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A Journey of Memorable Smiles: #WordlessWednesday


A Journey of memorable smiles

April 11, 2016

Sorry folks, but this is not a high quality shot, but the memories around it are truly treasured and precious. It was taken on an iPhone, like most of my pictures are.  I was using an older version of iPhone, with a not very high-grade camera. 

My older daughter captured this moment from our surreal boat ride, on the majestic Vembanad lake, Komarakom, Kerela. The Vembanad lake looks more like a gargantuan river. The house boat was a plush one with a running kitchen and two bedrooms. (I wish we had stayed the night). We spent an entire day; day-dreaming, as we cruised along the back waters, savouring some lip-smackingly delicious, local cuisine that the chef kept whipping up for us. What you see here is our evening snack of freshly fried, masala, jumbo prawns; which also happened to be the fresh catch from the day. We bought the prawns from a boat selling multiple variety of fish along with a bottle of freshly harvested toddy. 

This was a day of sheer bliss and joy. My then eight-year-old girl, also cruised the boat. That’s another shot for yonder. We experienced some of the most fascinating, blissful moments of our life as a family, during this boat cruise. And to add-on to the story, I was experiencing a bout of depression at that point of time, but this serene journey gave wind to my sails and was a real pick me up.

This post is also a humble tribute to God’s Own Country, Kerela that was ravaged by the floods recently, bringing about mass destruction. This post is a little gesture of my love for this beautiful land and its gentle people. Praying for normalcy to return to this lovely land at the earliest, and for Kerela to breathe all over again, in its lush beauty.





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14 thoughts on “A Journey of Memorable Smiles: #WordlessWednesday

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Alana. Yes, Kerela floods indeed have been tragic, but the people are building back their live now slowly but surely, thanks to their grit and determination and some good samaritans at play.

    1. Thank you dear Parul. Though I have visited Kerela just once, but it has a special place in my heart. Feel so connected to that land and its people. Thank you for your lovely comment. <3

    1. Hi Sunita, So sorry for the tardy reply. Esha and I have been bogged down with a lot of personal commitments, so we have not been blogging as assiduously as we used to.

      All well, though.
      I also have been less inclined to blog off late. Need to get my mojo back soon. I don’t believe in a writer’s block, so that is certainly not the case. Just been off the track.

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