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The Man, His Best Friend & The Mountain:#WordlessWednesday

The Man, His Best Friend & the Mountain




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11 thoughts on “The Man, His Best Friend & The Mountain:#WordlessWednesday

    1. So true Anagha. But you know what, it does get lonely there after a while. For a few days it’s mesmerising to soak in the quietness but it does get very lonely with nothing to do, and we realised that in this trip to Dhanachuli.

      Though personally, for me I love soaking in the sound of silence. But I guess we are so used to our routines and busy lives here in the metropolis, that somewhere it sorts irking us after a while when we don’t have that. What do you think?

      Thank for hopping by. <3

  1. Such a lovely one this is, Natasha. The boy and the dog both look like they’re totally at home in the place. And what an amazing backdrop. You know, we’d been to Uttarakhand a couple of years back and on our way down from Binsar, I clearly remember that we had stopped over at a few places that looked like this. Your picture refreshed my own memories from the trip. Btw, I’m adding this post to the linky. 🙂

    1. Thanks dear Esha for adding my post to the linky.
      Binsar is stunning too. We had a very memorable vacation there a few years back.

      Dhanachuli was uniquely surreal too, with it’s apple, pear trees, and rolling hills that grew potatoes and other produce.

  2. Such a fantastic picture! Absolute bliss! We’ve taken Coco on many vacations with us and he truly loves nature whether it is mountains or beaches.

    1. Yes I loved taking this shot. That’s my nephew and the dog was one of the residents of the resort where we were staying. An adorable furry boy.
      This place was indeed gorgeous. In Uttarakhand called Dhanachauli.
      And yes we have taken Laila on many vacations too, mostly mountains and can you believe it we once lost her for a good twelve hours in the mountains of Binsar!!!
      That was one surreal holiday, Rachna. One that dreams and movies are made of.

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