Eight Things I’m Grateful for in July 2018: #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings #mg

Eight Things I’m Grateful for in July 2018: #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings #mg

Eight Things I’m Grateful for in Jaunty July


July was pretty much uneventful, most parts of it; so I am assuming. But possibly I’m being partly judgemental. Judging my jaunty July without really considering the details-not a good idea! If I look deep into the recesses of the month, there was actually some interesting action and a chunk load of things to be grateful for. The month began on an unfettered note and continued to flow like an unbridled river.

Here are my insights and highlights for the jaunty month of July and Eight fabulous things that I’m grateful for: 

1. School term begins: The ten-year old went back to school. She is now in Grade Five! Holly Molly! How did she grow so big; from a little enchantress to a ten-year old bundle of unlimited energy and joy. She is like the winter sun that warms the cockles of our hearts each day. The session at school began with much fanfare and excitement, but Aarshia came home upset one day. Very unlike her. Though she didn’t say much, but I could tell something was bothering her. She did open up eventually.

The class teacher, an otherwise sweet lady was for some odd reason, picking on her. Aarshia struggles with Math and instead of helping her out the teacher was just losing it. But I believe there is nothing in this world that cannot be sorted out with a good conversation. I picked up the phone and called the teacher, and after an elaborate discussion she assured me that she would work in tandem with my little girl. And lo behold! Or should I say so far so good, the teacher has been exceptionally kind and let go of her “carrot and stick” approach. I quote her here on the said phrase. She even gave Aarshia a chocolate when she did her math work well. All’s well that ends well.

There is nothing in this world that cannot be sorted out with a good conversation. Click To Tweet

2. My adorable nephew, Abhigyan comes visiting:


After almost a thousand moons, my very precious nephew, Abhigyan or Avichal as we all call him, visited us. He now studies at Westminster, London and is currently cooling his heels at my hometown, Lucknow with his parents, brother and friends. But he took out time to visit us and we spent a handful of wondrous days in each others company. It was so lovely to have him over. Avichal has spent many vacations and weekends with us since he was a toddler. He and my older girl, Arusha are just a couple of months apart and best of friends too.

Abhigyan and his older brother, Abhinav are the two most wonderful brothers my girls are blessed with. And I love them very dearly, like the son(s) I never had. I always have a lovely time in their company and this trip was no less. We watched a scary Spanish movie- Veronica, one of our favourite activities together. We also caught up on Wess Anderson’s animation film, Isle of Dogs in the theatres, and went for a few fun outings together.

3. “Maid” it in time: My new help almost threatened to quit. This is my 24 hour home help. She was feeling pressurised by the work. Thanks to a sane piece of advice by my amazing bestie, Ritika, I apportioned a few of her chores to my part-time help. That of course meant a salary hike for the part-time help. (How on earth am I supposed to save for that trip to Galápagos or Zanzibar!!!) But then it helped sort things out.

My 24 hour help looks happier and far more relaxed and has enough time to rest as well. She is a slow but fastidious worker. Earlier she was spending the entire day on her toes. I’m happy for her as she looks so much more cheerful and at ease. These days she is mostly laughing, playing around with the furry girls and Aarshia (the ten-year old) and doing her work seamlessly. She’s a nice girl and I didn’t want to lose her to work pressure. And you all know those are hard to find these days. So I guess I “maid” it, in good time! 😊

4. Entrusted Responsibilities in Soka Gakkai Buddhism:


I love my Buddhist practise and that it entails working for others and their happiness. My responsibilities in the past  included nurturing the children’s division and a block with a group of members. I love that this practise is based on three pillars: Faith, Practise and Study. Studying works as a reminder to brush up on the Buddhist guidance on a daily basis and base my life upon them. Faith in the practise helps me re-determine my goals and work towards them harder and chant every single day, unfailingly. And Practise helps me chant not just for myself, but also for others and their happiness.

I feel extremely blessed to be given the precious gift of taking on the responsibility of a Deputy District leader. I will be needing all your good wishes, dear readers. This so that I’m able to work hard and divide my time constructively, between writing and my responsibilities in the Buddhism practise.

5. My older girl rejoins college: Another huge blessing in our life became a reality this July. Our older girl joined Gargi college, Delhi University with Philosophy Honours. It was a relief, especially after the debacle and challenges at her previous college. I pray that she is able to do justice to her many talents and flourish from now onwards. Please keep her in your prayers and do send positive vibes her way.

6. Planning a Vacation and MILs support:


The DH planned a getaway for just the two of us, to Coorg and Chikmagalur. A much-needed respite after eight arduous months and the challenges the year 2018 threw our way. My every supportive MIL, gladly agreed to pitch in and help with the girls – the furry and the two human ones, while we were away. We are now en route our holiday and my travel stories will be pouring in the coming week.

7. Nailing it with my Nail art:

gratitude-circle-monday-musings-natasha-musing-eight-things-i-am-grateful-for-in-july-2018-nail art

I’ve always loved adorning my hand and feet with pretty, demure shades of nail paint ever since I was a kid. The month of July was kind to me. I do believe I did overspend, but it was all worth it; the hours spent in prettying up my nails with myriad designs of nail art. All thanks to a very sweet lady, Tanu and her nail boutique, Samaya. She has a talented team that does a brilliant and impeccable job. So my nail fetish, yes, has got the better of me of late, but it doesn’t hurt to pamper oneself. And one must, by all means do so. Gratitude to Tanu Chowdhury for her wonderful, new enterprise and her stunning clothes line.

