Giant Figs: #WordlessWednesday

Giant Figs: #WordlessWednesday


“Life is a journey of new findings and profound discoveries”  – NatashaMusing



giant figs

So, here’s my back story. I discovered these giant figs in Balur Estate, the stunning coffee plantation at Chikmagalur. And to my utter surprise I discovered that figs actually grow out of the bark of a tree. I had no idea whatsoever about this interesting phenomenon. Did you know that figs grow out of the fig tree’s bark? 

I totally love figs, but unfortunately these still weren’t ripe, so I was deprived the chance to dig into its juicy flavours. But I’m so glad I got an opportunity to see a fig tree for real and discover an unstated fact.




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18 thoughts on “Giant Figs: #WordlessWednesday

    1. Oh my, my that is a wonderful piece of information. I feel enlightened by the mighty fig tree now. Have learnt so much. Thanks a lot, Archana for sharing this useful nugget of information.

  1. Wow! How big are the figs? This is amazing…I’d been to Chikmagalur about 8 years ago but never chanced upon these before. So glad you shared this, Natasha. Quite an eye-opener for me, as I never knew figs grew on the bark of trees.

  2. Okay, so I’ve never given a thought on where figs grew, so it is safe to say that this is a completely new information to me. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Natasha! 🙂

  3. That’s a good tidbit info you gave there Natasha. I knew a bit about it as I have planted a fig sapling in my farm. Incidentally there are many fruits that grow out of the tree’s trunk like Jackfruit for instance. It’s amazing isn’t it…Nature and its wonders!!!

    1. Yeah and I love jackfruit too. Both delicious fruits and jackfruit is a yummy vegetable too. I’ve seen tons of jackfruit trees, but never a fig tree.

      Where is your farm Kalpana? Do you live there or in the city?

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