Seven Things I’m Grateful for This June: #GratitudeCircle

Seven Things I’m Grateful for This June: #GratitudeCircle

Seven Things I’m Grateful for This June: #GratitudeCircle

June spells a lot of excitement for us, every year. Both the girls are June babies, so it’s celebrations galore. Summer vacations also add up to the fun and the “not doing much” mode. It’s usually travel time, but this month our travel plans had to be put on hold, as the DH was neck-deep in work. 

So here are the Seven Things I am Grateful For This June:

  1. Reading: I’ve finally managed to break my technology dependence and return back to my passion for reading. I read mostly in the afternoons and nights, sometimes while sipping my morning cuppa, as well. And I’m so glad to be reading  two very wonderful books, Elizabeth Gilbert’s, Big Magic and Liane Moriaty’s Big Little Lies.



2. Birthdays: The girls turned ten and twenty. Wooooahhhh!!! What really happened? I wonder!

Both brought in their milestone birthdays with lot of fanfare. The ten-year old has a ritual of celebrating her birthday with grandparents, as her friends are mostly away on vacation. (We sill end up having a mini party once her friends are back though) We had my father, in-laws and SIL over and we all hopped across to a nearby resturant for her birthday lunch, but not without opening the gifts galore.

She had been dreaming of getting a tortoise, though the DH was dead against it. Eventually that idea fell through and she settled for some Mollies and Neon Tetras, in a fish bowl, thanks to Dadi-Baba. The Mollies are live birth givers and lo! behold; they gave birth to twenty fries as well, out of which eight remain now. From being a parent of a ten and twenty year old, now I’m a grandparent to eight Molly fries. The follies of the forties!


The twenty year old, spent most of her birthday with her friends (“I’m twenty you see”). I’m the one *rolling her eyes* this time on. Though we did go out for our favourite Japanese meal to Town Hall, and that was fun. The DH squeezed in time amidst his hectic schedule and yes, we even managed a pre- birthday breakfast at DiGhent. The eating out has to stop in July now!




3. Helping Hands: After having some decent help at home for many years, suddenly the month of May saw a mass exodus. I was left to manage all chores on my own, for almost a month, till by God’s grace, I did find a live-in help, but only towards the end of June and a cleaning woman also. Thank god for small mercies; my sweet natured cook stood by me like always, in rain or shine.


4. Trip to Hometown, the Land of Nawabs: In all the madness of not having a help at hand, one fine morning I booked my tickets and just left for my hometown. Thanks to my ever-supportive DH, I managed to squeeze in five-days, to go visit my father.

I had not visited Lucknow since Ma crossed over in February. I was not too sure how it would feel to go to a home bereft of her. But the uncanny thing is, we felt her benign presence all the time. Her picture literally smiled back at us, every time Babi (my father) and I returned from a jaunt to the town. Babi and I went and watched two movies back to back, ate out and spent quality time together. I even rustled up some of Ma’s special Bengali delicacies and in all probability her magic hands worked through mine; the dishes just turned out like hers. 

Chorchori-A delicious mish-mash of greens, mostly from our kitchen garden

I also got to catch up with my dear nephews, SILs and brother too. That was an evening of loads of fun and banter. So very grateful for these precious memories. 


5. College Admission: The twenty-year old had taken a break last year, after a difficult stint in a prestigious college. But by the grace of almighty, she got admission is Gargi college, in Philosophy Honours (Delhi University). Hopefully this will be the start of a brand new chapter and new beginnings alike for her. We as parents, personally  feel the well-being of a child comes first, before any degree or formal education. Please wish her luck and keep her in your prayers. 

Diggin, the cafe’ by Gargi College, Delhi University where we stopped for a bite, post the college admission. This is on the day of the first cut-off list.


6. My Second Book, April Anecdotes:  I’m grateful my second book April Anecdotes, a compilation of twenty- six stories of discovery and joy, was released in the month of May in association with Blogchatter. Blogchatter worked tirelessly with us, engaging with us in various promotion building activities. Though I did slack in a few, as I was busy managing home minus a help at that point of time. I’m truly grateful to Blogchatter for the impetus and the great work done. Thanks Richa, the lady behind the incredible community.

A tweet on April Anecdotes

I took three print copies of my book in June, and sent my first copy to my mentor from Soka Gakkai Buddhism, Ikeda Sensei in Japan. I’m very, very grateful and over the moon, as on 30th June I received a reply from him, wherein he thanked me for the gift and sent his best wishes. That was the highlight of my month. Just for your knowledge, Sensei is ninety plus and still arduously writing books and replying to all his disciples who write to him. 

