Is Blogging Worth It? : #Musings #GuestPost #Blogiversary

Is Blogging Worth It? : #Musings #GuestPost #Blogiversary

is blogging worth it? : Damyanti Biswas

A huge thanks to Natasha for inviting me to her blog on the week she completes two years on Natasha Musing.

Lately, a lot of bloggers have begun to feel a sense of hopelessness at the direction the blogiverse is taking: more paid posts, more reciprocal exchanges of comments and social media sharing, more appearance than reality, more conflict than community.

I disagree.

Despite having blogged for more than a decade, I feel like a bit of a fraud: my blog has run this long solely due to the kindness of strangers: folks who do not know me in real life, but drop by often to offer solace, wisdom, encouragement whenever I need them.

And I need them often.

Different bloggers bring different approaches to the table:

1. Those who blog professionally, earning their bread and butter through their blog.

2. Those who use the blog as a medium of personal expression

3. Those who find a sense of community in blogging

Personally, I tend to hover between 2 and 3. I write the occasional fiction on my blog or talk about the causes close to my heart, but the biggest part of my story as a blogger is the sense of community I find in the blog world. We talk, post long comments, and know each others’ views on things that matter. We form tribes of our kind.


For the last few weeks, I’ve been on a visit to India, and met a bunch of sterling bloggers in the cities I’ve visited. Each blogger has his or her own quirks, I’ve met more female bloggers than male. Most bloggers I’ve met are also committed readers and writers. The one thing they all have in common is their warmth and generosity.

It was an absolute joy to meet these talented bloggers, including the stunning and insightful Natasha, herself.

To add to this, a family of blogger friends, including Natasha, have come together to support the cause I’m raising funds for: the Project Why Sewing Circle. So many of my blog friends have sent in money, others have shared it on social media, yet others have actually helped me set it up. Read their story here.

So blogging may be ‘on its way out’, it may be ‘only for the professionals,’ or ‘too time-consuming.’

If you want the most sterling online family though, you can’t do better than blogging.

What about you? Why do you blog? What’s your blog about? Would you like to suggest a few blogs I should follow, new friends I’d enjoy reading? Leave it all in the comments.



Damyanti is an author, blogger, reader. She helps edit the Forge Literary Magazine, and her work is represented by Ed Wilson at the Johnson & Alcock literary agency. When not nose-deep in a book, you can find her pottering about her garden, advocating for a cause, or baking up a storm. She blogs at Daily (w)rite.


This guest post has been written as part of my Second Blogiversay celebrations that started yesterday. NatashaMusing turns two this week, 6 December, 2018.

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32 thoughts on “Is Blogging Worth It? : #Musings #GuestPost #Blogiversary

  1. I make money from my blogs and have also earned accolades from them. Yet, it is the wonderful connections that I’ve made that makes blogging the most rewarding. I’ve met some amazing warm and generous bloggers. Some of them have become close friends. For this reason, blogging is special. Of course, I love to write and blogging is a perfect outlet for it. Yes, the content has undergone a sea change and sometimes I long for the simpler days. But then this is life.

    So nice to have you here, Damyanti.

    1. Yes the blogging community is one warm, fuzzy place with a bunch of myriad people with so many talents.
      I’ve met some wonderful people too and have learnt so much from them.

      I choose not to monetise my blog, and I am happy to use it as my personal escape into the world of thoughts and words.

      So good to read your comment and your experience, Rachna.

  2. When I began blogging a few years ago, there was really only writing and sharing on FB. It’s since the last year or so, that I have been seeing this sea change that blogging has undergone. It feels good, no doubt, for someone like me for whom blogging/writing is the main activity. I am not a pro blogger as yet, but it will be fun if I do become one someday. But, I just enjoy writing and reading and sharing blogposts the most, and that is the reason I blog. 🙂

  3. So let me confess. I have often felt that I have been losing my sense of purpose with regards to blogging. This feeling does come on and off. But then, i consciously tell myself that what I am doing is for myself and it gives me the most joy. all other things are immaterial. This single thought gets me going and I blog to my hearts content :))

  4. Congratulations on turning two. Great Job, Natz.

    And, Thanks so much Natasha for tagging me on this. With the social media detox challenge I am spending so much time off social media. I am glad to read this today and I have come to love blogging for the love of writing and sharing my thoughts. Yes, statistics hurt sometimes, but still I am gradually moving away from that too.

    I have read a few posts by Damayanti and I liked her love for community. Her WATWB is a hit among bloggers and I love reading posts related to that. Somehow it thrills me to trust the world even when things aren’t going great for me.

    Overall, I started a blog to earn money and then realized that sometimes words are all I have and it is better said when written. So I am enjoying the posts I write as they help me clear up myself, cleanse myself and cheer me up.

