Solo Sunsets: #WordlessWednesday

Solo Sunsets: #WordlessWednesday




I need to share the back story of this #WordlessWednesday post by getting wordy. 🙂 And I would not have it any other way, so pardon me. This picture has a very special place in my heart, as it  was shot on my first solo trip.

On my first evening in Goa, I hopped across to Thalassa, the café on the hillock of the Vagator beach; to watch that surreal sunset many had spoken about. I know this isn’t the very best of shots, as it was taken on my iPhone camera, plus the clouds chose to play truant on that very  day. But this was indeed a momentous time of my life, wherein I chose to soak in loads of calm, reflection and “feel good hormones”, till some Delhi bellies took over the scene with their loud, brash music and over the top demeanour. I sound judgemental eh? Forgive me, please. 🙂 As they did break my bubble of calm.

But all said and done, I still look back in time and remember this moment as a very special and surreal one from my life, wherein I soaked in a blissfully joyous time, all by myself. 




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17 thoughts on “Solo Sunsets: #WordlessWednesday

  1. It surely has to be special because it’s a beautiful setting, Natasha.
    It seems Delhi crowd is unwanted everywhere be it Himalayas or Goa. They just seem to be playing spoilsport as far as peace is concerned.

  2. A first solo trip has got to be special, Natasha! This is such an amazing capture. The serenity in the image is evident. I took a sunset shot in Sri Lanka, that bears an uncanny resemblance to your picture! 🙂 Loved that you included the backstory for us.

  3. This phone capture speaks for itself, Natz. Loved the story too!! So glorious and so magical it must have been for you! I think pictures begin to acquire so much more meaning when we associate them with memories. Your lovely post also made me realise how long its been since I last posted a Skywatch shot. Let me see if I can post one this week.

  4. Every picture speaks thousand words but it doesnt speak about the story behind it! Good that you decided to narrate behind the scene story. It gave the picture all the more depth Natasha.
    With your post, I am now inspired to join WordlessWednesday. Lets see…

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