April Anecdotes will be available on Amazon very soon, in July. 


7. Write Tribe Festival Of Words June 2018: I’m glad I participated in WTFOW again this year, despite my initial reluctance to do so. I had taken a month-long hiatus from blogging, post the AtoZ Challenge, and WTFOW, a week-long writing challenge, helped me get back to the groove. I maxed out on fun by writing this post:  Rain and It’s After Effects: #WriteBravely

There was a lot to be grateful for in June, and I won’t be surprised if I might have missed out on a few other things here and there. Would like to live in eternal gratitude always, and thanks to Vidya’s Gratitude Circle we get to do just that and more, month after month. Thanks dear Vidya. <3







15 thoughts on “Seven Things I’m Grateful for This June: #GratitudeCircle

  1. My brother suggested I might like this web site. He was totally right.
    This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this info!

  2. I had been meaning to ask you, how you got the print copies of your book. I’d love to do the same with my book.
    May God Bless your child to be more brave and enthusiastic about chasing her dreams. And more power to you as parents.

    1. I just went to the neighbourhood printer and got a few copies printed. Though I’m yet to print bulk copies.

      Thank you so much for your wishes Anupriya. 🙂

  3. That was a really lovely month for you, Nats. From reading to family birthdays to visiting your dad, publishing book and doing blogging marathons, you aced it all. So proud of you. Best wishes to your daughter. I am sure she will do just great. And cute little fish for the younger one. So adorable. Have a lovely July.

  4. It was so lovely to read your monthly roundup post, Natasha even though we did manage to catch up on some really valuable conversations through the month thanks to the fact that we co-host #ww! I feel blessed that you are a part of my life now and that we catch base every now and then and always manage to keep our chin up through the not-so-good days of our lives. I’m so happy for you for these little blessings in life actually make you so deeply grateful to the Almighty and thanks to family and friends, they also help us get a little closer to the goalposts that we have set for ourselves. Wishing you the very best for the coming months— so, more adventures, more family-time, more me-time and more reading, and of course, may the Amazon book sales touch an all-time high! ! May your muse always smile upon you along with fond memories of your beloved Ma and I wish you loads of positive energies in the coming days. Congratulations to your daughter as she steps into a new chapter of her life. Wish you a wonderful, happy and exciting July, Natz. Stay blessed. <3

  5. Wow thats an awesome cafe at Gargi. Congratulations to your daughter for her admissions. Another milestone in your parenting journey. Goad you are back to reading, I loved the girl at the window. Hope you like it too. You sure have had a wholesome month with a trip to your home town. good food and the company of great people.

    Wishing you yet another great month ahead Natasha.

  6. Congratulations on the two milestone birthdays, the book and your daughter’s admission. I like the choice you made to let her be happy instead of pushing her to strive harder. Sending her all good wishes.
    Your Dad must have been so happy to have you all to himself and I’m certain your Mum was truly smiling down on you both.
    Stay blessed, Nats.

  7. Well you seem to have had a gratifying month reaching milestone birthdays and getting a book out. Also glad you could spend time with your dad. And the maids… don’t tell me about them . they drive us mad when they’re around and drive us mad when they are not around. Hope July is going well for you so far.

  8. I love monthly roundups because they’re such wonderful slices of life. Belated birthdays to both the young women. Must be quite an experience handling both of them. The older ones are such a pleasure because one can really talk to them and the younger ones are great for the cuddles.
    Congratulations on your book. I loved the cover and hope to pick it up for a read.

    1. Hey Tulika, thanks so much for the wishes and for stopping by.
      Yes, it’s quite a fascinating experience dealing with a ten and twenty year old. Some days I want to tear my hair apart but on most days I’m so grateful for these precious gems I have in my life.
      I really look forward to hearing your inputs on my book, April Anecdotes. 🙂
      Hugs and have a terrific July. <3

  9. Congrats and all the best for your new book. Read some of your posts in Write tribe festival of words. THose were great. Me too enjoyed participating in Write tribe festival of words. All the best for your daughter on turning 20 and joining a prestigious college.

    1. Thanks so much dear Ramya for stopping by to read my post. I’m so glad we finished the WTFOW successfully and enjoyed the experience to the jilt.
      Thanks so much for your warm wishes. :)))
      You have a beautiful July too.

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