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Couple Goals: #WordlessWednesday



Couple Goals

26th June, 2016

Chanced upon this couple from Rajasthan, on our trek from McLeod Ganj to Bhagsunag falls. I have no idea what the fascinating instrument that the man played is called. The rendition was a piece of pure bliss, that resonated synchronously with the crisp mountain air. 

This picture opened the floodgates of my memory today, and took me back to an enchanting time I had with my older daughter. Trudging uphill to the Bhagsugnag falls, stopping by for a bowl of piping hot Maggie, chancing upon this talented couple and an old man with a weather-beaten face and crinkly smile who had the most fascinating collection of coins dating back to 1800s. 

I think this post has also given me a new goal. I should go for a trip with my older daughter who is now twenty. Just the two of us this time. 



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24 thoughts on “Couple Goals: #WordlessWednesday

  1. That’s a good picture and happy people in it 🙂 I think that’s a decorated ektara that he could be playing. But not sure.
    You should go for a trip. I am sure you both will make a lot of memories!

    1. Hi Parul,

      That’s a Rawanhatha, even I didn’t know. Arvind just enlightened me. I’m grateful for such revelations Parul.

      Yes, now that everyone here in the blogosphere has been telling me, Arusha and I will take that trip sooner than soonest. 🙂
      Thank you Parul for writing in. 🙂

  2. This picture is such a natural capture. The couple comes across alive through your lens. Plan the trip with your daughter soon. Memories created with kids have a time span because they grow up so fast. Linked up my post with #WW

    1. Yes, it was a totally natural one. I forgot to give credits to my now twenty year old, who captured it two years back.
      Yes, I really need to take that hike with her soonest, before these precious moments slip away. 🙂

  3. Mother-daughter relationship is the best. Take that trip asap! The picture is beautiful, reminded me of the time I was quite young, travelling to a hill station and got dressed in a Rajasthani outfit for a photograph!

  4. Loved the caption. It’s always exciting to meet strangers and listen to their life stories. I had met a newly wed couple during my visit to Jaisalmer, your post reminded me of the same. And yes, this is what I call it #Couplegoals

  5. Lovely capture! A candid shot of life and partnership 🙂
    It’s wonderful that it triggered off the idea of traveling with your daughter…
    I guess that’s how the human mind works. We see, we relate, we introspect, we improve!

    Here’s wishing you many wonderful trips and clicks ahead! 🙂

  6. A very candid capture here! You know, all indigenous musical instruments are very special and I can imagine what an experience it must have been, for you, to be up in the mountains with such lovely music for company. See, what a great idea this picture has thrown up at you— a trip with the elder one. Quality time together might mean a whole lot to you both, something that you might have been craving for a while! Wishing you a great week ahead and hope you are already feeling better now! Happy Wednesday, Natz. <3

    1. Wow, thanks for the insight Arvind. I would have never found out. It’s a pity such beautiful art is fading away and we have no way to preserve it and it’s artists. Thank you for stopping by.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how we see the strangest of things in unexpected places ! I do hope you manage that holiday with your daughter. I think travelling with each child individually is a different kind of bonding .

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