She manages to do all of this with much aplomb and courage, despite the difficult circumstances at home.

Her heart flutters for that special someone, but is he the chosen one for her? Ria’s journey is not bereft of challenges. Just as life starts looking up for her, she is given the arduous task of a bigger battle. Will she be able to over come this battle? Will the rays of happiness ever light her spirit and being?

Ria’s Diary is relatable at many levels for an Indian audience. These include the anecdotes from school, college, the experiences with friends, the exam pressure and the warring family. Yet at places the story line does get a bit tedious and repetitive. Some parts which could have been totally done away with are the family issues, which are repetitive in a few places, during the course of the book. The last two chapters on Ria’s solo travels came down a bit heavily after the initial twenty-four chapters. They seem a bit unrelatable, given the number of places she travels out to suddenly.

Yet, it is heartwarming to see how the protagonist fights all odds, finds her inner calm and peace in meditation and travels through time despite the many odds.

Congratulations Meghana for an interesting debut. Hope you write many more books in the coming years.




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