“Decoding Midlife” by Aesha Shah: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

“Decoding Midlife” by Aesha Shah: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing



the book: decoding midlife

author: aesha Shah

Genre: inspirational


About “Decoding Midlife”:  According to the author, ‘Decoding Midlife’ is about approaching midlife with positivity and vigour and not consider it to be a crisis phase of life. For the author,  writing this book was an enriching and moving experience,  as she explored facets of her own unknown personality.

About the Author: Aesha Shah is a teacher, a writer, an avid reader with a lifelong love for books. Her parenting blog About Parent and Kid ranked as one of the best parenting blogs in 2016. Recently renamed Aesha’s Musings about her experience as a mother, daughter, wife, friend, and companion.

My Review: The author goes into a contemplative journey of her fast approaching midlife. She connects the dots of her future by reflecting on her current life. Aesha creates a wonderful game plan for her years ahead. She does this by putting together useful pointers in each chapter. These valuable pointers are aimed to assist her and the readers in creating an enriching and joyous midlife.

The author  lays immense emphasis on self-love and self-care, which is a critical aspect for most women, who put others needs before theirs. Her chapters on health, nutrition and exercise are packed with valuable information.

This book is a useful guide for women in their late 30s, 40s and early 50s, who are either in the brink of menopause, or are experiencing the pangs of menopause. The introspective chapters of the book open out a whole new facet of nurturing oneself, despite the approaching challenges of midlife.

Decoding Midlife sparkles with the author’s optimistic approach towards life. It is heart- warming to see how she has painstakingly worked on cracking the code for a fulfilling midlife, by interspersing the book with informative chapters. These include chapters on romance, imagination, solitude, travel, health, laughter, joy and what-have-yous. 

Though I would have liked the author to also take the reader’s side of the story also into account. That would have probably made the book far more relatable. Having said that, Decoding Midlife is a useful, ready-reckoner for all women who are grappling, or are about to grapple midlife crisis.

Congratulations! Dear Aesha for this unique book, which sure is the need of the hour, given the highly stressful lives people lead these days. I wish you all the very best in your journey as an author. I also look forward to reading more from you. God Speed!






2 thoughts on ““Decoding Midlife” by Aesha Shah: #BlogchatterEBook #AmReviewing

  1. Thanks a ton Natasha for this wonderful and honest review.
    It has been a fulfilling experience for me writing this book. I am also working on a better version of the book for the second edition after considering the feedback I have received from the readers.
    Hope to put a better edition on amazon soon. Thanks for your encouraging words, it helps to keep writing more.

    1. My pleasure totally Aesha. It’s heart warming to see your openness towards feedback. Look forward to the second edition.

      Cheers and all the best 🙂

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