Mystified: #WordlessWednesday

Mystified: #WordlessWednesday


Mystified in the pristine, fairy tale like plantation of the 150 year-old, Balur Estate, Chikmagalur.



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10 thoughts on “Mystified: #WordlessWednesday

    1. Yes, this place does have that kind of an effect. But then we are creatures of habit and after sometime do long to get back to our habitation and routine. 🙂 Thanks Shilpa for stopping by.

  1. There was something peaceful about this picture – the mountains in the distance, perhaps. It made me want to insert myself into the picture.

    1. Yeah, it was such a peaceful place, All we did is read, watch the rains, the mist rolling hills, the birds outside, eat and sleep. A great place to unwind.

      Thank you Alana for stopping by and for lining u with us on #WW.

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