Ten Things I Am Grateful for On Monday Morning : #MondayMusings #MicroblogMonday #MondayBlogs

Ten Things I Am Grateful for On Monday Morning : #MondayMusings #MicroblogMonday #MondayBlogs


ten things i Am grateful for on monday


How did your Monday morning start? Is it Moan-day or Monday for you? Did you wake up with a spring on your feet, or did you bemoan the beginning of another choc-a-block week? Did you enjoy your coffee looking out of the window, and kiss the children a happy good-bye, as they left for school? Or was it a morning of frayed nerves with the alarm not ringing, and your maid taking a rainy-day off? 

My Reiki teacher gave us an exercise for Monday morning. She asked us to make a list of five things we were grateful for upon waking up. 

My list over-exceeded from a five to a ten! I’ve noticed every time I sit to write a gratitude list, there are so many little things that pop into my mind, which I am grateful for. Thus the list keeps growing. Do you experience the same too? If we were to actually look around carefully, the countless, small blessing in our life, over-exceed the inane and unhappy stuff. What do you think? Agree or disagree? I would love to hear your views. 

So much to be grateful for, if we opened our eyes and looked! Click To Tweet

Without further ado, here is the list of ten things I’m grateful for this rain-drenched, wispy, windy Monday morning:  

🌸 I’m grateful for being in this universe and the power of Reiki I experienced before and after I slept. (For the uninitiated, reiki is a powerful healing modality for the self and others.) 

🌸 I’m grateful for waking up at 4:30 AM today, without an alarm. I woke up refreshed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and experienced the simple joy of “me time”. (In the last couple of months I’ve struggled to wake up early.)

monday-musings-microblog-mondays-monday-blogs-natasha-musing-ten-things-I-am-grateful-for-on-monday-laila cotton

 🌈 I’m grateful for my two furry girls who wished me a wagging tail and gentle licks “good morning”. 

🌸 I’m grateful for the cool, calming morning breeze that blessed me with its company, on my morning walk today. This, along with an arm-load of profound and insightful conversations with my co-walker.

monday-musings-microblog-mondays-monday-blogs-natasha-musing-ten-things-I-am-grateful-for-on-monday-night jasmine

🌸 I’m grateful for the blooms of Night Jasmines/Harsingar/Parijat that carpet the road. I’m thankful for their intoxicating fragrance and beauty that I experienced today, and during all my recent walks or cycle rides. I’m also grateful to carry back a handful of Night Jasmines every day. And the divine fragrance that fills my home. 

🌸 I’m grateful for my rendezvous with the palm tree that allowed me to hug it, and hugged me back in return.

🌸 I’m so grateful for the morning chai on the terrace; biscuit dunked in chai, and my dear family for conversation and company.  I’m grateful for the reassuring chat with the DH and his calming words of wisdom, when I was overwhelmed. 

🌸 I’m grateful for the refreshing lemon grass and ginger chai that my help made with so much love.


🌸 I’m grateful for the little fellow that made a sudden appearance this morning, next to my flower creepers. A sole bitter-gourd, while the creeper has been slowly withering away. 

🌈 I’m grateful to be blessed with the beginning of another new day, a fresh lease of life and my Reiki teacher’s precious guidance.


Look around carefully, the countless, small blessing in our life, over-exceed the inane and unhappy stuff. Click To Tweet


On Second Thoughts:  Just to let you know, here are a few things that didn’t go the way I would have wanted them to.  My cook called in sick, got to my desk to blog, way past my work hour (it’s usually 9:30 AM, I just started at 1:30 PM), not chanting first thing in the morning, the rains not letting the laundry dry. But, these are such trivial things, and they won’t really matter a few moments from now.

I enjoyed the leftovers from yesterday – cabbage vegetable with ragi roti (flat-bread) and a piping, hot daal. Managed to finish writing this blog. I also chanted for twenty-five minutes, when I thought I’d have time to just chant for five. My twenty-year old girl came and sat by me in meditation, when I was chanting. There is enough clothing in the closet, so damp clothes really don’t matter. I’d rather focus on the good that the universe has bestowed upon me this Monday.

So much to be grateful for, if we opened our eyes and looked! Right?


*DH: Darling Husband



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13 thoughts on “Ten Things I Am Grateful for On Monday Morning : #MondayMusings #MicroblogMonday #MondayBlogs

  1. What a lovely post, Natasha! It is a delight to read your list. Love your nail art 🙂
    No matter what, I love Mondays. It is like a fresh start every week with so much to look forward to. I keep a daily gratitude journal and that makes it easier to stay happy. I am just grateful for every little thing because it helps me stay calm even when things don’t go as anticipated.

  2. I loved reading all the little things you’re grateful for. It’s all in those small moments of joy and beauty around us, isn’t it? And so often we forget to even look at and acknowledge those moments!

  3. You make Monday sound so happy and fun! I had a working Monday and it was pretty hectic, but I managed to get things done. No wonder ‘Survive’ is my word of the year for 2018 🙂

    You have a 20 year old? No way, just look at you <3

  4. Nats, I don’t know how or why but I found it extremely calming to read your post first thing this morning! Little drops maketh the ocean and likewise tiny joys in everyday life make up our entire day. How easily we overlook them and focus instead on what went wrong. The parijat is a divine flower. In fact my mom tells me it is so powerful, people don’t plant it because you aren’t supposed to tread on these flowers. Whatever, their appearance and fragrance is utterly refreshing, isn’t it? Glad you are doing well with Reiki. Cheers and hugs to you and here’s wishing you more wonderful moments ahead.

  5. I loved reading this, Natasha. Those good morning wags and licks touch my heart every day too.

    Given that we interact at some level almost every day, I’m grateful for your peppy tone and positive spirit that brightens my soul. Thank you.

  6. You know, Natasha, you are such a positive person which is why you chose to focus on the positive things, amidst all the other things that didn’t quite go as planned! C’est La Vie, my friend! A grateful heart knows how to value what really matters most and I’m so glad the healing powers of Reiki guides you through the thick and thin of life! My mom used to send me healing energies many years back when she was a Reiki practitioner and I always wanted to be one, myself someday! Still waiting for that opportunity…hopefully, someday! I had a long and busy day running around finishing chores, then taking mom to the hospital for a check-up that was due and coming back to more chores, still hoping that I can get back to blogging soon. Just not able to take the time out to write or blog!

  7. This so lovely Natasha. Your posts have a way of inspiring me to write about my everyday too… (and here I am wondering what would I write next? )
    Yes…so much to be grateful for!

  8. Indeed I have a lot to be grateful for today – mainly that I managed to sleep well despite the horrendous cacophony of the departing Ganeshas .
    I too had a late start and in fact had to abandon the blog post to attend to a fight between the three kids …. hope to upload before EOD

  9. You know I had a terrible Monday. Woke up with a start at 6ish as the layout where I stay was flooded. Luckily my home was spared and my car too. But the kids had to miss their school and no maid either. But very grateful to my family. The husband made a quick breakfast for all of us. I had plenty of leftovers like chicken curry and matar paneer for a quick lunch. Overall an interesting Monday. Very grateful for being safe and the sun came out too after the deluge.

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