  5. After having been a regular writer on my blog for several years, these were the doubts plaguing my mind too. …whether it is all worth it. But I’m more than convinced about all that Damayanti points out. And yes I’m back now after a really long hiatus!
    congrats on the blogoversary, Natasha! Many more to come!

    1. Keep writing, Shubhangi. Never let the muse disappear.

      Thank you for your comment and warm wishes. I tried commenting on your blog but for some reason couldn’t.

      Happy blogging always.

  6. Only passion and sense of blogging can keep you going when you don’t earn money through a blog as mentioned above. It is true that there are more females than males in blogging. Maybe because of the paucity of time?

    1. Yes it’s passion for the written words, that keeps people like me at it, Arvind. I don’t monetise my blog.

      I believe there are more women bloggers in India then men, probably because women are more keen to express themselves than men. After all men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

      Not sure if it has anything to do with the paucity of time, as even as women working out of home, our days are supremely packed.

      Thank you so much for swinging by and leaving your thoughts. They always leave me pondering.

  7. Perfectly said, Damayanti. Every writer has a different reason to blog but blog is always close to heart.
    I blog because it gives me a chance to weave my life experience into beautiful words. And when some organic reader comments on your blog it makes you proud of your work.

    1. So rightly said, Geethica. Thanks to your notifications about your blogiversary, I remembered mine a week and a half back. My wonderful guest bloggers agreed to write for me in such short notice. Now, that’s what I call having a community of bloggers who are beyond incredible.

      Happy Blogiversary to you too, Geethica. May you grow strength to strength and may your muse always be kind. 🙂

  8. I agree with you that blogging is worth it for the community feel despite all the other crap that might go on. Once you find your tribe, it’s the best thing ever. And like you, I’ve been blogging for a decade and my tribe is awesome!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Sanch. Put aside little trivialities, which happen in every sphere of life, blogging is the best thing that happened to me at least.

      I’m so glad to have found a tribe of like-minded souls from whom I learn each day.

      Thanks for reading this wonderful post by D and joining me in the blogiversary celebrations.

  9. It may make you laugh but I actually blog because I like learning and by maintaining a blog I learn new things every day – new technologies by using new apps, new tools and of course learning through different content. Even a bad blog teaches me that this is not what I want my blog to be! Of course the other advantage I have is that no one can tell me to shut up – so this is a nice platform for me to be heard on.

    1. Sunita, those are indeed such wonderful reasons to blog. I couldn’t agree more with you. Blogging has taught me all that and more. The tech challenged me keeps learning something new every day, thanks to the blogging world. And I get to meet a bunch of like-minded souls whose passion is writing, like mine.

      Yes, and what better platform to be heard then your own, and also others. A legacy to leave behind. A very precious one.

    1. Rob you have such a huge community of bloggers rooting for you with all the path-breaking work you have been doing, whether mental health or art. Proud to know you and an honour to host you tomorrow.

      Blogging stretches our horizons and helps us interact with a larger community around the globe. Damyanti’s post is such an eye opener.

      Thanks Rob, for reading and leaving your imprints.

  10. I dream and create a fiction world on my blog. And as D rightly said, it is a medium of expression for me and to connect with other writers.
    I have been blogging for around 9 months. And the year has been great so far. I have made friends across the globe, met some awesome bloggers. I have learnt so much and read some real good stuff.
    So when people say, it’s not how it used to be, I don’t get it. May be, because there is no reference point for me. May be, because I got lucky and met some awesome people who made all the difference.
    It has been great so far.

    1. Priya, so happy to know you’re enjoying your journey—the blogiverse can be a warm and enriching space.

      So happy to have met you, and thank you for your generous support of Project Why. Hope to meet you again when I’m in Mumbai.

    2. It’s been great for me too Priya. One learns every single day, unfailing and the circle of people rooting for you and your writing just makes it all worthwhile. It helps you believe in yourself and it is one precious legacy to leave behind for your children.

      Blogging helped me overcome depression. It gave me a fresh lease of life, and there has been no looking back. Yes, I may not be as regular, when life takes over, but I have realised when I don’t blog, I’m not the same Natasha that I love. ;–))
      I blog for the sheer joy of writing.

      It’s been two years and I can’t wait to see how the years ahead unfold.
      Thank you for joining me in these celebrations. <3

  11. As a part-time blogger who struggles to balance a full-time job with two blogs, but wouldn’t give up on her blogs, and has been on a break for a few months but is now yearning to get back, I couldn’t agree more!

    1. Neha, commendable, that you manage two blogs. Do get back. It is one of the most uplifting experiences of life. The chance to express and share ones thoughts and emotions.

      Thank you for stopping by.

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