8. Diet and Workout:


I returned to my work-out regime with a decent amount of diligence this July. Cycled every week, walked sometimes and woke up at 5:10 A.M., three times a week to work out with my bestie and coach Preeti. That apart, our Girlie Banter gang of three – Preeti, Rohina and I also chose to follow a healthy eating plan and abstain from sugar to the maximum extent.

I had gained a couple of extra kilos and thanks to the healthy eating (yes, it’s not a crash diet, but a healthy one), I managed to regain my mojo and knock off 2.7 kgs, in less than ten days. I need to knock off five kilos more and hopefully the coming months, (post this holiday at least) will bring in redemption. Yes, I know August is my birthday month and all that jazz, but I do pledge to get fitter and more action oriented with my diet and fitness regime. That’s a resolve I’m making along with my gratitude list.

In retrospect I realise, jaunty July has indeed been a very gratifying, blessed month and I have so much to be grateful for. I guess I was just assuming in my head that it had been an uneventful one. Such is the power of reflection and putting down one’s thoughts and writing into a gratitude list. When we do so, we realise there were so many things that didn’t catch our attention, and we never thought we’d be grateful for those. I guess, if I dig further into the month, there would be eight more set of blessings jostling for space in my gratitude list. Thank you Vidya for this fascinating link-up month, after month. 

Dear readers, don’t you worry. I’ll spare you the trouble for reading any further. This post has already turned out to be longer than my usual posts.

Thank you jaunty July! You’ve been a great month and I’m mighty grateful to you for all the blessings you have bestowed upon me.

Till we meet again in August/September, for another round of Gratitude Circle. So long! And truckloads of happy vibes your way, this August, and in the months ahead.



Note: This post was written last weekend, but little did I know that my vacation would take me to a no-network, no-wi-fi zone (thank goodness, for small mercies! Though Ido wish I had posted this before I undertook my journey)












17 thoughts on “Eight Things I’m Grateful for in July 2018: #GratitudeCircle #MondayMusings #mg

  1. Loved reading your gratitude post Natasha……and I feel connected to you being a SGI member myself in my district….:)….. wishing all happiness and best to you and your blogging journey.

  2. I loved reading this. I’m trying to write a gratitude journal every month and it usually starts off with how uneventful the previous month was and then I start writing everything that went by and realise i’m Way over the word limit I set for myself. Nice to see a lot of positive things going on. Good luck

    1. Hi Ashwini,

      Thank you for visiting. Apologies for a tardy reply. I have been on a bit of a blogging break off late. You know if we sit down to count our blessings, the number of things that went well, far outweigh the ones that didn’t. Yes, life tends to throw curve balls our way, more often than not, but it is the multitude of blessings that we are given, make it so worthwhile.
      Try writing this gratitude post every month, by consciously focussing on what went well, and not on what went wrong, and you will notice you are indeed blessed. Also a gratitude diary each night where you list five to ten good things, is a great way to stay optimistic.

      All the best!

  3. Firstly loads of wishes for your b’day this month, wishing you fitness and happiness. Such a lovely post loved every word of reading it. Was in coorg last month enjoy the coffee land, wish u happy break look forward to your travel stories. Such a lovely nail art and wish u luck for being the deputy district leader.

  4. Aw, Natasha, this this truly a lovely gratitude post. Until we write down things we hardly recognize them as a blessing, right? I am glad for the gratitude posts every month. Life feels better and cherished.

    Congratulations to both your girls, Aarshia on the finding her way to math and to Aarusha to go back to college. Hope you had a great trip and superb work on the fitness regime. Must be great to cycle and workout as early as 5.

    I like to see nail art. I am very bad at having one myself. I love when people grow their nails and also maintain it beautifully. To me, that is a skill. I hardly do it. I am a strict headmaster when it comes to nails, cut it short please types. So I love to see nail art and any decorations done on nails excitedly. You have a great design.

  5. Loved the way you handled the maid situation. Seems like you have a good understanding with both the maids. Thats wonderful. Your cycling routine is so inspiring and sounds so exciting as well love the little tidbits about your family.
    And that nail art is fabulous
    Stay blessed and happy

  6. Aha! It’s so wonderful that July was wonderful for you in so many ways. That you pack so much in your day is awe-inspiring. Love your nail art. All the best for your Buddhism work and practice and good luck to your daughter for her new college. Wishing you awesomeness all through August too!

  7. I’m in awe of your talents and multi-tasking abilities. You are so active, so involved in everything that you do yet you never fail to be grateful or spread the warmth around. Someday I really look forward to meeting you in person. This was a heart touching post.

  8. This is such a lovely post Natasha. What a wonderful person you are. Yes I agree no month is uneventful. It may seem so at first but once we sit down to think about the little joys, we would be surprised. Love to your girls. I am sure the elder one will enjoy Philosophy, I studied the same in college. Loved it.

  9. I admire you for all that you manage to do ! And with good cheer at that. Hope August is going better with your road trip making happy memories for you to share .

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